Buying a Chromebook? Save $20 now from Amazon, Best Buy and Google Play

by: Jonathan FeistAugust 8, 2014

Chromebooks Google Play Store

Amazon, Best Buy, Google and probably more have deals on right now to save $20 off the purchase of a new Chromebook, and some other Chrome OS powered devices too.

It is August. For most of North America, August means that it is time for students, and parents, to start thinking about the start of a new school year. If you are not yet prepared for back to school savings, you best take a breath now, it will be hard to avoid them in the coming weeks. Amazon, Best Buy and Google don’t want you to have to wait, at least not for Chrome OS devices, including a good selection of popular Chromebooks and a few Chromeboxes too.

The Google Play Store has their three standard models on sale. The Acer C720 is at $209, the Samsung Chromebook is at $229 and the HP Chromebook 11 will set you back $259. The Chromebook Pixel, on the other hand, is not on sale, which Google is kind enough to remind us of on each of the product pages for the other units. The sale is set to run until August 18th.

Chromebooks Best BuyAmazon and Best Buy are another story, I count 17 and 16 devices respectively in the Chromebook savings category. A few highlights of the lists include the HP Chromebook 14 with free T-Mobile 4G at $350, HP Chromeboxes for as low as $149 and the ASUS C300 13.3-inch Chromebook for $229.

If you’ve not yet experienced Chrome OS, you may be missing out. With the growing selection of locally installed and offline capable apps, it is no longer fair to assume you need an always on connection. However, it is still built around the Chrome web browser, made to make your web experience fast and simple, so there is no full fledged Photoshop or gaming here just yet.

Current Chromebook users, let’s help out those that are looking to purchase now: of the major manufacturers right now, which do you believe makes the best Chromebook – Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Samsung or Toshiba?

  • Gary Reynolds

    HP chromebook 14 fits the bill for me. It’s the only one with a mobile connection as well. My only complaint is that it feels a bit hefty.

    • How is your battery life? I’ve got the WiFi-only HP 14, if I do not watch any videos, keep it to simple text stuff (like writing these articles,) I am getting up to 10 hours. I can handle a touch of heft for that kind of battery life.

      • Gary Reynolds

        I hover around the 8 HR mark for the battery. The screen isn’t the best and is hard to see at angles. Still worth getting though, especially on a Woot deal or Walmart refurb at $240.

    • stang68

      How’s the screen? Heard it’s pretty low-res.

  • Luka Mlinar

    They could give it to me for free and i wouldn’t use it. Maybe if spideroak made their own version i would be interested.

  • Reed Kerr

    The HP Chromebook with 4G is a good device for alot of people (it has more RAM than the model without 4G). Personally, I’m waiting for more FHD options. The Samsung Chromebook 2 is good at 1080, but I’m not impressed with the Exynos platform. When someone makes a Haswell (or even a Broadwell) system with FHD, I’ll be first in line.

  • Danny Maldonado

    Toshiba Chromebook is the best one right now

  • lennie

    How is the C720 “on sale” at $209? This is the 2GB non-touch screen version which used to sell for $199!

  • Minidroid

    I like the Acer chromebook.