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According to unnamed sources speaking with the Digitimes, Google’s Chromebook sales have reportedly been worse than Surface sales coming in at 500,000 units, which gives Chrome OS a little less than a grueling 1% share of the notebook market.

The unnamed source said that Chromebooks could struggle gaining any ground against Windows-based notebooks for at least two years because Google “will still need some time to integrate” Chrome and Android in order to broaden the Chromebooks’ appeal for customers.

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These are rumors and could possibly change after Google’s I/O event in May where the search giant usually unveils its big plans for the year. With the Chromebook Pixel being “for what’s next”, Chrome OS could have a big part to play in Google’s I/O announcements.

Brad Ward
Residing in Eastern Michigan, Brad is a lover of all-things Android. Technology has always been a fascination for him. His first phone was the Motorola Atrix 2 with a recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He enjoys gaming, weightlifting, reading, creating ideas and most of all, writing.
  • Peter Peon

    i think chromebooks (laptops) and surface (tablet) are two different pair of shoes?

  • Bone

    Yeah but one is a newborn OS, the other is Windows of quarter of a century. 500k is actually not bad for the functionality of the Chrome OS and limited mostly online availability. Google doesn’t want to push too hard before everything starts clicking in terms of developer support.

  • Pete

    Nate Swanner to the blog, please. Nate Swanner to the blog. Clean-up in aisle 4.

  • Tony Raffini

    It’s not really very fair when you walk into Best Buy and there is nothing but Windows 8 and OSX. Chromebook sales don’t look so bad when you consider that.

  • Hikari0307

    Well I won’t be surprised considering the average consumer won’t even know what a chromebook is while with all the marketing microsoft is doing, you should have at least heard of the surface tablet.

  • Bjajjull

    500,000 units for a reference model that isn’t supposed to compete with other ChromeOS manufacturers? That’s pretty good.

  • Ian

    If I could buy a Chrome Book in South Africa I would. Guess not surprising that they are not selling if you can not buy one!

  • BrianS

    I am confused as to why anybody is believing the Digitimes number.
    We know that Google Apps has at least 50 million paying users. The Digitimes number would mean that that only 1% are using Chromebooks. This would not include consumers that bought one for users that only web browse. Sorry, but I don’t believe a word of that.

    • redhaven

      I am usually pretty suspicious of an “unnamed source” speaking with a digital publication from Taiwan. The source isn’t even quoted so we can’t really be sure what the source said (did they say that sales are disappointing or did the writer infer that from the number?). We don’t even know where source is from. For all we know, the source could be from an early part of the supply chain for one Chromebook model.

      It doesn’t matter to me if they are selling well or not but the number seems a little off considering the Samsung Chromebook has been near the top of Amazon’s best sellers for notebooks.

  • jctmpt

    Google Inc is creepy.

    It reads your emails, tracks your movements, know your medical history, and know your bank account passwords. I don’t understand why people are still using Google products.

    • mrband

      Because we are all A-Zombies, dear iZombie.

      Apple and M$ could be doing the same or even more (who knows what’s hidden in their OS).

  • jctmpt

    This means consumers are not as stupid as Google think they are.

    Chromebook is just a glorified dumbed-down browser.

    I am glad that consumers can see through all the “Google” hype.

  • I’d like to see the facts on this. Acer says 10% of their sales are Chromebooks. For 150 days the Samsung Chromebook has been the #1 seller on

  • This is hard to believe given Amazon has announced Chromebooks are their #1 seller.

  • *WARNING*: Horrible math skills and very quick Internet statistics ahead.

    There’s roughly 274 million users in North America using the web. [1]
    0.7% of North American web traffic comes from Chrome OS. [2]
    That equals 1,918,000 users running Chrome OS in just North America. [3]


    • Well they are Digitimes figures. in July 2011 Digitimes reported only 25,000-30,000 Chromebooks had been shipped. It looks like they took Acer’s 25,000-30,000 sold within the first 2 weeks of limited availability after it shipped two weeks late, and spun that as the total Chromebook sales of 2011. In summer 2012, it was claimed only 300,000 Chromebooks were sold. How was thay figure obtained? Well, if you discount the fact that Acer shipped two weeks late and availability was limited, and assume Acers 2 week initial sales were a whole month’s sales, and assume that that accounts for all Chromebook sales, ignoring the fact that Samsung sold far more, and multiply that by 12, you get the magic figure of 300,000. Now after web stats indicated a 700% increase in Chromebook web usage, it is being claimed than only 200,000 more Chromebooks have been sold. This is about a much daft baloney as fabricated claims can get.

      The other thing to note is there is obviously a huge PR push of the Digitimes article taking place here given the rapidity with which the Digitimes article has been syndicated to other websites, and with exactly the same pattern as the july 2011 Digitimes article push. The figures are contrived, and there is a huge coordinated push going on to try and dissuade more OEMs sand developers from jumping on board the Chromebook bandwagon, and I can easily guess who is behind it.

  • andy

    how can you take this seriously,digitimes is a communist run site.

  • juan lopez

    i think most laptop users are business type folks or college / university students that could not or can’t be persuaded to move to another platform becuase of the need for Micro$oft software that they deem absolutely necessary to do their work or business colaboration.
    I think its a loosing cause considering the laptop form factor is also loosing its edge with all the tablets and future wearable technology within sight. Laptops will go the way of the dodo birds much like a desktop pc is starting to go right now.

  • lantern

    I still prefer standard laptops with multiple boot options.

    Choice is the best.