Digitimes sources: Chromebook sales are low, could stay low for another two years

by: Brad WardMarch 19, 2013
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According to unnamed sources speaking with the Digitimes, Google’s Chromebook sales have reportedly been worse than Surface sales coming in at 500,000 units, which gives Chrome OS a little less than a grueling 1% share of the notebook market.

The unnamed source said that Chromebooks could struggle gaining any ground against Windows-based notebooks for at least two years because Google “will still need some time to integrate” Chrome and Android in order to broaden the Chromebooks’ appeal for customers.

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These are rumors and could possibly change after Google’s I/O event in May where the search giant usually unveils its big plans for the year. With the Chromebook Pixel being “for what’s next”, Chrome OS could have a big part to play in Google’s I/O announcements.