Leaked video: Google-designed Chromebook Pixel with touchscreen and 2560 x 1700 resolution

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 6, 2013

chromebook pixel (1)

We have an intriguing development for you today, one that involves what’s supposedly a new Chromebook that it’s currently in the works.

Developer Francois Beaufort (the guy who provided the screenshots of the new Notification Center on Chrome OS) has published a post that seemingly shows a device named Chromebook Pixel. The device is a Chromebook with full touchscreen display, running at 2560 x 1700 pixels resolution. Beaufort calls it Google Link, and says that the device is currently undergoing testing at Google.

Soon after the video hit Google Plus, the clip was taken down, but we were able to snatch a copy. The video description suggested that the clip was made by a company called Slinky.me, whose CEO Victor Koch then took to Google Plus to announce that its servers were attacked by hackers. Attackers than allegedly made several videos of projects that Slinky.me was working on available on YouTube.

The tag line of the video is “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.” Could this mean that Google is working on a Chromebook that is completely developed in-house? After the ill-fated Nexus Q that’s certainly possible. Alternatively, we could be talking about the Chromebook equivalent of the Nexus program. In that case, Google could be working with an OEM to create a Pixel-branded computer.

This leak corroborates with an earlier report that claimed a touchscreen Chromebook made by Google is in the works. The video shows high production value, and looks like it was professionally made.

Of course, this could all be a big publicity stunt by Slinky.me or even Google. Whatever the case, we’re pretty excited about the possibility of the new device. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: we’ve embedded a YouTube version of the video.


  • The excitement is killing me.

    • ddpacino

      DOOD!!! Who are you telling?! May and IO canNOT get here fast enough! I was about the next version of Android. Then Google Glass — now a new Chromebook. Damn, I wish I could afford their stock! Even one share is a bit much… *le sigh*

    • Robert MacEwan

      perhaps a flake

  • The possibility of Chrome and Android forming an marriage of awesome is exciting. Perhaps I’m reading a bit much into this… I’m sure I’ll find out in a few months at Google IO. Until then, http://goo.gl/WH6o1

    • Chris R

      Aww man I am trying to go to IO

    • John

      Man, everything about this looks like it is a true leak. I’m sure the folks at Google are somewhat furious that someone let out a leak as a result of a hack. Do you think it was mistaken or on purpose? And what kind of impact does it have when large companies have things like this leaked when they were hoping to keep it a secret?

    • xmichaelx

      Seriously. I’d happily buy this, but only if it ran my Android apps.

  • why does it have to look like a macbook

    • kascollet

      Designed entirely by Google’s Johnny Ive…

    • Christopher Carr

      People will make this comment whenever they see metal and black keys.

      • kascollet

        Maybe so, but it’s still relevant. There can’t be only one way to design a laptop ?

      • Jusephe

        And blue backlight, magnetic latch even the same resolution, screen design.

  • Please be real. Please take my money.

  • The video says Chromebook Pixel not Chromebook Link, I think there may be 2 different devices. Chromebook Pixel being the Pixel Qi ARM Powered laptop, the real future proof device with 20-hour battery life.

    • It could be that Link is just the codename of Pixel?

    • John

      Where did you hear about a Chromebook Link? That sounds a lot like a screen that can link up with a keyboard.

  • Ryan MORGAN

    Since Google is attempting to unify Chrome OS and Android, maybe this is the first device to demonstrate this.

    • ‘Since Google is attempting to unify Chrome OS and Android’

      They’re not.

      • Ok Christian vs. Atheist, why not take the middle route?

        They _might_ be :)

        Oh please, Google, be attempting this =(

      • Ignacio Martín

        They have done it with the chromed droid statue.

        • That doesn’t prove anything. If anything, they’re integrating the two to one ecosystem. They can’t unify them, they’re two completely different OS’s.

          I do want a Chromeohone though. Chrome is *way* better than Android.

      • Zero0

        They are.

        Google Now for Chrome is likely on the way, and I’ve read that an implementation of the Android VM is in the works for Chrome. Meanwhile, Chrome for Android is set to have feature parity with the desktop version in the next few months. The Chrome Android statue is also a suspicious move.

        In any event, it will probably happen eventually. It might be in a couple months, maybe in a few years. Google even admitted that the two OSes would come closer together when Chrome OS first launched. And there seems to be something of a trend towards browser-based apps with new technology (it’s cross-platform, which is great with all these mobile OSes coming and going).

        • That’s not unifying them into one single OS, that’s integrating them, which was always going to happen. It was obvious that Google Now would come to Chrome, it was just a matter of when. It’s a company wide initiative at Google, and one of the biggest projects at the company. They’re not going to limit it to just one OS.

          Android apps on Chrome is a bit more shaky, but we’ll see.

    • Christopher Carr

      I imagine unified notifications and messaging will come before you’re running Android apps on your Chrome device.

  • Adam Bloomfield

    3:2 aspect ratio? What the shit?

    • Joshua Talley

      Yeah, that’s a strange one. More likely it’s 2560 x 1600 (16:10, like the Nexus 4, 7, and 10) or 1440 (16:9).

  • Sir

    This is most definitely real. You always know it is when Google methodically gets the videos taken down quickly and also says absolutely nothing. Too bad really, I’m sure they are very disappointed that this leaked.

  • Exciting, I hope it get a strong heart inside.

  • The Chrome Android Statue is starting to make more sense.

  • John

    I recognize that hand model in the video. Yup. Definitely George Costanza’s hands.

  • Larkhillv

    Hopefully just not another Chrome book with a beefed up display. An internet-only laptop is not something that I would personally buy… but maybe if it has taken cues from Android, it would be something worth having.

  • I don’t care for this device at all, also the 2560 x 1700 seems funky.

    OK, I lied, I’m throwing my money at the screen, screaming let me buy you, whilst writing this

  • Lara

    WHY does everything have to be touchscreen? Not like we don’t already have enough touchscreen tech; crapple products, camera screens, smartphones, fridges, that other laptop that’s a tablet as well and computer screens, etc. why can’t new tech be normal and not have a touchscreen for once!

    If I want a touchscreen I’ll use my phone or iPad, siiiisssshhh!!

    • Zero0

      Because touch screens make sense. They’re an intuitive way to interact with technology. We’re used to a mouse, but they aren’t perfect.

      Why does every laptop need a touch pad? Those are _truly_ atrocious.

  • Tempted to get a chromebook touchscreen retina display now.

  • Google is like mid-1990s Microsoft now. Apple is mid 1990s Apple again. The closed system eventually loses to the open one, every time. The innovation of a closed system can succeed for a period, but when the open system adapts and catches up to the closed, it surpasses and then waits for another punctuated equilibrium of new innovation. Steve Jobs’ genius was significant, but the overall design brilliance of the rest of the market has finally surpassed the design atmosphere he created. I think google has a great eye for the future… attentionless driving, google glass, google fiber, android OS… a whole network of technologies leading the way to the future.

  • u made my day!!!

  • Juan
  • Asgarder

    Macbook Pro anyone….. the keys look the same, same dent in the front, thunderbolt port, same hinge, black glass screen bezel, same basic square format

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      “same basic square format” Are you… are you freaking kidding me.

    • It’s comments like this that make me angry. Why does it matter what similarities things share? Nobody complains about PC laptops looking similar. And who freaking cares? Seriously? This laptop will be about much more than having a ‘minimal’ look to it – Apple’s look if you REALLY think so. If the iCompany weren’t selfish with their pricing, then maybe we wouldn’t need cheaper Chrome OS laptops. Not that I’d want OSX, but that’s not what I’m arguing.

  • ben worley

    I want one

  • Shtev
  • Juan
  • Robert Bryk

    i own one and it is by far the best computer i have ever owned period