Chromebook Pixel LTE to start shipping on April 12

by: Chris SmithApril 11, 2013


The 4G LTE version of Google’s recently launched Chromebook Pixel laptop will reach those customers that ordered it via the Google Play Store on April 12, Google announced.

The company posted a short message on Google+ a few hours ago confirming that the Chrome notebook is finally ready to ship:

Update: folks who ordered the #Chromebook #Pixel LTE from +Google Play will start receiving them as early as Friday, April 12th.

The device was expected to arrive in the first week of April, according to Google’s own estimates, but it looks like it has missed the mark by a few days. Nevertheless, early buyers will be happy to hear that their unit is heading their way.

The Chromebook Pixel LTE is priced at $1,449 and features a 12.85-inch multitouch display with 2560 x 1700 resolution and 239PPI, dual-core 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, HD webcam, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, 59Wh battery, 4G LTE support and Chrome OS.

Those of you that haven’t ordered one of the Chromebook Pixel versions yet but are toying with the idea should check our Chromebook Pixel series of posts in which we looked at the hardware, at Chome OS, tested it during day-to-day activities and came up with our own final verdict on the device.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Wish I had the money to buy one of these wonders !

    • Truly tell you i am google fan but this is not wonderful device but average device except for screen quality you can get better hardware and software at cheaper price.

      • and for $1449 you are getting only 64GB.

        • Yeah , very average device ;)

      • Jules Landry-Simard

        The build quality and design is refreshing, and Chrome OS does not need any better hardware.. The keyboard and trackpad is also acclaimed. And I’m getting tired of Microsoft software stuck in the 90’s.

        • So iphone 5 and htc one have great aclaim build quality so it is better than s4 ;) , you only think now.

          • Jules Landry-Simard

            HTC One is better than GS4… And when you will be able to keep a Windows computer more than a year without the usual slowing down, I congratulate you (btw. I’m a GS2 and Windows user)

  • Kyle Danner

    why such a high price for weak hardware spec? this isnt Playstation or xbox xD

  • stuart binning

    really, asus tf series are awesome and have better specs, and cheaper