Good guy Google steps in with $150 for Pixel LTE owners shafted by Verizon

by: Andrew GrushJune 24, 2014

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Just yesterday we learned that Verizon had pulled the plug on the 100MB of free monthly data that it was supposed to provide Chrome Pixel LTE owners for another year. Despite the fact that plenty of evidence exists to back the idea that this was supposed to be a two-year offer, Verizon apparently decided that ending the promotion early was well within their rights.

This just highlights some of the many things that a number of U.S. consumers (myself included) don’t like about Verizon. Thankfully, just because Big Red isn’t living up to their end of the deal doesn’t mean that Chromebook Pixel LTE owners are being completely shafted. In an attempt to make up for Verizon’s abrupt end of its free data offer, Google is now offering $150 to all Verizon LTE Chromebook Pixel owners in the form of a Visa gift card.

For Verizon’s part they have since ‘apologized’ for the matter, saying they are working on a solution for customers that were affected by the end of the offer. We wouldn’t get our hopes up, however. For Chromebook LTE owners on Verizon’s network, what do you think of Google’s offer? More than enough, or should Google (and/or Verizon) do even more to make up for things?

  • Josh

    That is why I don’t have Verizon not to mention their outlandish rates.

    • joser116

      Verizon- $80 for 1 GB.
      T-Mobile- $80 truly unlimited + faster than Verizon + free unlimited music + included JUMP! + included insurance

      • moew

        No T-Mobile reception < VZW LTE :)

        • joser116

          Haha I knew someone was gonna reply with that, but T-Mobile’s service is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Still, $80 for only 1 GB is ridiculous.

          • moew

            It’s exactly as bad, if not worse as it used to be. Glad it’s working for you!

          • joser116

            Nope. You are absolutely wrong. It has certainly improved and will continue to improve. It is not like they have been taking away towers each day. The no T-Mobile reception argument is old.

          • Peerpressure

            Yeah, I’m in a metropolitan area of 100k population, and I have 16MB LTE on T-Mobile. No problems here.

          • Ανδρέας

            What I understand from many comments is that the rates in the US are generally ridiculous. How can someone in the US have to pay $80 for 1GB when in Greece they charge us $20 for 1GB with good LTE service? (at least in the capital)

          • joser116

            $20 for 1 GB including calls and texts? Cause the $80 plan I said is $40 for calls/texts and $40 for the 1gb data. Its not $80 for just the data.

          • Ανδρέας

            With the data plan being separate you can choose a plan for calls and texts but we generally pay as we go over here. But if we had to choose a plan with free texts and calls and 1GB of data I’d say that about $50 is the average price.
            The most common thing here is to use prepaid service and that’s what most people use by far because it ends up being cheaper.
            It’s the same thing with subsidised phones, they do exist but most people don’t bother with them and just pay full price. By the way subsidised phones from any of the three majors carriers are NEVER locked in any way.

          • joser116

            I can actually get 2.5 GB data with unlimited calls and texts for $40/month. In the US, you just have to choose the right carrier.

      • Mike Kister

        Republic Wireless $40 4G Effective unlimited data (5gb a month with no capping, two months grace overage per year), unlimited calls and text. I LOVE this company!

  • Verizon needs to die!

  • Shy

    Leaving Verizon in August when contract is up, for personal reasons. However, seeing trash like this makes me even happier to leave.

    • joser116

      Why not leave them now? T-Mobile will pay ETFs.

      • jammies

        It’s not very cost effective, as you have to pay the ETF yourself and receive a rebate in up to 3 months

        • Mike Kister

          Look into republic wireless. Been with them since the end of November and love it! BTW, use a promo code from any RW customer and you both get another $20 bucks off!

  • DonSerrot

    I ditched Verizon long ago and my life is much better for it. I wouldn’t wish that blight of a carrier on even my worst enemies. This is just another thing to heap on the pile of reasons why Verizon sucks.

  • Ryu

    Cheap motherf***ers. How expensive could it possibly be for Verizon to give a paltry 100MB of data for 2 years to the small amount of people that have a LTE version of the Chromebook Pixel?

  • MasterMuffin

    Working on a solution? How about not breaking your promise, sounds like a good solution

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    Even more of a reason why I bought my last phone at full price to keep my unlimited data under Verizon. I enjoy running up the data usage to 100GB+ every month. That’s what you call sticking it to the man.

  • Paul Allen

    Wasn’t the Pixel the ChromeOS laptop that cost like $1500 or something? Couldn’t have been that many takers for that paltry 100MB offer. This is low even VZW.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    This is why Google is great and Verizon is utter CRAP.

  • Filip Zacek

    Verizon is just simply an a**hole…

  • Dave Weinstein

    It’s a shame that Google limited the Pixel to Verizon. It’s a great high end product that they crippled by giving it a limited 4G radio. The product failed because of this.

    If they had given it a multiband LTE radio with 7+ frequencies supported (to work in ANY market US or international) then I think the Pixel would have been a success.

    The most unfortunate part is that Chromebooks will be setback for half a decade, and relegated to low-end super-cheap devices, and we’ll never see the 15″+ 4K display version that would really make the platform great.

  • Mike Kister

    Kudos to Google, whatever Verizon decides to do most certainly won’t be enough.

  • Keg Man

    im wondering if google broke some kind of agreement causing verizon to stick it to people. I hate verizon but google was quick to give out money without accusing verizon of breaking the deal.

  • RyanBcrazyMon

    I have Verizon and I switched from T-Mobile because I had my company phone go from controlled by them to where they reimburse us and we take care of our our own. So I get a 28% discount plus they don’t take away my unlimited data when I upgrade. I also have another phone line and a tablet line both of those I signed up for unlimited data about 6 months after they stopped doing unlimited data. The Verizon employees couldn’t believe when I got the Note 3 on the Edge plan and my unlimited data didn’t go away they were like this must’ve been a glitch! LOL!! They called their higher ups and I heard them over talking about how the try to get people on the edge so they go to the share data plan. Anyway, I have the two phone lines and one tablet all with unlimited data, unlimited texts and 2000 minutes shared. It comes to about $130.00 a month but I get reimbursed $90.00 a month from work that’s with the $29.00 for the Note 3 on the Edge plan. I had T-Mobile and Verizon both at the beginning and Verizon speeds were usually 3 times faster always. Also, T-Mobile can be ok if you are in a metropolitan area and don’t move around/travel at all but if you travel around in America Verizon is way better. I travel for work and fun so I know had bad T-Mobile is when traveling. Although, I do hear it’s getting better, a little.

  • RyanBcrazyMon

    Verizon also shafted my girl she signed a 2 year agreement with the ability to upgrade in 20 months. This was last year and if the 20 months wasn’t before last November it got automatically extended to 24 months. The thing is they didn’t tell her she just noticed on her app that her upgrade date had changed. We called and there wasn’t a phone that she wanted at the moment but they said once one came out that we liked call back and they would work it out. That conversation was this January and it had been 20 months. Then the S5 came out that she wanted and we called back and they said there was nothing in the computer about her calling and her early approval upgrade, of course! Verizon seems to screw people at every chance given to them, it seems.