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As Chromebooks continue to grow in popularity, we’ll likely continue to see plenty of changes heading to Chrome OS as it continues to evolve into a true and worthy alternative to traditional operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Most of these changes are subtle under-the-hood ones, but every once in a while Google throws Chrome OS an update that brings noticeable improvements with it. Today is such as day.

Update 35.0.1915.116 offers several new UI improvements, including the support for folders within the Chrome OS Launcher. In short, you can now better organize your apps, which has become important as more offline and online apps show up each day. There’s also some changes to window controls, bringing back the minimize button and the left/right tiling of windows can now be done via a long-press on teh maximize button.

That’s not all, here’s some of the other changes highlighted by the Google Chrome blog:

  • Hotwording (or “Ok Google”) is now available on New Tab Page and Google.com for English (US) users.
  • We’ve implemented captive portal detection during a signed-in session, which will help you get online in cafes, hotels, airports, and other locations which provide internet connectivity via a captive portal.

As for when your particular Chromebook (or box) model will see the update? The update should start pushing out now to all Chrome devices with the exception of the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox and the Asus Chromebox.

Andrew Grush
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