Chrome for Android is now out of beta and the official browser for Android 4.1

by: LucianJune 28, 2012
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We’ve been expecting this day for at least two or three years, basically since Chrome came out and quickly started to become the default desktop browser for many of us, even when it was still in beta. Since then, we wanted to see Chrome for Android, but for some reason, Google kept avoiding the subject until this year.

This year we saw Chrome for Android Beta for the first time, and we were impressed by the browser’s speed and performance (you’d expect that from Chrome after all). But we also liked the app’s UI, which feels like swiping cards, something I’m sure Matias Duarte, Android’s Chief Designer, remembers well from his webOS days. It was smooth and fast, but it was still in beta.

Yesterday, Google announced that Chrome for Android is finally shedding the beta label, and it will also become the default browser on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

This is great news for those of us who love Chrome, although only devices running ICS and later can use Chrome. This might not sound like a big issue if, say, half of all Android users had ICS by now, but unfortunately, only less than 10% do for now. Still, Android 4.0 was a pretty major overhaul from Android 2.xx, and Google probably needed all the new APIs and frameworks to make Chrome run well for Android 4+ devices.

Those still running Gingerbread and with no hope of getting ICS anytime soon, could give a try to the latest stable version of Firefox, launched the other day with a native UI that dramatically increased its performance over previous versions.

  • Robhimself79

    I love chrome but when I get to a site that has flash I still roll my eyes. Its annoying to give up something that is at least 5 years from dead.

    • I agree to a point. Anything after 4.0.x flash won’t be supporting regardless. Coming from an iPhone for 3 years to a GS3 I guess it doesn’t effect me the same as people who have been on Android. I can tell you right now I will never go back to iOS though.

      • thwap

        so like what’s happening with the web and mobile realm? it’s totally breaking in two right now (the flash-less web, apps), and then html5 trying to be ‘to the rescue’, and it’s gonna be another 5+ years until whatever emerges as the default mobile platform for a service or utility, heaves itself out of the cesspool of change known as what we have right now. guh…..just put me to SLEEP for five years…..

        • instead of using all apps I would prefer a complete change over to html5 which capable of the same things flash is. what direction will it go in? no one could know because something new and better can and most likely will pop up.. Meaning, we are in a conversion process loop forever.

    • sam treloar

      I’m not happy with the browser in my One X, so I’m giving it a go… So far, so good!