Chrome extension puts Google Keep at your fingertips

by: Bogdan BeleApril 18, 2013

Google Keep

Google Keep, the company’s simple and well-designed note-taking app, is even easier to use with an unofficial extension that maintains it at your fingertips.

Once you’ve added the extension to Google Chrome from the download link you can find below, you’ll be able to access Google Keep directly, just by clicking “Open Keep” in Chrome’s context menu (as seen in the screenshot below).

Google Keep

The extension’s options are just as simple, allowing you to decide whether you want to use Google Keep in a panel, popup or tab, with the first two options also allowing size in pixels to be controlled. Apart from that, if you’ve used Google Keep before, nothing will change; you’ll probably just enjoy the fact that it’s quicker to access.

Of course, this extension is for the web version of Google Keep, but if you want to know more about the Android app, you can always check out our video review below (you can also read the text version here).

Are you a Google Keep user or do you prefer another note-taking app? If so, which one?

  • Austin Eschweiler

    I’ve been using Keep for a short while and think it’s the best option we have.

    • Ugo Marceau

      I agree, Evernote and others have way too many options for simple note taking. They feel really cluttered and slow next to GKeep

    • I have been using the Keep for school and it works great, especially when the teacher says the class is going to have a quick test for next class. And it is also handy when you have to remember something.

  • Bruce

    That was a good article but, It would be better the provide a link to the chrome extension to which it was referring.

    • The Chrome Web Store link is under Source.

  • Wazzifer

    It’s perfect for grocery lists and quick to do lists. Plus it’s quite minimalistic and the UI as simple as it is still eye pleasing.

  • Kevin Shutt

    I keep on chrome and in my Android. On chrome, I have it set as of my default tabs every time I launch the browser.

  • Thanks for the great blog @BogdanBele:disqus. We can’t wait for Google Keep to become social, do you think it will be on the roadmap in the near future?

  • I wonder when Google Keep will come to iOS platform

  • Keep ‘keeps’ it simple. I love it.

  • Rudy De Saedeleir

    Seems like Google Keep is no more available (as chrome extension), or is it a regional affair (Belgium)? I do use it on my android phone & tablet, but can’t find it in the Chrome Store and the provided link is dead

  • Any option that allows one restore notes to previous version??? Like in google contacts and the restore to any previous version in last 30 days functionality.