New Chrome experiment ‘Roll It’ is out!

by: Nate SwannerMay 28, 2013

Roll It Chrome Experiment

If you thought that Chrome maze experiment a few weeks ago was fun, wait until you try Roll It!

One of the hidden gems at I/O this year, Roll It was another Chrome experiment, geared at bridging the gap between mobile and desktop. It’s pretty simple to use, too; just open up the game on your device and computer, and you’re ready for skeeball! It supports up to three players on one device, and only needs the Chrome browser.

Having played it at I/O, and beating Joshua Vergara mercilessly at it, I highly recommend this game. It reminds me of the original Wii games, which were a ton of fun. Check out our YouTube video to see the action, and enjoy the official Chrome video below. Let us know your thoughts once you give it a shot… or roll… whatever.

  • Nathan Borup

    ha ha that was fun!

  • Leonard Bryan

    I enjoyed it.. I hope they make more games.. :)

  • Preston

    I guess I have an older phone, will not download chrome.. sounds like a very interesting concept