Latest Chrome Beta for Android build contains hidden Chromecast video streaming function

by: Robert TriggsMarch 4, 2014

Chromecast Belkin Miracast AA-2

Chromecast functionality is coming on nicely, with more apps constantly adding in support for the device and there’s even the prospect of mirroring Android to Chromecast too. Even better still, now you can cast videos to your TV directly from Chrome for Android.

The latest beta version of Chrome for Android has Chromecast compatibility for YouTube videos hidden away within it. Interestingly, this function should also work for all standard HTML5 videos as well, although it seems to be a little bit hit and miss at the moment. The feature isn’t immediately available for use, instead it is hidden away within in the beta. Fortunately, it’s very quick and simple to enable.

To turn on the option you’ll need to type, or paste, chrome://flags/#enable-cast into the Chrome URL bar, which will then display a little notification where you can enable the experimental Chromecast feature. Check that it’s enabled, restart the browser and Chromecast support should be activated.

Chromecast Chrome Beta 34

Head on over to the Youtube webpage, not the Android app, and you should notice the familiar square Chromecast icon overlaid on top of the video, just like with other compatible video apps. The experience varies quite a lot on other video sites, sometimes the video needs to be in full screen mode before the Chromecast icon appears, and sometimes the function just won’t work at all.

Even though the experience is buggy at the moment, it’s a great sign of things to come. Eventually this option should find its way into a stable version of Chrome for Android, ushering in a new age of convenient television.

  • MasterMuffin

    If only Chrome for mobile was as good as it is on desktop. Chrome for desktop has the best performance and great compatibility, but Chrome for mobile isn’t the best performing browser and it breaks some stuff (like, as I’ve said a million times, Disqus login doesn’t work after a few days of usage)

  • bugs

    Does this mean that you can cast a TV show from say NBC’s web site to your TV?

    • pyert

      good luck! it doesn’t work with daily show videos.

  • Don Coleman

    I am now casting to my Chromecast “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” Audiobook by Lovecraft, from Chrome Beta (on the YouTube website) on my Nexus 7 (2012). Excellent!!! At first I had to go full-screen with the video and then the Chromecast symbol showed up on the far left. After it connected to my Chromecast, the typical blue Chromecast symbol showed up in the usual place, i.e. upper right part of YouTube frame.

  • Don Coleman

    I switched to an actual video. It appears to be pulling the video from the Google servers, not my Nexus 7 (2012). The video quality is too good to be pulling it from my tablet. Firefox Aurora has been my browser of choice on my tablet. I might have to switch to Chrome Beta.

  • Mike Newitt

    … and the winner is The Chrome Browser.
    Pity about Allcast but I suspect hes already at work on something even better.

  • reebz

    I don’t see the option to “enable experimental Chromecast support” when I bring up the chrome://flags/#enable-cast

  • geekfromrio

    I enabled it, but even so the icon is not shown.