Chrome Beta for Android update brings users much-needed new features

by: David GonzalesApril 11, 2013


The team of developers behind the Chrome Beta web browser for Android has just rolled out a new software update that you would be keen to look into, primarily if you have found the lack of certain search bar-related features in previous versions quite disappointing. The latest iteration of Chrome Beta for Android, which currently sits at version 27, offers a few new features that stand to improve the overall user-experience greatly.

According to a post on the official Google Chrome Releases blog, the latest Chrome Beta for Android update adds fullscreen on phones, allowing users to “hide” the browser toolbar simply by scrolling down a web page. It now offers tablet users tab history as well, which can be accessed easily by doing a long press on the back button.

According to the full changelog, other new features include client-side certificate support and an improved omnibox that retains search queries that have been typed in instead of replacing the same with URL search results after a user hits Enter. There are a number of minor issues as well, such as occasional slowness when it comes to typing on text fields and opening tabs.

To find out whether this version of Chrome Beta for Android is right for you, then spend a few minutes testing it out yourself by first downloading it from Google Play, as referenced in the sourced linked to below.

  • I want desktop view native option on settings.

  • RarestName

    How do you hide the status bar?

  • srelyt

    finally, now we’re talking

  • Google should do something about the scrolling lag its fucking annoying now. Even my stock browser scrolls smoothly.

  • Scott Ricketts

    I’d be happy with text auto-reflow after zoom. HTC browsers have it, Dolphin has it, why the hell has this escaped Google as a good thing to do?

  • tudd

    There’s also a bug that disables panning when a image file is opened in a tab and zoomed. Whoops.