Just the other day, Chrome 30 for Android reached stable status, but Google doesn’t sit still for long. Chrome 31 for Android Beta is now beginning to roll out!

There are several new minor changes in build 31 for Android, but probably the biggest addition is a new feature that allows websites to be added to the Android home screen.

How does this work? It’s actually really easy. All you need to do is open up the overflow menu and select “Add to homescreen”. According to Google, if an app has been properly optimized, it will even work as a full-screen Chrome frame that will appear as a separate app in the app switcher.

This kind of functionality could prove essential for those that visit certain websites regularly and want an easy way to launch sites without having to first open up Chrome separately. It could also be nice for those websites that don’t have native apps.

If you have yet to receive the new Chrome 31 Beta update, don’t worry – it’s coming. As is usual with Google apps, the rollout will occur in stages.

For those that have the new version, what do you think?

Andrew Grush
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