Chrome for Android to catch up with the desktop version of Chrome in early 2013

by: ŠtefanNovember 28, 2012

Google’s Chrome browser is the best browser on the planet, period. That title used to be held by Mozilla’s Firefox, but man, those engineers really just let themselves go. Now some of you might be wondering, how come the desktop version of Chrome is at version 23 while Chrome for Android is stuck somewhere around version 18? According to Google Chrome’s Google+ page (try saying that three time fast), this will soon no longer be the case. Here’s the exact quote:

“We expect an update to Chrome for Android starting with a developer update to happen before the end of the year, and we’re actively working towards aligning releases across all platforms, including Android, starting early next year.”

This is obviously great news, but why? Let’s take a step back and remind ourselves of how software updates used to work before Android and iOS. If your device was lucky enough to get updated, said update wouldn’t add new features, it would fix bugs. With the rise of smartphones, people started expecting regular updates, but since the browser was part of the core operating system, it only got updated when the whole device got updated.

Think about that for a second. Imagine if you had to wait for Microsoft to release a new version of Windows to get a new version of Internet Explorer. Crazy, right? With Chrome for Android, it’s just another application installed on your phone, which means it’s now able to get updated whenever Google feels like pushes out an update. On the desktop side, Chrome gets bumped up a version number every couple of months. To see that kind of progress come to the phone side in 2013 is not only incredibly welcome, it’s downright revolutionary.

And hey, if you don’t use Chrome for Android because you prefer the stock browser or even Opera … maybe you should consider switching.

  • xoj_21

    Well finally because right now it’s really slow

    • MasterMuffin

      REALLY slow :(

  • your_telephone_says

    I’d love to use chrome on my galaxy ace 2, but I’m stuck with android 2.3.6 (gingerbread) and there’s no chrome for that. Maybe Google will be kind enough to finally produce a version for gingerbread even if it’s a light version or something.

    • Andrew Hansen

      Or maybe you should just get a new phone. I can’t understand for the life of me why someone would spend money on something that is not a nexus.

      • party

        you’re kidding right ?

        you’re saying that nexus is the right phone for EVERYONE ?

      • MasterMuffin

        Well I understand, he maybe didn’t want so expensive or big phone?
        And that person with username “party” is so correct!

  • cristid

    I want to use it more on my phone. But right now is slower then the stock browser. I love the quick menu in the stock browser so much.

  • PinoK

    Well, I prefer Dolphin, bookmarks with gesture is cool :D

    • +1
      Also the speed, the html5test score, lastpass implementation and so on…

  • Jonhy

    Right now is almost unusable even on mu nexus 7 …it has huge lags..AOSP browser that comes with custom roms is so much smother and even some other browser are better and faster like mathon and naked browser.

  • Consider trying out Boat Browser. Stupid name, great browser, better than Dolphin.

    • MasterMuffin

      Used it because flash works in it in 4.1.1. But then I found out that flash also works in my stock browser so deleted it, but great browser :)

      • bird

        I’m still using maxthon. good when I used my old optimus one.
        now I’m switching phone, looks it’s time to try boat or dolphin (both ends up in water I suppose, lol)..

  • I have it on my Note, but that’s just coz I feel comfortable to use the same browser both on Laptop and Smartphone (And the Icon looks good to me :P). Nothing else.

  • derekmorr

    I’ll say this for Firefox — they update their desktop version and Android version in sync.

  • AOSP Browser FTW!!!

  • They need to fix a few things first. No full screen, no plug ins, that odd flicker when you bring the bookmarks up so you have to select the bookmark a second time. Most importantly though fix the reboot that happens when you cut and paste on the galaxy s3.