Whether we like it or not (and we don’t), Apple’s iPads are still dominating the global tablet market, despite the rise of the 7-inch budget-friendly Android tabs. But with rumors going on about a Google-Samsung co-branded 10-inch slate sporting a 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution display, we should finally start talking soon about a real “iPad killer.”

In the meantime though, we already have two Android-based tablets released that can compete with the new iPad at least in terms of the screens’ resolutions. The Cube U9GT 5 and Chuwi V99 are as exotic as they are hard to find, but if you’re not fazed with the possible poor build quality of Chinese tabs coming from no-name companies, you should be happy to hear about their existence.

We’re unsure of the exact ties between Cube and Chuwi, but the two new 10-inchers look almost identical, both on the inside and on the outside. The two tabs are also both marketed as sporting “Retina” displays, despite that being an Apple copyrighted brand name.

We don’t expect Apple to sue very soon, though (after all, we’ve seen much more insolent “clones” in the past), so get your financial ducks in a row, because a sales ban is improbable.

Chuwi V99

The Chuwi V99 can be had from PandaWill, a Chinese online retailer that does not exactly have a great reputation. But if you’re willing to take your chances, you’ll only be asked to pay $289.99 for the tab. The 9.7-incher sports a 2,048 x 1,536 pixel display and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so it sounds like it really brings the best of both worlds together.

Powered by a Cortex A9-based dual-core 1.6 GHz Rockchip RK3066 CPU, the V99 comes with 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of on-board storage, dual 2 MP cameras, microSD support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a battery supposedly capable of running for 10 hours between charges.

All in all, there isn’t much you can bitch about when talking about the tab’s specs, and best of all PandaWill throws in worldwide free shipping with the V99.

Cube U9GT 5

As for Cube’s U9GT 5, you might remember us talking about it just a couple of weeks back, when the tablet was first introduced to the public. In the meantime, Cube has listed the 9.7-incher on its website, and will take pre-orders between October 18 and 30.

The U9GT 5 should start shipping as soon as October 31, and, while it comes with basically the same specs and features as the Chuwi V99, it’s more than 20 bucks cheaper (available for $265.99).

We can’t stress how important it is to think hard before ordering any one of the two tabs, but if you end up buying the Chuwi V99 or the Cube U9GT 5, do come back to us and let us know what you think of them. Exactly what is wrong with these gadgets that they are available for such low prices? Do they fall apart on touch? Or are some of those breathtaking specs made up?

  • Alex13809

    That does specs don’t seem to be good enough to push that many pixels without lagging.

    • Abir

      the rockchip processor has a quad core mali 400 accompanying it, same as on GS3 but its clocked a bit lower

  • KB26

    Funny thing is, one of the ripoff’s websites sells a TON of ripoffs. Does this look familiar? http://www.pandawill.com/hero-h2000-smart-phone-android-40-mtk6577-dual-core-3g-gps-40-inch-80mp-camera-black-p67873.html

    • MasterMuffin

      That does look like something familiar,I just can’t remember what…… nokia lumia 920?

    • Anonymous

      Well, Chinese do tend to make improvement on deficient products some of the time; here they took an over-hyped phone and made it better by giving it the best OS in the market. I call it win-win ;)

  • Chris

    Yeah that Hero phone looks exactly like the Sony phone the iphone4 ripped off!

  • Maff Mace

    Sounds like who ever wrote this has never even touched a cheap Chinese tablet before! I have a SmartQ and the build quality is fantastic, the tablet is brilliantly fast and gets ROM updates very often. Maybe more research is needed before trying to scare people off what you know nothing about.

  • William CH

    One of the better known China tablet companies is emerging and offering performance-value priced Android tablets – with one model introduced last month — The Novo 7 Flame by Ainol Electronics, priced at $189 at a US site called TabletSprint – offering Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroSD, a 5 megapixel Rear Camera and 2 MP webcam, 1280×800 high resolution screen, 2nd Gen Dual Core CPU, HDMI with Full 1080p (HD). Plus an option for 3G – it’s by far the most complete budget tablet available under $300 and worth looking at and comparing, especially for the price… Ainol Electronics won runner-up in CES / CNET 2012 “Best Tablet of the Year” Award — and this new tablet certainly gives the new Nook, Nexus 7, Kindle HD & the new Mini some serious competition. Next month Ainol launches a larger version with 10″ screen with a Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor and a price around $230 — as to whether it will have a high resolution Liquid Crystal display like the iPad Retina, we will have to wait and see…

  • Abir

    I dont know how you proclaim that pandawill has a bad reputation, but in my experience(at least 15 orders between friends) faced no problems with them customer support is quite good as well. But there are things you must take in consideration first, if you are expecting it to be like buying from amazon or newegg you are wrong. They are a small chinese site that try to do their best and language is a barrier. People like you who have unrealistic expectations should stay away from chinese products in my opinion, you get what you pay for and chinese goods generally provide better goods for what you pay but people like you who are used to dabbling with bleeding edge tech should refrain from using cheaper products and ruining it for people with lesser financial means

  • Ig Ma

    It will still be hyundai play x. Cheap because they are made of are rejected matrices that did not go for any reason at ipad 3. I know exactly.

  • brad roberts

    Chuwi and Cube are available from Ordro Digital Products. Both brands are outstanding and Ordro ships them via DHL for under $300.00. More info:

  • carlos schneider

    And then there were 4 …. yes four retina tablets from Cina….Onda V972, Cube GT9, Chuwi and Ainol ……

  • carlos schneider

    ps the Onda V972 costs 1290 rmb in china!

  • Kanli1623

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  • BarleySinger

    There definitely are (and have been for a while) droid tablet/phablets that cost a lot less than an apple product. Many will only last a couple of years (they are essentially disposable electronics).

    However a lot of time, they keep their low prices by using poor manufacturing with a high failure rate. PIPO is a case in point. Their M6 and M6Max look good on paper, but a lot of them die in the first few weeks to the first 6 months, and you CANNOT get a replacement without just buying a new one. Go ahead.. send it back… and you will NOT get a replacement. This is common to a lot of the low cost tablets.

    I bough a PIPO M6Max from a seller inside of Australia, to avoid problems with overseas returns (which suck) and have the Aussie laws on my side. I still got shafted. It never worked properly. I sent it back. I never got a replacement (just lots of promises that I would see one in the mail soon).

    So “buyer beware”. As always, do a lot of research and look for REVIEWS by those who bought the product. Use AMAZON and read those REVIEWS.

    Also keep in mind that if you see a table selling site and each product has a bunch of VERY positive reviews (and non mixed or negative experiences) there is dodgy business being done. Nobody can ever please everyone, and there will always be items that fail. For instance on MOST of the online tablet sale sites, you will nearly always see a LOT of very positive reviews (especially in the first group of them) BECAUSE the company put them there! They use fake reviews as advertising. ANY site for tech gear that has thousands of sales on an item… SHOULD show a few dissatisfed people, or people who had to send an item back to be replaced. If you do NOT see some returns, then there is something odd going on (they are probably deleting the reviews with bad experiences – people really do that).