Cherry Mobile launches the Flare in the Philippines, a 4-inch ICS phone with Snapdragon S4 for $100

by: Bams SadewoOctober 30, 2012

With a wide range of affordable Android smartphones under its belt, those in the Philippines are pretty familiar with Cherry Mobile’s name. The latest addition to its lineup is sure to cement Cherry’s status among budget-conscious buyers.

The company has introduced its newest dual-SIM smartphone, the Cherry Mobile Flare.

The Cherry Mobile Flare boasts a 4-inch IPS display with 800 x 480 resolution, which is just about the standard for a low- to mid-range phone these days. What puts it ahead from other budget offerings in the market is the use of a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. Here are the complete specs of the Cherry Mobile Flare:

  • 4-inch IPS WVGA display
  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB onboard storage
  • microSD support (up to 32GB)
  • 5MP rear camera
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
  • 1,600mAh battery
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

As for the the cherry on top, the Flare will be out in mid-November for Php3,999 (US$97).  We have to say that that’s one amazing price for this rather delicious piece of Android offering. Agree?

Will the Cherry Mobile Flare  go straight to your wish list?

  • poop


  • It’s a great phone. I had the chance to try it during the media launch. =)

  • Dan

    dual sim?? definitely china phone

    • nop it’s a rebranded phone from india
      karbonn a9+

      • clinkz

        Karbonn ay Indian company na parang CM rin bumibili sila sa CHina tapos lalagyan ng NAme nila dun…. SYA DIBA GEnius mga chinese

    • I’m from the Philippines. Cherry Mobile phones are not worth to buy. NOT DURABLE. But, it is made in China by Filipino Engineers,

      • Pikkk

        Maninirang Tao ka!

      • taknaydamo ninu ka para siran me ing lagyu na ninng pilipinas buguk! mas byasa la pa pin deng pilipinu keka ya

      • komander kool

        wow, ang galing ng conclusion mo… siguro yung mga unang labas nila but they have improved through the years… siguro researcher ka ano?

    • lol

      Almost all phone is made in china.. and Nokia, Samsung Etc. has a model with dual sim xd

  • ffh2303

    Don’t be fooled, the MSM8225 uses the much,much slower Cortex A5 cores instead of the Krait cores on the MSM8260A and MSM8960.

    “Unlike the Snapdragon S4 SoC we’re familiar with,
    the 28 nanometer model with a pair of 1.5 GHz Krait cores and an Adreno
    225 graphics processor, the S4 Play (MSM8x25) is a 45 nanometer SoC
    that uses a pair of 1 GHz ARM Cortex A5 cores and Adreno 203 graphics.
    Performance wise, ARM says that a Cortex A5 can deliver 1.57 DMIPS/MHz.
    To put that into some perspective, the Cortex A8 delivers 2.0 DMIPS/MHz,
    and the Cortex A9 that’s inside many of today’s devices can pump out
    2.50 DMIPS/MHz. Update: The HTC Desire X has shown up in RightWare’s Powerboard, confirming MSM8225.

    Qualcomm’s Krait core can do 3.30 DMIPS/MHz, more than double the performance of ARM’s Cortex A5.”

    • JAM


      • LancerEX

        why call someone stupid when he’s telling a fact? :(

        • ignoramus

          it is a fact, what that whole group of words meant was even though this phone sports an S4 processor, the performance is subpar / weak compared to the current gen. A marketing ploy / scam by Qualacomm to trick customer thinking they have a s4 powerred phone.

          • LancerEX

            I know. but why would you even call someone a moron when he’s just explaining how its CPU performs?

      • Weh

        There’s a badass over here. xD


      Your acting like you know all!!! Plssssssssssss you just knew it by the power of GOOGLE SEARCH !!!!!!!!

      • lockon

        haha! korek!

      • Weh

        At least may effort sya na mgshare

      • komander kool

        so what’s the problem? at least he shared…

    • morlack

      WTF…??anung connect ng pinagsasabi mu..??it makes no sense dude..??

      • LancerEX

        you just don’t get it do you? :)

        • Angelo Han

          How about you? Did you get it? Its only 4k and you will expect too much?

          • LancerEX

            Everything. :) Did I even say anything bad about it? Read my previous posts. :)

      • Weh

        tinamad ka lng basahin dude

    • Naku

      Can you please make it simpler?
      Nde q maintindihan xD
      OO kaw na expert in terms but please do consider us normal people :P
      Please :D

      • Weh

        nasa cyberworld ka. Google google na lng din.

        • Borat

          bat ka maglalagay ng information sa comment kung kailangan mo pa sa google yung meaning?

    • IxianDerzio

      Ya know, you don’t have to complain too much. Know why? Coz it’s way too cheap too have all those high-end parts. It’s a budget phone. But I appreciate Your concern by informing other people, or maybe you’re just boasting your superiority…..?

      • IxianDerzio

        *way too cheap to have

      • LancerEX

        He’s not even complaining. He’s pointing out that even though it has a Snapdragon S4 which is known for its superior performance, you won’t get the same experience with flagships with S4 CPU. :(

    • Gusto ko ito, sharing knowledge, sa mga naiinis aba maghanap kayo ng iba, this is for technical people who looks at the specs before buying, sa mga may alam.
      In reply with the post, for the price of 4k i would say this is still a good value for money :P

    • kaiserG

      4k gusto mo ng KRAIT?! ungas ka ba? hahaha

    • Ken

      But at least it has S4 play and it’s gpu is Adreno 203. Unlike other Android out there which only comes with Adreno 200. The hardware of Flare is very much capable of running HD games. S4 play is designed for entry level smartphones so of course it ain’t as fast as the other S4 chips. After all, S4 play is their cheapest SoC.

  • EJ

    wow! even this overtakes the HTC One S which only has the S3 processor. go pinoy!

    • ignoramous

      no, read the 1st post please.

  • kelan release date?

  • does this even support live wallpaper?

    • Is that a joke?

    • Ken

      Of course it does. Read the specs.

    • komander kool

      are you kidding me? of course it does…

  • VcX

    value for money. i must say im also eagerly waiting for this phone. it may not compete with other phones but at its price range, it blows the competition out of the water.

  • LancerEX

    There are a lot of cheap dual core Android phones here in PH, MyPhone as A878/A898 and the Starmobile Astra which as a 4.3 inch IPS screen, 8 MP camera + analog TV. This is currently the cheapest among all, but is the MSM8225 better than MediaTek’s MT6577? :O

    • passingby

      The mwdiatek 6577 is better compared to msm8225 i saw a you tube vid coparing them even tough mediatek is clockd only at 1 ghz

      • LancerEX

        Ohh I see. Thanks! I guess I was blinded by the “S4” tag on the Flare’s CPU. :(

    • 4k is still considerably less than 7k of other brand, tsaka would you trust brands such as MyPhone(also Filipino Brand) and Starmobile? I dont think this would be used as a primary phone by others, tulad ko I would use this as my backuphone na pwede panuoran ng Series habang nasa jeep :))

      • LancerEX

        Agree. it’s the best you an get under 4K! :) Planning to buy it this Christmas or trade my Alcatel Glory X I got from Sun. The specs are too good to be true, much better than my Xperia ray which serves as my main phone. :P

        • clinkz

          Tawa ako under 4k nga sya noh…. piso na lang 4k na haha

          • LancerEX

            Instead of saying 3,999? 4K na lang. =))

    • clinkz


  • maniixx

    sasakit ulo nyo pag bumili kayo ng cherry mobile plus poor service

    • lockon

      aminin niyo na!! poor service pero marami pa ring bumibili.

      • clinkz

        kase nga mura uto naman mga pinoy …..

    • Weh

      Haters are confused enthusiasts. :)

    • luk

      d din pag nacra wag mo na paayos bili la ng bago,,,so every month bago phone..kakasawa din…lam mo naman tayo d nakukuntento kung anong meron…hayaan mo na lang kung gus2 nilang bumuli d naman sau pera.

  • This is supposed to be a budget phone. For the price of 4k this is very reasonable. This is a perfect backup Android phone which does not comprimise speed and performance. Being a Dual Sim also adds sprinkles to the already sweet Ice Cream sandwich package you get. Kung ayaw niyo at namamahalan kayo maghanap kayo ng iba. Picky people.

    • jcd_green

      You’re Right :D They Should Find a handset that can beat the price as well as the specs !

  • MoonLight

    2 kinds of China phone. Branded and Imitations.. ung mga nkikita nion mura na china phone na 2lad nng ibang brand and name un ang imitation.. iba ang branded na china hindi xa ka2lad nng imitation.. mag search din kau. at ung Cherry Mobile branded yan. and other phone na gawa sa pinas branded po yan hindi po china phone ang tawag jan.

    • clinkz

      FYI di po tayu ang nagmamanufacture nyan….. Binibili ng CM sa China tapos i rerebrand nila dito sa Philippines…..San ka ba naghanap bata???? sa WIKIPEDIA????? haha nadaya ka dun!!!!!!☺☺

      • clinkz

        CM ay Distribution Company lang…. kahit sabihin nilang manufacturer sila eh buo na kaya nilang binibili ng bulk sa china mga phones na yan tapos lalagyan lng nila ng pangalan nila ….

      • Ken

        CM Flare is not from China. It’s a rebranded Karbonn A9+ from India.
        Personally, I prefer this then other rebranded phones form China. I think products from India are more durable then those from China.

  • titan

    4-inch IPS WVGA display
    1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 processor
    512MB RAM
    4GB onboard storage
    microSD support (up to 32GB)
    5MP rear camera
    VGA front-facing camera
    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
    1,600mAh battery
    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    look at this the specs.. very nice and very low price… like other brand.. ung mga gusto mag karoon ng mamahalin phone.. You buy expensive phone after…niyan ano naman ang mag yayare kung bibili sila ng Cherry Mobile. ma papahiya ba sila,.. lahat ng app na meron ka meron din sila masaya sila :)

    • LancerEX

      True! judging from the previews/unboxing videos I watched on YouTube, it seems like it’s better than my Xperia Ray which costs almost 3 times as much as the Flare when I bought it. :)

  • If U want to know kung anung laman nito kung S4 ba o hindi , ggamitan lng yan ng benchmarks peru ung benchmark nya S4 tlga at lhat ng specs sa benchmark un din ung mkikita mo sa internet. Ang CM lng kc ung mga nagbebnta prang nkaktakot tapos musungit >.< ok na sana kung mababait sila eh.

  • If U want to know kung anung laman nito kung S4 ba o hindi , ggamitan lng yan ng benchmarks peru ung benchmark nya S4 tlga at lhat ng specs sa benchmark un din ung mkikita mo sa internet. Ang CM lng kc ung mga nagbebnta prang nkaktakot tapos musungit >.< ok na sana kung mababait sila eh.

  • alice

    Went to the Cherry Mobile store the other day and they said the Flare won’t be available until mid-November. Anyway, we got a Titan for my Mom instead and so far…. WE LOVE IT!!!

    Let those who insist on non-China phones berate this phone all they want. All I can say is, regardless what brand your smartphone is, it’s going to be obsolete in less than a year. :-)

    • LancerEX

      a branch in our province doesn’t even know that the Flare and Titan existed. :< anyway, can't wait to get my hands on it this December! :D

  • berrydroidcafe

    Tough crowd! I just wish the comments were in pure english, or pure tagalog. Pretty frustrating reading along and BAM, a second language. Thinking that the Flare would be a decent phone for my daughter. My wife says CM doesn’t have a good reputation so it might be a hard sell…:-O

    • Ken

      Try reading reviews about Karbonn A9+. I think the quality of this will be good enough.

  • jmar

    kylan mag kaka avail nya?

  • pero with this kind of specs taob ung mga “branded” as in ung mga kilalang brands(you know what i mean) in it’s price range… and it’s running on ICS, rather than a GB…

  • di ko alam bakit sa sobrang mura na maganda na ang cellphone na ito ay may mga nasasabi pa kayong hindi maganda. tao nga naman.

  • aurius

    wag n kayo magtalo,,,ganito lng kasimple..kung cno gus2 bmili go..kung cno ayaw hndi nman ppilitin…

    • -Tama c Aurius.. bat pa kayo magtatalo sa simpleng affordable na cherry flare na yan… kung cno gusto bumili eh di bumili… yung mga haters eh di wag… wag na kayo magtaka sa presyo… mas gugustuhin nyo pa ba ng mahal kesa sa php3,999…

      • -Halimbawa lang “ako ang may-ari ng company ng cherry mobile.. mas gugustuhin kong makakabenta ako at ma-a-afford nilang bilhin sa maayos na halaga at sisiguraduhin kong di sila magsisisi sa kaledad ng item..
        gets nyo ba?

        • -Cno ba naman ang magbebentang company ng pangit na item kung alam nilang makakasira ito sa kanila di ba… think wise.. wg magtalo..

  • kim

    any updates sa flare when it will be release?

  • mas mabilis padin CPU ng myphone a878 lol

    • Ken

      Mind the price, You should compare that with CM Flame instead.

  • AFAIK you wont find any branded phone with same specs at this price point. I’m telling you, this will dominate the sub-5k phones market. let the poor have a taste of what android feels. for the uber-techy-sosi-conyo peeps this phone is not for you.

  • fujisan360

    Give Cherry Mobile a Chance to bloom. We need support people. There is no need to bring down such company doing it’s best to compete in a very large market. We all know that we can’t manufacture our own smartphones like other developing countries. Just give support so we Cherry mobile can produce our own materials and speed up production. This could also affect our economy.

    Take note we are already listed as fast developing countries in Asia. Bagsak na US at China na ang nagunguna. At after years will pass. Asensado na rin tau. :D

    • Ken

      Well, as far as I can see CM is now selling great. Many people supported Flare and it’s now officially the dual-core ng bayan (based on sales).

  • Ken

    It would be better looking if there’s no search button. i’m guessing that they made the design when ICS was not out yet. Since search button are designed for Gingerbread.

  • jtv

    Jusko. Kadiri. Baka isang linggo sira na yang cherry mobile na yan. Cheap. Edi bumili kayong S3. Kahit mejo mahal, at least pwede mo maibenta sa future basta alagaan mo. E yan, pag ayaw mo na tapon na. Kahit iPhone na lang bilhin nyo. Matagal bumaba presyo. Gamitin mo 6 months mabebenta mo pa rin ng konti lang bawas sa price.

  • enema of the state

    woooooo kung anu gusto nyo un bilin nyo… basta good na good itong cherry mobile flare edi pag nasira bili ulit :D… mag s3 ka peligro buhay mu flare ka wa pakels mga holdaper sayo lol

  • Jan Mark Bernales


  • Gregg Vincent Asejo

    I thought it has 2500 mAh battery. Ba’t 1600 mAh lng ang nklagay?

  • But Hindi naman siya masiyadong log! . . .Constant siya because it’s processor is dial core!