Cherry Mobile Cruize: $110 can buy you a 5.2 inch phablet in the Philippines

by: ŠtefanJanuary 21, 2013

Cherry Mobile is a company that you’ve probably never heard of, but don’t worry, because neither have we. Some quick Googling reveals that they’re a Filipino handset maker that was founded in 2008. They buy parts from China, slap them together in the Philippines, and then sell them to the locals. Why not just import Chinese phones directly? There’s probably some issues with customs and taxes that these guys are skirting around. But anyway, let’s get to today’s news, the Cherry Mobile Cruize.

For 4,499 Philippine Pesos, which translates to about $110 or less than 85 Euros, you can get a 5.2 inch 800 x 480 smartphone/tablet (phablet) that has a 1 GHz processor from Broadcom, 512 MB of RAM, 3G/WiFi/GPS, and it runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s even a massive 2,500 mAh battery inside, so chances are it’s going to last a full work day.

Will this thing ever leave the Philippines? No. Why are we covering it then? To show you guys that Android is blowing up people’s preconceived notions of what a smartphone is and who is and is not a reputable smartphone manufacturer. Benedict Evans, an independent analysts, recently said:

Whether deliberate or not, Android has had the effect of hugely increasing the number of people with access to the mobile internet. Just as Wintel 25 years ago powered an army of cheap PC ‘clone’ makers churning out tens of millions of cheap commodity PCs, Android and a small group of mobile chip companies (mainly Qualcomm, EMP, Mediatek, Spreadtrum) have enabled a flood of cheap commodity smartphones and tablets.

We’re all fans of super high end expensive smartphones here at Android Authority, but it’s the bigger picture, devices like the Cruize, that really make us fall in love with Google’s mobile operating system.

  • Mabuhay Philippines?!

  • roboonya

    Interesting to see Opera preinstalled

    • thats a good choice since the average internet user here even wifi conection is 512kbps haha. and if you are subscribed to a faster plan u have a bandwith limit around 5gb per day

  • arczangel

    Thanks Android Authority! for covering this.

  • Ankit

    Shit,is that cheap(Affordable)

    • columbia

      Relatively affordable. The Galaxy Note II is available here for about 32,000 PHP.

  • columbia

    I’m actually hoping this will fare well. Can’t wait to see MyPhone try to compete with Cherry Mobile.

    But let’s be realistic. I think the real question is: When will CD-R King make their own smartphone giants?

    • kiko

      They’re already making tablets and phones. Not long, now.

    • CyBrix_21

      Well… I think they are not concentrated in Smartphones now… I think they are focused on e-motors…

  • anna

    Pinoy pride! Itaas ang bandila ng Pinas!

  • Vaans

    It has nearly the same specs as the Lenovo S880 but costs much less. I’m interested in buying this one. A phablet that won’t break your bank. Hurray for cheap and good android phones.

  • Ang Cherry Mobile Cruize pala ay 8MP at hindi 5MP! at may tagalog language setting din ito. Nakita ko dito.