Chat Heads comes to Facebook Android Messenger app via update

by: Chris SmithApril 12, 2013


The Facebook Home user interface will be available today to download from the Google Play Store on certain Android smartphones, but the Chat Heads messaging feature can already be experienced on other Android devices as well.

The social network has updated the Facebook Messenger app for Android to offer support for Chat Heads. Just like with Facebook Home, Chat Heads will let you stay on top of your Facebook messages no matter what you’re doing on the smartphone

A circle icon showing a number for every message received from your friends will appear on the screen – each friend gets his or her round button – on top of the current application, letting you stay in touch with them without leaving the app you’re actually using.

Since Facebook Messenger is compatible with Android devices running Android 2.2 and above we would assume that Chat Heads would work both on old and new devices, but we’re certainly looking forward to hear more about your Chat Heads experience.

While not all Android users appreciate Facebook Home as a whole, the Chat Heads feature is actually interesting, and could be appreciated by those people that keep in touch with friends and family via Facebook Messenger.

How do you like Chat Heads in your Facebook Messenger app?

  • G Mohal

    Facebook home app launched, check it out.

    (A note before you get started: only a few phones currently
    support Home. You’ll need a Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One,
    One X, or One X+ in order to get all of Facebook’s features

  • tois

    how do you open up a chat head? I don’t get how to make it work

  • tois

    how do you open up a chat head? I don’t get how to make it work