petition asks Qualcomm to support Nexus 7 (2013)

by: Chris SmithAugust 8, 2013

Nexus 7

A petition asking Qualcomm to support the Nexus 7 (2013) has been created, after recent events have shown that it may be the company’s fault for the lack of factory images and driver binaries for the new tablet.

While we were busy with the LG G2 announcement event the other day, we found out that Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru decided to leave his post atop of AOSP, after having issues with this particular side of the business.

The petition is quite simple (see Source link below) and asks Qualcomm to support the new Nexus 7 device:

[quote qtext=”To:

Paul E. Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm, Inc

Release all drivers, binaries, etc to AOSP for new Nexus 7. Please support your devices, as well as the users. This can be a flourishing relationship.


(Your name)” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

However, JBQ doesn’t believe that a petition would work out. Here’s what he posted on his Google+ account about a Qualcomm petition:

[quote qtext=”Petition?

Petition for Qualcomm? Haha. LOL. No, seriously.

Such a petition is a waste of everyone’s time. It’s a waste of time for people signing it (kitten videos are a much more efficient way to feel better).

The bigger issue is that such a petition actually makes things worse, because the people who could actually work toward a solution will now need to spend their time and energy dealing with the petition itself instead of dealing with the real problem.

Doh.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

In a following post, he also added that he doesn’t believe that boycotting a company for not supporting open-source is the way to go either, as at one point or another any company would get such a treatment, depending on what’s happening in the tech world related to open-source projects.

Interestingly, Qualcomm was prominently featured during the LG G2 announcement, as its President and COO Steve Mollenkopf was invited to talk about the continued collaboration between Qualcomm and LG and to point out the fact that the LG G2 is the first handset in the world to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip.

Source:, +Jean-Baptiste Quéru

  • Franz

    And staying quiet will equally do as much? I disagree on JBQ on this matter.

    It doesn’t matter if none of the CEO’s read it. What matters is to give people a voice and an opportunity to express their beliefs. Because if more and more sites report it, it will gain more and more press.

    Community is everything.

    Didn’t a petition overrule (or is in the process of) the unlocked phone thing a couple of months back? Granted that was a government thing. But the people spoke, and change happened.

    • Jonny Trem

      I agree. I appreciate the opinion of JBQ, but at the same time he has chosen his path. Even if he leaves AOSP it doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in a resolution! We still want Qualcomm to support past, present, and future devices. I don’t agree with boycotting either. I believe this can be sorted with a gentle “reminder” that we appreciate them as much as they appreciate us $$$$.

      • APai

        “I don’t agree with boycotting either”
        jbq isnt as outspoken as linus, so chances are , there’s been a lot that’s happened already, and he’s not ready to wash the dirty linen in public. therefore, he chose to quit. give the man the benefit of doubt, it’s not an easy task running such a complicated show.

      • The Calm Critic

        Still you gotta admit that’s it’s a little more than just a douche move on Qualcomm’s part. Why play an open game at all if you can’t deal w/ the open rules from the outset? Might as well bunker everything down now and try to realign the whole plan to what say Windows Phone/RT or BB? Lol now that’s what I’d dare Qualcomm to do.

        They’re at their position today due to Android whether they’d like to admit or not.

  • Ivan Myring


    • Cao Meo

      me too :)

  • Andrew T Roach

    That’s fine. I’m sure there are other vendors that will continue to commit to open source. Qualcomm won’t even be a big player for very long with Chinese chip makers offering similar real life performance for a fraction of the cost.

    • APai

      i’d much rather ask existing players to behave than look for a new guy everytime the existing people throw a fit. that said, qualcomm is trying to be the intel of the SoC space, and that’s leading them to such cocky behavior (possibly)

      • The Calm Critic

        Thing is though even Intel (to my surprise as an AMD supporter) puts out quality Linux drivers a lot timelier and getting faster with better OEM to dev interaction so that’s something diff right there.

        • APai

          agreed (another AMD fan here :)

  • RaptorOO7

    Well if Qualcomm won’t support the Nexus 7 2013 then I won’t buy one. No sense it getting the latest Google Nexus 7 tablet if you can’t get to the source you need/want.

  • Harsh

    Can any one explain me what it means to nexus 7 2013?
    Can’t we have 3rd party ROMS? or can’t we unlock the bootloader?? or?

    • sky

      The Nexus 7 2013 uses a Qualcomm SoC which features a Qualcomm GPU which driver is closed source. As such, there can’t be a proper AOSP for it, since one component would be missing.
      It probably doesn’t mean much for other custom ROMs, I’m fairly sure the closed-source nature of the driver isn’t as much of an issue.

  • Ruz

    Qualcomm must not forget what is happening with MS. They should learn a lesson and respect the sentiments of consumers afterall they are King and what they demand should me met by the companies. As it is i see some stiff competition in the SOC space where Intel & Nvidia is getting aggressive and now even Mediatek is there to take the crown soon

  • Lim asskabalstar

    How about boycotting qualcomm for creating an always listening soc which is a violation of the 4th ammendment?

  • Jacob watch this video. It would help if you watched the video and help the cause. All you need is an instagram or twitter. Use the hash tag #nexus7issues and caption your post with the problems you have. The goal is to get as many people to do this so we get publicity for Google to see it.