Chameleon on a smartphone? Chameleon on a smartphone.

by: Nate SwannerFebruary 15, 2013


If you don’t know about the Chameleon launcher for tablets, you should really check it out. Chameleon turns your tablet into a widget machine, with clean lines and a very sexy look. Until now, your tablet was the only thing that could be this cool, but we’ve found a YouTube video showing Chameleon on a smartphone!

Chameleon started as a Kickstarter project early last year, making over double its $30,000 goal. What could have been a new manufacturer skin quickly evolved into a solo project by Teknision, makers of Chameleon. We’re glad it did, too, because it’s just way too cool to be tied down to one manufacturer.

As good as it is, Chameleon also understands the nature of Android fans and how we like to tinker. The Chameleon API gives those of us with HTML skills the necessary tools to build our own widgets. Well, I shouldn’t say “we”… more like “you”. I have no HTML skills, but making your own kick-ass widgets on Chameleon? Yes, please. The same launcher on all your devices? Even better.

Check out the video to see the potential of Chameleon on a smartphone. If your mind isn’t blown, and your head doesn’t explode clean off of your shoulders, check back with Android Authority for more Chameleon news as it develops!

  • Can’t wait to try it on my phone. I’ve seen it while ago and I was really disappointed to see no smartphone support.

  • Maybe I’ll give it a try, but I still don’t know why I should prefer this over, say, Nova Launcher – I mean, it’s cool and all, but why would people’s heads “explode clean off” of their shoulders?

  • Drem

    Chameleon is afwul, sluggish, bugged piece of crapware.
    I regret for spending my money on version for Tablet – it doesn’t work as planned, it will never get an sole update, it’s a just a swindle.