Chameleon Launcher price cut to $3.99

by: Brendan LynchNovember 16, 2012

chameleon sale

Chameleon Launcher has come a long way since it first started its Kickstarter campaign. After it’s successful introduction, it underwent a lengthy beta phase that caused a fair amount of hype in the Android community. The one thing that held back the launcher was it’s price tag, which was a little too hefty right out of the gate. At $10, most people wouldn’t pay that much just to try out a launcher that they might not even like.

Chameleon Launcher is a launcher that bases its UI around widgets. It is an extremely unique way of using Android and actually a refreshing take on Android’s user experience. With the price now down at $3.99, Chameleon might become an attractive to far more consumers. Now, it’s in the realm of an impulse buy.