Chameleon Launcher Beta Updated to 0.9.5 – First Release Candidate Build

by: SamSeptember 18, 2012

Fans of Chameleon Launcher – you shall not be waiting much longer now. With a regular release and update cycle, the Chameleon Launcher team has reached its first release candidate build.

Most of the 0.95 features and fixes make a distinct difference to the performance and usability of Chameleon, notably the stability improvements regarding widgets. I’ve been running the update this morning and I’m delighted to see that everything is a little faster and the Widgets don’t implode after a few hours of usage.

New Features / Inclusions

  • Added Dashboard Manager animations when adding/deleting a Dashboard
  • App Tray icons no longer get cut-off by some devices.
  • Additional start-up time improvements.
  • Fixed a major bug in the web views used for widgets causing bloated memory.
  • Home screens now go into a ‘Sleepy’ mode when inactive for a period of time.
  • Fixed issue where widgets still sometimes appeared blank (fingers crossed)
  • Fixed issue where widgets sometimes appear to be continually loading.
  • There is now a max of only 4 home screens.
  • Added “Shout Outs” section, to make our Kickstarter backers famous! Thanks for the support.
  • Can now post tweets/updates from Twitter and Facebook Widgets when the native apps are installed.
  • Added, updated and finalized the default Chameleon wallpapers.

The demand for more widgets has also been answered. The team claims to be working on a Google+ and Calendar widget. In the 0.9.0 build they also released Widget templates and a system which means developers can begin designing away before the final release. The final release is expected to include a store/market for the widgets to be downloaded from.

Not long now everyone!

  • Rick

    It’s a waste. I’ve been beta testing it on my Xoom running 4.1 os. Your lucky to,get it to launch without force close. The startup is still very long. Then some of the widgets don’t load proper. Your limited to how many apps you can only put at the bottom of each page. It’s not gonna fly with a lot of folks. The reviews haven’t been that great.

  • Well then….these guys work fast!
    V1.0 released! :)