Chameleon Launcher 1.1 now available in Google Play

by: Chris SmithOctober 17, 2012

Chameleon Launcher is a popular launcher for Android tablets, and while it may seem expensive at $10, it certainly is ready to offer plenty of home screen customizations. The app has reached version 1.1, which is available to download right away from Google Play, as long as you’re ready to pay the app fee.

As you already expect, Chameleon Launcher 1.1 comes with a variety of new features. In fact, here’s the full changelog for this app version:

  • Added support for native Android Widgets.
  • Added new widget API hooks for more access to local device data.
  • All widget account selectors now have the ability to remove accounts.
  • Rebuilt the Home Screen and Layout Editor to drastically improve performance.
  • Improved transitions between the Home Screen and Layout Editor.
  • Widget Title Bar UI elements now have hit states.
  • Widget selection UI now has hit states.
  • Updated the Twitter widget with inline access to reply, retweet and favorite. Widget now properly displays retweeted tweets. Added support for lists.
  • Updated Google Calendar widget with All Calendars view and Event List views.
  • Facebook widget got UI facelift.
  • Fixed and and issue with the Facebook widget loosing authentication when swapping between WiFi networks.
  • The YouTube widget properly displays cached content in a no-internet offline mode.
  • Improved start-up time.
  • Fixed several bugs, including issues where Chameleon might freeze on start-up.
  • Several minor UI tweaks and improvements.
  • Adding new Wallpapers is now more responsive.

Of those, it’s four new features that Chameleon users have been most vocal about: native Android widget support, Chameleon Widget SDK 1.1, Twitter widget and Calendar widget.

Have you upgraded Chameleon Launcher to version 1.1 yet?

  • Remcom00

    Is this for tablets only or for smartphones as well?

    • Only for Tablets – not enough screen real estate to make this look good on our puny 4.7″ screens :)

      • Quryous

        How about 5.75″ screens?

        • Jordan Palmer

          you can technically side-load it on any phone as long as it has 1024×600 resolution at minimum, may not look nice, but playing with the dpi can help