What do you look forward to see at CES 2014?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 3, 2014

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In this edition of the Friday Debate, we anticipate the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest electronics shows on Earth, and the kick-off of a new year in technology of all kinds. From huge TVs to tiny wearables, everything that matters in tech – and a lot of stuff that doesn’t – will be in Las Vegas, and our team will be there to check it out. CES 2014 shapes up to be a little more interesting that last year, and with the huge variety of products on display, there’s really something for everyone.

With that said, what do you look forward to at this years’ CES? What are the companies and products that piqued your interest so far and what developments do you hope to see?

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Joe Hindy

It’s hard to nail down any one thing that one looks forward to at CES. It’s one of the premiere technology conferences of the year which means we’re going to get to see some fantastic things from TVs to wearables and even down to smaller electronics.

That said there are two things I’m looking very forward to. The first is whatever Sony has cooked up their sleeve for this year. They announced their Xperia Z phone at CES last year and I would’ve owned that phone if it had made it onto T-Mobile before the HTC One. I’m hoping that whatever they announce (likely the Z2) will make it onto US carriers at launch so I can finally get my hands on a Sony devices without forking out the full retail value (thank you T-Mobile JUMP program). Sony has a history of making beautiful devices that run well and work well. There are also some ridiculous rumors going around about it, so it’ll be nice to see how many of those rumors are true.

The other thing I’m looking forward to is LG’s HomeChat. It’s an app that lets you text your various appliances to make them do what you want. This is something I would love to have because I’m very forgetful and it would be nice to be able to turn on my oven or get a notification that the washing machine is done as it occurs without having to set reminders for myself. Also, home automation is one of those things I’d love to see move forward more quickly.

Of course, the whole conference is going to be fun to watch and I’m quite excited for just about all of it!

Andrew Grush

In one word: wearables.

The year 2013 saw the wearable market begin to take off in a more meaningful way, but I’ve yet to see anything that has truly wowed me into wanting to run out a buy a wearable device. Sure, Glass looks cool and smartwatches like the Pebble and Galaxy Gear are nice products, but none of these things are must-have for the average consumer just yet — at least in my humble opinion.

That said, I personally believe that 2014 will be the year that the wearable market really gets off the ground in a big way, and CES could be the launching pad for this change. We’re already hearing reports about Intel, Samsung, Sony, Pebble, Archos and even LG gearing up for wearable products in the early part of this year and we know for sure that at least Intel, Archos and Pebble will have something to show us next week.

Aside from the wearable revolution, I’m also quite curious about what Samsung and other companies have in store for us when it comes to further developments in the “Smart home technologies” market.

Finally, anything and everything Android related. Tablets, smartphones and Android PCs — I want more! Although most of the CES Android device announcements are generally from smaller manufacturers, sometimes the big boys through in some cool surprises, too. Sony comes to mind, among others.

I love CES (and MWC) because it really sets the tone for the year, and I have a feeling 2014 is a going to be an epic year for Android and Google in general.

Bogdan Petrovan

What I love about CES is that it’s the semi-official start of a new year in technology, and that it gives a nice look at the months ahead, which shape up to be very exciting. I know that many people are fed up with CES and the usual mix of vaporware, me-too’s, and pompous announcements of products that nobody really cares about, but for me it’s still exciting.

I look forward to seeing technology announcements that will shape up the year to come, like we had in 2013 from Samsung and Qualcomm. I hope that Qualcomm gets a worthy rival this year in the SoC business, just for the sake of variety – maybe Samsung with their rumored 64-bit Exynos? Nvidia, I’d love to see something from you guys…

Intel is said to be preparing an initiative that would put Android apps on Windows devices, which is something that many have tried before, but nobody really managed to get off the ground. That will be something to watch for.

Sony is gearing up to show us something, probably the Xperia Z1 mini, the small flagship we’ve all been clamoring for for so long. I wouldn’t mind a sequel to the Xperia Z1, but I’m pretty sure we’ll only see it at MWC at the earliest.

Google and Audi want to put Android in cars, and I’m definitely interested in hearing about that, as I am about any initiative that involves Google. However, I fear that this Android on autos project could have the fate of Android @ home. We’ll see.

Besides the big things, there will be a flurry of announcements from smaller players, and among them, we might find a few gems. In fact, the madness already began, with announcements from Archos, ZTE, and Acer, among others.

And there’s the flood of accessories, wearables, and what not that is going to hit us hard in just a few days.

Keeping track of everything at CES will be exhausting, but our crack team will be there for hot info and some sweet videos. Can’t wait!

What do YOU think?

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  • MasterMuffin

    New technology duh! There won’t probably be any huge product announcements, so seeing what cool will be in future devices is the best thing I can think of!

    • hono Sam

      Yo my Gusta! !!!

  • Siddharth Shukla

    As much as I want to see new smartphones and tablets, most of those will be unveiled at MWC where they get the most attention.

  • bozs13

    I look forward to seeing T-Mobile kick ass

    • Mas4489

      same here

  • AndroidBoss

    I’m sure we will see a newer Nexus 10 this CES with all these Asus teases. If Asus has some big event; then for sure they will unveil one.

    • Jayfeather787

      Yep Nexus 10 2014 for sure. Even though I won’t be getting it, I cannot wait for its release. It will be the perfect ipad substitute. I thought it would be made by LG this year, but then I heard that it would be Asus,

      • AndroidBoss

        Yeah, and Asus is a very good tablet maker.

        • Jayfeather787

          Ok thanks for clearing that up guys. Regardless of who makes it, it should be a great tablet.

      • joser116

        Early rumors said Asus, the latest rumors say LG.

        • AndroidBoss

          According to pocket now, they said Samsung will make the Nexus 10. They said that yesterday on their pocket now show.

          • joser116

            I guess I didn’t see that.

      • AndroidBoss

        Pocketnow said that Samsung will make it.

        • AJ

          You never know………..

  • AndroidBoss

    New Android smartphones and tablets for sure.

  • Caelum Cunnane

    I’m really looking forward to see if Sony announce a new tablet, the Xperia Z Tablet was a beast and I can only imagine what a sequel would be like! ;)

    • Brendon Brown

      Agreed, The Tab Z was amazing, proud owner ! and hey , who doesn’t want a waterproof tablet :P

  • thisguy

    I want to hear more about this Nexus tv set top box more than anything else. I want it to go from rumor to official!!

  • mrman

    Cherry MX RGB!

  • Arturo Raygoza

    @andrewgrush in one word ; fail.

    wearables will never take off sorry to tell you.

    but thanks for this line it made me laugh “Aside from the wearable revolution” lol there is no wearable revolution even you yourself note you don’t have the inclination to purchase one.

    • Android Developer

      Maybe it just needs to be improved (a lot) ?
      I mean, it seems Google-glass gets a lot of attention, so maybe watches can get some too?

      • Arturo Raygoza

        yes it does need improvement, so much that an entire new invention needs to be created. as it stands now there is no reason for people to want it other than marketing.

        speaking of marketing, having Google glass limited to only a very few people it sure makes people want that exclusiveness. having it sell for a ridiculous price also makes it seem that its for a high end luxory types. thus the reason why it gets a lot of attention.

        • Android Developer

          Do you have an idea what should be changed?
          I think it could be more popular if it had a much better battery life, since now it means you need to charge it almost every day, like your smartphone, so you will get 2 devices you need to charge every day…

          You have good point about the Google Glass, but I think the fact that Google has made it also adds to the attention it gets. If Samsung made it before, I think it would have about the same attention as the smartwatch they’ve made.

        • Kash Gummaraju

          I think the pricing is because Google doesn’t want everyone to just jump onto the “beta” version of Google Glass, it’s also probably so that Google can some money back from making the devices. The Glass will be made available to everyone soon, when that happens it’ll probably be priced around 200 dollars, considering that Google is a company that wants to kick off new product categories, and doesn’t many things in order to beat the competition directly. $1500 at official launch is ridiculously high for anyone to buy.

  • Abhishek R

    High End Games….

  • Android Developer

    Doesn’t “New technology” pretty much cover everything?

    Anyway, here’s my list of things I wish could be improved:
    1. battery & charging : I would love to see major battery improvements This is good for both smartphone and tablets, but also for the relatively new market of the smart-watches, which for now can stay for about a day or two.
    Charging time should also be improved.

    2. screen protection : I want to see screens that do not shatter/scratch in any of the un-scientific drop tests. Devices won’t be needed to be treated like jewel or a delicate product.
    The idea of adding cases currently removes the entire point of the design of the device, so you always choose to either make the device more vulnerable or don’t care about its design since it will get a case anyway…

    3. Merging with more platforms – This might be more of a software improvement , but I would like to see Android becoming more of a PC and TV replacement .
    It’s already possible in some way, but it’s just not there yet…

  • Humberto Hernández

    Hopefully a new Nexus 10.

    And, if a miracle happens…. International Google play devices.

  • tony solinan

    I have had 4android phones And one windows phone the past 2years,and 1by1 I have sold them to my family cheap, as I wanted to try out all the varied phones,I sold my last phone a SamsungGs4 to my sister cheap,as I
    Got an iphone5s,to see what’s it like,.and I think the iPhone is CRAP!I’m sorry I got it,my youngest sister said she wants it if I am selling it,well she will be
    Getting it off me before April,as I will see what’s on the market in android,I am a big Sammy fan,but LG,HTC,Sony,Samsung,Nokia,and a few Other Asian phone makers like Haiwei,ZTE,Zoppo,and a few others,from Europe,
    And India,so there Should be some great Android Tech out by April !

  • tony solinan

    I have a Nexus7, and an iPad 2 mini with retina WiFi +Cellular so I am ok on
    The tablet front ,I also have a 10″tablet android ice cream sandwich 4.0 I have just it,it was the first tablet I got 2years ago its still intact with all the
    Stuff that came with it, I was going to get the new nexus7 2!but in Ireland it
    Costs €250 for a 16GB new nexus7?and that’s just WiFi ?my old nexus7 cost
    me €260 in 2012,and that has 32GB WiFi +3G, so unless I can get a Nexus7
    with WiFi +32GB+3or4G for less than €250 ?I will hang on to the nexus7 I have !I won’t pay more than €250 for a new 7″tablet with the same spec,s?

  • Bobby Voychin

    The voting pole is glitchy guys. Fix it! When I vote it says: “The last request is still being processed. Please wait a while.” And I can wait forever. Fix IT!

  • parcelable

    I’m looking forward Nokia announcing its Android phone on CES 2014.


  • Galaxist

    Definitely looking forward to ZTE Nubias and their awesome specs but still (hopefully) cheap prices!

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i just wanna see android in cars, then possibility to use waze in cars not from the smartphone