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by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 13, 2016
Carved Nexus 6P case AA 6

In a sea of plastic/rubber hybrid phone cases that all look the same, it can be tough to find one that protects your mobile device and looks good while doing it. If you’re in the market for a phone case that will bring a unique look to your smartphone, look no further. Carved, a company out of Indiana, is making smartphone cases that truly stand out from the pack. They’re made of real wood, and each one is completely unique.

Carved Nexus 6P case AA 5

I’ve been using two of the Satellite Series cases for my Nexus 6P for a few days now, and suffice it to say I’m a big fan. Unlike some of the other styles offered by Carved, the Satellite Series is made of the knots, burls and discarded pieces of trees, which is where they get their interesting look. Carved also mixes in a bunch of different colors to complement the different grain patterns and colors in each piece of wood. If you aren’t a fan of either of the colors shown here, there are tons of different color options to choose from.

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Most of the cases from Carved are comprised of a wood back panel with a polycarbonate shell, but the company also offers solid wood cases and skins for the iPhone. The company’s selection is somewhat limited at the moment, but you can find cases for the Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Nexus 6P and a few other popular Android devices.

Carved Nexus 6P case AA 11

The Satellite Series from Carved just scream quality. Every one is handmade from a different piece of wood in Elkhart, Indiana, and no two are the exact same. They do add a bit of heft to the device, but the textured pattern on the sides really help when it comes to grip. As you can see in these photos, there are cutouts for all the ports on the Nexus 6P, including one for the fingerprint sensor on the back.

If you’re sold on getting a Carved case for yourself, you’re probably curious about the price. Satellite Series cases for the Nexus 6P are available anywhere from $49-$59, which definitely isn’t cheap. Like I said earlier, these are really high quality cases, and are definitely worth the higher price point. If you’re interested in checking them out for yourself, follow the link below for more information.

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  • Γιώργος Τσέλιγκας

    Well thats a case I would buy :D

  • GP710

    cool way to hide that hideous visor thing on the 6p

  • dimitris aspetakis

    Aren’t these cases the ones the Lew unboxed?

  • WhenKittensATK

    Very cool. Sadly I just bought cheap used OnePlus Two to replace my broken Xperia Z2.

  • They’re so beautiful <3

  • Ojojoj!

    Each one is unique and ugly.

    Sorry, but it looks really cheap so I save my money and buy a cheap and better looking.

    If you buy a beautiful designed phone this is the worst case you can buy.

    It’s my private opinion.

  • springbored

    Carved makes great cases. They’ve been protecting my last four phones. My favorite is the recycled skateboard case, available on Amazon for the Nexus 6P.

  • seldomused

    They’re really cool looking cases, but for over $50, I’ll stick with my Diztronic.

  • Sean

    The Nexus 6p isn’t showing. Am I missing something?

  • Robster

    Ahhh, no LG G4, I’d totally buy one if they did.

  • Moksh Malhotra

    Could I get a link to the wallpaper in the first image?