Leaked Carphone Warehouse inventory screen shows at least 1,500 Nexus 5 units in stock

by: Andrew GrushOctober 28, 2013

Nexus 5 press image

On October 10th of 2012 the Nexus 4 showed up on Carphone Warehouse’s database, hinting that the (then) latest Nexus was about to be unveiled. A little over a year later, a newly leaked screenshot from Carphone Warehouse reveals that the retailer has 1,500 white Nexus 5 units in stock and ready to go in time for the handset’s launch.

The leak first arrived by way of Android Police, who received both the screenshot below and a claim that there were an additional 1,500 black units also in stock.

Looking at the image, this certainly looks like the Carphone Warehouse system as we’ve seen it in the past, though that doesn’t prove anything. This certainly wouldn’t be impossible to fake, so speculation is advised.


If the leak is true, that means that Carphone Warehouse has 3,000 units, and this could be an indication that Google is making sure that its retail partners don’t run into any immediate stock issues (unlike the Nexus 4 launch).

So what else do we know about the Nexus 5? Nothing officially besides what it looks like, but all the rumors point to a device that’s powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM. We also believe the handset has a 4.95-inch HD IPS display, 16/32GB storage, 8MP camera with OIS, a 1.3MP front cam, 2,300mAh battery and (of course) Android 4.4 KitKat.

If all the past rumors prove true, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of mystery left with the Nexus 5 — except for when it’s actually coming.

The latest rumors indicate we now won’t see the Nexus 5 until sometime in November, and considering we’ve yet to receive any official press event, we’d say that’s a safe bet. As for the exact day, only Google knows for sure.

  • Bevan Edwards

    Ah good. There’s my Nexus 5 news fix for the week. Hopefully we’ll get the release (or announcement) on Friday. :D

  • Guest
  • Mayoo

    Enough already.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Fuckin’ A!

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m already waiting for the interactive 360° photo of Nexus 5 (like the one we got a year ago) :D

  • ♥Diane V.L. Mertz♥

    Here it is! Pretty isn’t it? I want one now, right now!

  • APai
  • Reclaimer1

    Ill miss all these leaks in a few days….

  • disqus_Pb08cMVY2B

    My phone’s back is cracked in half, touch screen doesn’t function half the time, and my speaker is mysteriously always on when I take a call. It is on it’s death throes right now. I need this new nexus phone. NEED!

  • Jonathan Sosa

    Do you think it will have a IR blaster?

  • John Locke

    Last year Carphone Warehouse sold it for TWICE the amount the Nexus 4 costs on Google Play. Recommend people avoid CPW.

  • gommer strike

    That screenshot…

    Someone’s gonna get fired or an entire staff would be reprimanded for that. Even though you might think, oh there’s nothing incriminating…no visible user ID, etc, ohhh you bet they can drill down to the most likely culprits…

  • RahulMacwan

    Im guessing they will have it at £45 per month for 24 months or £549 pay as u go so thats y i think they will be less people(idiots or really desperate)coming to buy it from them on contract and anyways im sure it will run out of stock again in google store

    • RahulMacwan

      And i wish if these bastards release these phones all around the world together not only in U.S first nd after a month or so everywhere else.

  • devoncatt

    I wonder when android fans start singing ‘Please release me , let me go’ to Google to finally let us get the phones? When will they appear 31/10, 1/11, 6/11 or 7-11 or doubles or some random date ?When do the NDA’s expire??