Canadian page for Amazon’s Kindle Store launched

by: Varun RajDecember 10, 2012

The Canadians have always been able to buy books from the Kindle Store in their country. However, the store that they used to buy Kindle books from was the U.S. Store, as Amazon Canada didn’t have a dedicated page for its customers. This was very annoying for many buyers, as the portal was optimized for the United States and showed what was popular in the neighboring country.

Now things have changed significantly for Canadian Kindle e-book buyers, as a separate landing page has been launched by Amazon Canada that shows content better matching their interests. The Canadian version of the Kindle book store not only shows the prices in local currency but it also displays books from local writers. The Canadian page also displays the best books of 2012 according to the choice of Canadian customers.

Although Amazon has added a locally optimized store for Canada, Amazon customers from other side of the border still aren’t able to purchase many popular Amazon devices including the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite, which is disappointing.

The launch of Canadian Amazon Store will surely make Canadian buyers more confortable when purchasing e-books from the store and also make it easier for them to search for books from their favorite local authors.

If you are in Canada and want to use the Canadian Version of the Amazon Store then visit the store by clicking this link. To make the switch permanent simply purchase something from the newly launched store.

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  • amanda

    can we purchase apps yet?

  • Sophia

    This is great! finally! thanks Amazon!