Canadian Galaxy Note 2 multi-window update Android 4.1.2 delayed until “early February”

by: Brad WardJanuary 24, 2013

galaxy note 2

Most Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners have received the update to Android 4.1.2. Canadian owners were told they would get the update “a week after January 14th” and that “exact availability will vary by carrier.” The update still isn’t here.

MobileSyrup reached out to Samsung Canada regarding the delay. An e-mail they sent revealed that Canadian Note 2 owners would not see the update until “early February.” Since the update has already been delayed once, it won’t be a surprise if this estimate is delayed too.

While Samsung may make the update available to Note 2 owners, that does not mean that the carriers will push it out right away. Most carriers tend to release these updates on their own schedule. Depending on when carriers Rogers, Bell, TELUS and SaskTel push out the update, owners could be waiting until late February before they get the added multi-window feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners on AT&T received the update to Android 4.1.2 in December. There has been no word on when the device will be receiving Android 4.2 yet. If the amount of updates Samsung rolled out in December is anything to go by, Android 4.2 may not be that far off.

  • Roland Cruz

    This is getting pretty frustrating. We shoulda gotten that feature out-of-the-box. It was the advertised feature. This isnt acceptable. -_-

  • Abdullah Naji

    Oh ok. Oh well, I still love my awesome, epic and great Note II.

  • cycad007

    It should be noted multi-window only supports Samsung-customized apps. There is essentially no third-party support for the thing. The feature is more hype than substance.

  • Diego

    Anyone know if people in the us who have a canadian note 2 will get the update?