Samsung Canada rolls out Ice Cream Sandwich to Galaxy phones and tablets

by: Bams SadewoMay 1, 2012

Patience is a virtue that many Android users get to exercise when it comes to waiting for carriers and manufacturers to bring their smartphones up to speed with the latest Android flavor.

The wait for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is over for some Canadian folks, since Samsung Canada announced that it has started rolling out the ICS software update for Samsung Galaxy devices. The update will be available on select devices starting now and will continue to reach all devices and carriers.

Samsung devices that can soon hop aboard the Ice Cream Sandwich express include the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 LTE, Galaxy S2 LTE HD, and Galaxy S2 X. Tablets aren’t forgotten either, since the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.0, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will also receive the ICS update soon. And yes, we’re every bit as surprised as you are to see the original Galaxy Tab being listed there.

Rolling out an upgrade across so many variants and carriers takes time you know, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it on your Samsung Galaxy device today. Some manual checking won’t hurt either if you want to somewhat speed up the process, though the  fresh new version of Android will still be heavily adorned with Samsung’s TouchWiz. Also, keep in mind that the rollout depends on the good will of the carriers too, so your mileage may vary.

Hopefully Samsung Canada’s move will be followed soon by their US counterpart. Samsung has already detailed last week which devices will be eligible for the upgrade, but failed to mention any specific dates. Interestingly, unlike the Canadian list, the original Galaxy Tab 7 isn’t on the US list.

So, have you received your ICS update yet? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Josh2001_13

    I’ve not received it and I am not holding my breath. Samsung has told their consumers in Q1 to expect the ICS update and it didn’t happen.

    • Brigette

      nothing from rogers with my samsung galaxy s2 lte

  • Smitty17

    I’m with Bell Canada so I expect my Galaxy S2 will be waiting awhile yet.

  • Mesapagan

    issues like this are the reason why apple still is in the game! android has too many options and takes for ever to up date their firm ware.

    • Nate Benji

      Well unlike apple, Android actually changes the UI of the software so when they push out an update, its not the same old boring crap.. Like on the iFails. The android os has drastically changed since its initial release. But when you look at the iFails, there’s barely a noticeable change from the initial release until now. As for options, I would much rather have open sourced software and change things, and modify it to the way I want it. It’s not a locked down toy, like what apple puts out.. Yes they are in the game, because they are toy makers for the iSheep.

      • iSheep…I like it!

      • Techguy

        Like your comment on how Apple is strict and virtually no room for customization and/or personalization BUT you can jailbreak it, I have a iphone 3gs and once it was jailbroken i change every aspect of the phone. I am debating to either pick up a samsumg tab 10.1 or Ipad 3, I will only pickup a Ipad if it can be jailbroken.

        • Soiku

          however jail breaking it isn’t what the phone was suppose to be made for. They created the phone and then people who hated the lack of customization created a program or rather a hack to fix that. Why risk bricking the iOS and the phone when you can simply have that customization? Glad you agree about the the strictness :3

          • Curt

            Pleases explain rooters then. android wasnt meant to be rooted, but people seem to do that.

      • joe

        haha i love the ‘open source’ and ‘change things’ talk. it’s so much hypocritical that it makes me laugh. tell me, are you a linux user who build your own ui too? and one more thing, what other ui change have you done for the android community?

        when i was young i used to think like that too, then i realised that i dont really care about it. as computer/phone USER, wasting my time fiddling around doesn’t mean linux is better than windows or android is better than ios, they’re perfectly fit for what they’re made for. learn to live with that.

  • Kjshep

    Nothing with Rogers for my S2 LTE.

    • June 5th and nothing available for S2 LTE on Rogers.

  • Galaxy Note on Bell here: nothing yet, can’t wait.

  • Conal85

    Hopefully not too long until my UK note gets the update!!

  • Buckenham

    I flashed to ICS Collective Base 4 on my Canadian Bell SGH-i717… anyone know how to get the update?

    • Rdf

      you will have to flash to stock bell gingerbread

  • Dannyboyo_11

    Nothing here yet either, on my Bell S2, been waiting for this thing for a while now…

    • RGBurke

      Nothing as of may 17th in western Ontario yet.

  • Xerses

    Nothing from Telus for S II X. This is no big surprise and I don’t expect ICS to hit Telus phones for some time. Carriers are slow to move.

  • Janinehobin

    Just downloading mine now!! UK.

    • How are you downloading yours now mate? In the UK too and want ICS!!

  • Doughboy3200

    Nothing here on Virgin mobile for Galaxy s2 hurry up with ics

  • Priyaranjan

    I am using note in Korea and I haven’t received it yet.

    • Phone in Korea??? You must be south of the border!

  • BellSGS2user

    Not on Bell galaxy s2 yet
    kies doesn’t even update

  • Big4pets

    Unlocked I9100 on Fido, nothing yet.

  • Dan

    I emailed Telus support about the Galaxy Note on Apr30/12, after learning about the update in Canada, and this was the response I got:
    To answer your question, the launch of ‘‘Ice Cream Sandwich’’ has been delayed for your phone due to a problem with the software. The first users to upgrade have experienced a much shorter battery life so Google decided to delay the launch for this phone. Although there is no launch date available for the moment, the update is expected later this month. We regret all inconvenience caused to you.
    So, no date was mentioned… but maybe this month…

  • Anon

    Bell Canada GS2, up and running 4.0 through kies this morning!

  • YES the update just came out on my phone, I am with Virgin Mobile ( same company as Bell)

  • Nothing with Rogers for my S2 LTE…

  • Pastortedhill

    Yep – upgrading right now!

    • Gimpy


  • Super_569

    Rogers sucks ..they have not rolled out the update. Called Technical Support ..same story ..sorry we don’t know anything …


    • Aiden Draco

      I heard from Rogers that they have nothing you do with the updates, so what gives?

  • Kevroy

    My beef with google is the lack of quality of their own apps. Google books cant do basic functionality like highlighting or remembering which page was last closed while Apple had this since the beginning. It seems their resources are more inversted in visuals than functionality

  • Shanq Xiali

    I’m with Bell, mine is white..still no update…

  • Have Galaxy S2 LTEm With Rogers and in Southern Ontario. Nothing as of May 6th.
    Come on already!

    • Brandon Fasan

      nothing as of june 12th WTF!!!

      • oggy

        Nothing as of august 2nd!

  • Rurish

    I am eating sand here.. Its more dry than the desert here in Sweden. Galaxy Note on Tele2

  • Cica199

    Is the update available for galaxy note phone

  • bell galaxy hd lte released date for ics is may 8th 2012

  • Moud1996

    As of may 10th 2012, rogers canada, no update yet…? btw is the update found by opening kies and checking for firmware updates? if so, then the update is not here yet.

  • Rodburner488

    Nothing on my Bell S2 in Alberta yet…..

  • Sphowe57

    Have Galaxy Tab 8.9 in Southern Ontario, no ICS as of May 11

  • Pjagwani27

    Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE, nothing yet
    (May 13)

  • Gdew20921

    Well i have the Smansung Galaxy S2 HD LTE with bell mobility in southern alberta and there is still no update for the phone

  • Masked Cactus

    Nothing yet on my Galaxy Note from rogers, as of May 16th. Rogers “does” have a hand in rolling out the release, and it is as hard for them as laying an egg, Bell is better in this sense. If you want to know who sucks more than the iFail (lol) its Rogers (Roteze)

  • wade

    Samsung and Rogers are a joke, they don’t care because you’ve already gave them your money. Both can expect to never see money from me again.

  • Cachinge

    I have Samsung galaxy S!! HD LTE from BELL and do not Have it yet this is May 22.2012

  • Andre M

    I am so frustrated….as of today my galaxy note still has gingerbread. Rogers will likely be the last to update their phones. I also had the Nexus however sold it as I was sick of the random reboots associated with 4.0.1 meanwhile the rest of the world was on 4.0.3 for months. It is just sad how Rogers handles their updates. With a crap load of bloatware on their phones it takes months to get anything done and approved. I thought by buying the Nexus I would avoid this however it was no different. The bloody Nexus S was running newer software than the new one!!! Does anyone else see the issue with that? lol

  • Michael G.

    Got the update on my SII X from Kies yesterday. Still nothing on my Tablet

  • Remus 10

    I just spoke with Samsung Canada and they told me that my SII from Rogers is ready to go through Kies.

    • remus10

      My SII LTE

    • PJ

      I just checked right now, and I didnt get it yet through kies. It still says current version.

  • Shi Jin

    As of June 19,2012, my Rogers S2 LTE (SGH-I727R) is still at the latest firmware which is the old android 2.3

  • aznboy

    Just updated my s2 lte and im very disappointed. Its pretty much stripped right down from what we’ve seen and expected on the nexus.

  • PJ

    The ICS update for the Rogers Galaxy S2 is out now. It was released a few days ago because I updated my phone, so make sure to update your phones through Kies.

  • fishhunter16

    Still waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Note to get it through rogers…So much for the second quarter promise.

    • I have ICS on my Galaxy Note and am with rogers too. I got this about 2 weeks back. You can directly d/l it on your fone. Do not have go via kies

  • TrunCs

    updated to 4.0.4 yesterday through Kies on my SII LTE

  • Gazman

    got it today, went like a charm Bell has finally done it!!!!!

    • gazman

      on my Samsung NOTE