Can we expect Apple to sue HP now?

by: Simon HillSeptember 11, 2012

So Hewlett Packard just released a new line of desktop computers. The Spectre One is a 23.6-inch all-in-one with a capacitive, multitouch panel. It will, of course, be running Windows 8 and it’s packing the latest Ivy Bridge chipsets, NVIDIA graphics, up to 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0, HDMI, and an HDD or SSD. It even has NFC functionality so you can use programmable NFC tags with it. Sounds great right?

Does the new Spectre One remind you of anything? Take a look at the brushed aluminum, the keyboard, the trackpad, the form factor. It does look a wee bit like an iMac doesn’t it? Did HP see the news about the Samsung vs Apple trial? You have to wonder.

The Next Web was quick to pick up on the striking similarity which few other tech sites seem to be commenting on. Of course software-wise the Spectre One will bear no relation and you could argue this form factor is just a natural choice for any company trying to pick up customers in an ailing industry, but that distant rumbling you can hear is Apple’s lawyers reviewing the similarities in “trade dress” and getting ready to sue HP.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple sued HP. They sued over the New Wave interface copying the Mac way back in 1988. That one didn’t turn out so well for Apple.

The spectre of an Apple lawsuit was also raised when HP released a new Ultrabook earlier this year and people pointed out that it looked like the MacBook Air. Check out this interview at Engadget.

So will Apple sue? You would think not, but then again it wouldn’t be a major shock if they did.

  • Maybe that’s why they called it the Spectre… as it certainly has the spectre of litigation hanging over it!

    Sad really that so many companies feel the need to copy Apple’s designs, when there are plenty of ways to bring such a package together.

    Personally, I think the iMac design is pretty dull and if HP had made an effort, they could certainly have come up with something else that’s uniquely their own.

    Companies such as HP need to find their own “design language” that permeates all their products; as things stand, they just crank out new design updates without any obvious direction. In that sense, HP’s direction is clearly a reflection of it’s ever-changing management and purpose; Apple, at least, although I am no fan of their stuff, have a clear vision and direction for their products and designs.

  • kayosinc

    Yup they are gonna get “APPLE-D” .

  • Yeah, sure. If they do, it will only prove that Apple is just out for world domination. There will always be any kind of simularity between computers (as probably with tablets too), so these companies should just sue the hell out of eachother. There will only be one loser; us, the consumer. Sure, due to the formfactor of the HP, it has some simularities, but there is a dutch proverb, which applies here, they are looking for nails at low-tide (translated loosely: they are picking nits..)
    As the generally considered, healthy competition between companies is being cut short by lawyers, it makes me wonder.. What if, due to a dwindling economy and maybe a reduction in profits for law-firms, the lawyer community has been whispering into Apple’s ears that they can make a lot of money, just by litigation.. Would this be one way to get their own economy up and running again?
    Why don’t we make them all choose their strongest employee and have them fight eachother to the death? The last one standing is the winner.. Maybe this way we will get some new products and will all this [email protected] be resolved..

    • macduck

      it’s not just simularity

  • I think it’s a concept that has escaped by many, that it’s ok to see a design that you did not think your self, and find a way to improve upon it and change it and make it better. That’s all that apple has done, they really haven’t invented anything, but invent there own product line. That’s what we do with everything else in the world, we invent something and someone else makes it better, and there is no sue wars., But it does make apple arrogant to go after anyone who makes some one similar to anything remotely looks like their product. They patient a shape that was invented way before apple computers was even a thought, for crying out loud, their logo is an apple, way to make up an original logo.

  • hoggleboggle

    It is unlikely. Apple only bothers to sue if it a sales sucess and a risk to their sales.

  • PKM

    Yep, it reminds me of a screen with a keyboard in front of it, but apple owns patents for everything these days

  • fjgjgj


    WTF, this is such a trashy news website