Camangi WebStation to run Android 1.5

November 26, 2009



Camangi has announced that they will release an Android product called the WebStation. Personally, I had never heard of Camangi before reading the news today, so perhaps a brief overview is in order, for my benefit if nothing else. Founded, in 2002, they are based primarily in Taiwan, but have offices in Japan and USA too. Their products and solutions focus primarily on “Internet Communication which includes Web Talk related Technology Development, Value Added Application Platform for Websites, VOIP Software Technology Development & Sales, VOIP Hardware Technology Development & Sales.” I’ll be honest, still pretty unclear. So lets jump straight to the device in question.

The WebStation will offer Android 1.5 running on a Marvell 624MHz PXA303 processor. WiFi will be included but if you would like mobile-broadband, then you’ll have to resort to a USB dongle. For good measures Camangi have thrown in a couple of cameras, but nothing to shout home about. Perhaps in a fit of optimism, they have also announced Camangi Market Beta, specialised for Android5 to 9’’ MID devices. We’ll let you know how this one unfolds.


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