Video: buying the OnePlus One (invite giveaway soon!)

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 4, 2014

The launch of the OnePlus One was far from perfect, but no amount of PR blunders and delays can change the fact that the OnePlus One is an amazing phone. If it weren’t for that pesky invite requirement…

But what happens when you do get an invitation? Josh wanted to give you a quick walk through the process of claiming an invite and ordering the phone, as well as some thoughts on what’s coming next for OnePlus and our coverage of the device.

And yes, we’ll soon be able to give a few OnePlus One invitations away, so stay tuned next week on Android Authority.

  • Corey Watford

    I’m sorry but this is so untrue that, “no amount of PR blunders and delays can change the fact that the OnePlus One is an amazing phone.”

    • Ryu

      The phone is awesome. The company has shown itself to be really stupid and all around a horrible company (for now).

    • The Bat

      but if this is any indication of how their mickey mouse business operates i wouldn’t buy the phone because if you had issues i would imagine it would be a nightmare to get support or return the damn thing

  • i28

    Invite system is garbage. Waste of time. More than happy to spend more money on the G3.

    • KapteinStein

      Agreed! Wanted the Onepluss, but It’ll be outdated before I can ever get my hands on one.. Pass! G3 on the way!

      • daphnewbowden

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  • valapsp

    change your hairstyle to its original form.

    • marytrasnick

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  • Alothan

    (leaving invitation system aside) never forget if u are thinking to buy a one+ smartphone, what kind of support/warranty brings this company? I’m thinking of buying a similar product manufactured in my country with less problems, because in my opinion this system of invites is “clasist” or “racist” (i donw know exactly in english the translation is), or all the people can get ir or no one, only a few with an invite? please what kind of marketing is this? make a bunch of devices and then, only then, try to open the market.
    if u think how many people is buying other solutions… thats money lost for a useless marketing system as i said.
    And u can look the “expectation” its worldwide….

    my sincere opinion.

    • Dt Bell

      You need an invite for a warranty, of course..

    • fernelly

      its a start up company they don’t have the money Samsung does to mass produce… unbelievable how ignorant people are

  • Johannes Neu-Tse

    Luckily i already got mine :)

  • William Tong

    the flip cases are able to order by the way, just don’t click on the photos to choose the color, but instead click on the boxes in the option to choose the color. I was able to add all three colors to cart (blue black and white)

  • Roberto Virga

    Less amazing with each passing day.

  • Johnny Knocc Out Jackson

    I could not get enough of the reviews that was going on for this phone,did every thing that was asked to get an invite, still no invite go wait a bit longer,then gonna try and find some else

  • WantNewNexus

    When you RECEIVE invite, then its easy

  • Omar

    Here in Pakistan, you can get it for PKR.42000 ($425).

  • Marty

    Do NOT choose Express if you are mid-US to eastcoast US! It’s the slowest delivery option from UPS .. Standard is 2 day priority from USPS and is faster unless you are on the west coast (phones are shipped from California). Express will take the full 7 days to be delivered if you are on the east coast of the US. Complete waste of the extra $5. Standard will deliver to east coast w/in 3 days.

  • Itamar Baum

    Can’t wait

  • Andrew

    Can’t wait to get an invite. Really want this phone

  • Sam Johnson

    I need one please!!!

  • Vipin Meshram

    count me in

  • Waiting for an invite :D

  • janlancer

    How about a phone giveaway instead?

  • The Bat

    wouldn’t buy one on principal , why should i have to get an “invite” to part with my money screw em.More likely they are doing this because they have severe supply chain issues and cant produce enough of them to meet demand.

    • fernelly

      duh is not Samsung that can mass produce devices, take your principles and money to Samsung or apple or htc

      • KapteinStein

        Done! G3 on the way…

  • Dt Bell

    It’s only “pesky” if you get an invite.
    Ask “other” people what they think of it.

  • emlin

    Many of those ‘lucky’ enough to have received the phone are reporting an ugly yellow discolouration at the bottom of the screen. Check out the OnePlus forums for many examples.

  • noneplusnoneequalsgone

    disappointment part 2…

  • GIancarlos

    Im exciting that Led Lampen launch OnePlus in their shop. :’)

  • Sebastian


  • Alain Lafond

    Wow! We’ll have a chance to win a chance to buy a phone… Thanks OnePlus!
    Seem that I’ll buy the Note 4 before this phone gets on sale…
    Why don’t you sell I-OnePlus…. On the Apple side there’s plenty of bobo ready to jump in line to wait for promises…

  • Никита Саранов
  • VDesignPhoto

    Please send me a invite :) i’ll love you for that

  • manzil

    i need an invite

  • Alijonov Asadbek