Burn! Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 4S in the US after trial verdict

by: AdrianAugust 30, 2012

The US patent war between Apple and Samsung, ruled in the Cupertino-based company’s favor almost a week back, seemed to really hurt our good ol’ Sammy. Apple was awarded over $1 billion in damages, Samsung saw another $12 billion wiped out of its market value, and on top of it all there was serious talk of several Android smartphones being banned from sale very soon.

But what if the California jury’s verdict wasn’t all bad for Samsung and was even a blessing in disguise for the Koreans in certain aspects? We know that Sammy doesn’t have to cough up the damage money right now and they might well reduce that $1 billion sum or even get the verdict overturned at appeal. Meanwhile, the bans might never be instated and, even if they will, they’ll apply to older smartphones that aren’t exactly best-sellers anymore.

And now, in a very ironical twist of events, it is reported that Samsung sales in the US (particularly sales of the S3) have been boosted in the wake of the trial’s verdict, while Apple sales have plummeted. According to Trip Chowdhry, managing director at Global Equities Research, customers across the States “rushed” to buy Sammy’s flagship device in this past week.

Chowdhry’s research firm investigated several retail store chains to get an idea of how the verdict influenced Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S sales, and the results are quite surprising. Costco, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are all reporting boosting sales of the “best Android smartphone ever made”, while Apple’s handheld performed rather mediocre.

GER’s managing director couldn’t exactly conduct a wide survey in US retail stores, due to the limited time at his disposal, so his report’s conclusions should be taken with a small pinch of salt and are in no way representative for a nationwide trend.

Still, it’s pretty funny to hear how five out of five Sprint stores and three out of three Verizon locations reported that, since the verdict, the S3 easily outsold the iPhone 4S. In another scenario, two out of three Costco shops had sold both the T-Mobile and AT&T S3s, while the third only had T-Mo’s version still in stock.  Finally, all five AT&T stores visited by Chowdhry informed him that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 had been “significant” recently.

It’s pretty obvious that this sudden boost in popularity for the S3 didn’t entirely come at the expense of Apple iPhone sales, but rather because of people’s misconception that Sammy’s super-phone might get banned from sale soon. Then again, I don’t think that Samsung cares why people buy the company’s gadgets, as long as they do and as long as the Android king can still battle it out with Apple and score at least some occasional wins.

This particular win might be even sweeter, considering that iPhone 5’s release is just around the corner and these are usually the times when Android sales are the ones that plunge or at the best, stay the same. Not to mention that the Galaxy Note 2’s unveiling should have also crippled S3’s sales. How do you like them apples, Apple?



  • Stuart colins

    It’s Samsung ‘s time now and no matter what apple does it will not change anything.

  • Rothermere

    I would be suprised if the brand new S3 wasn’t selling the year old 4S at this point in the product cycle. Particularly with all the iPhone5 hype ramping up. I think this is a bit of a tenuous attempt to correlate two discreet issues.

    A better headline might have been ‘S3 outsells iPhone 4S: superior phone boasts superior sales despite perverse US patent system’

  • AndroidBrian

    If you purchased a GS3 because you “thought” they wouldn’t be available ne more ur kinda dumb.

    If somebody wondered if they were going to be discontinued, they would Google it, not make some crazy impulse purchase.

    I think the reason why GS3 sold more phones than iPhones lately because the GS3 is awesome, the best and newest phone available & iPhone 4s is a year old (pretty much 2)

    • Stian French

      You’re right. If you thought that the GS3 was going to be banned and you bought one on impulse without Googling it, then you are kinda dumb. But I work at a cell phone store and there are a GREAT many people that buy phones on impulse without doing any other sort of research except by what I tell them. So yes, I read this article and think, yeah, that’s exactly what people would do; just buy the phone on misinformation and are too lazy or don’t know how to use Google properly. Don’t get me wrong, the GS3 is 10X better than any Apple product, it’s just that people often don’t bother researching. It’s only us techies that really research. Or old people that are careful to buy something and know how to use the internet.

  • aholsteinson

    With the iPhone 5 being unveiled in less than two weeks, it is only natural that people are holding out on buying iPhones. We’ll have to wait and see how the iPhone 5 does after release in Q4 in comparison to flagship Android devices.

  • Tom

    You idiots! Don’t you know anything about supply and demand? If there is a fear that an awesome phone is harder to get, of course people will want it more. They already know the S3 is a good phone, but a hard to get phone? Well that will definitely bring interests!

    • You’re right. Ever notice how every time a new iPhone comes out, the media & bloggers start reporting, the day before it goes on sale that “There may be a shortage of iPhones.” Which in turn, causes people to panic & run out & get one. Which increases their sales numbers. Of course.

  • DarkRain

    What’s happening is 1. #boycottapple is well and truly in action and 2. given the verdict that Samsung mobiles are same as iPhone but heaps cheaper, people are buying Samsung mobiles instead!

  • I love this!.. Well done everyone!

  • grumpycoder

    I think the conclusion is inaccurate. IPhone sales dropped because no one is buying a phone to be obsolete in a couple months. I wish this was true though.

    • I agree that iPhone sales dropped because it’s an old phone… BUT the fact that Galaxy S3 sales increased with the iPhone 5 launch just around the corner could mean something, couldn’t it?

  • Dany

    Something interesting is that with many Androids out there people finally can compare the great S3 against the boring IOS of crApple. What i mean is that many people is waiting the iphone 5 to compare it, not to buy it as first option as always.

  • jaysann22

    The People have spoken…

  • So the brand new S3 outsold the year old 4S? Are you pretending to be this retarded, or is this for real? Let’s compare TOTAL sales numbers…awwwww, Samsung looks like a steaming pile of shit now.

  • john peterbeverley

    I was looking for a Samsung galaxy S3 in Toronto a month ago. Three main carriers did not have any. I was told “Sold out” and if I wanted to be on the waiting list. Said “No`. Went to a fourth carrier, I was told they had only two left but it is 32GB. I had no choice and bought one of them. Had to say it is the best phone I ever had in my hand. My friend saw my phone and he bought the other one.

    Two minor issues which I hope they will resolve with the 4.1 jelly bean, is the loudspeaker sound, a bit low for me, and the battery which seems to drain a bit faster than I expected.

  • djf

    Heinz should go after Hunts for using the tomato!!!!! Samsung ALL THE WAY!!!!! APPLE BLOWS

  • capotini

    Samsung and Google are perfect in my point of view, because they do what they know best, that is, steal intelectual property. Regarding apple, microsoft, nokia, blackberry..etc I wouldnt really be too affraid, because they are Samsung and Google are canibals, in the end they will eat each other! And I bet Samsung eat Google first starting with there new venture in a new opensource OS coming soon to American dummies! lol