The Note 4’s official unveiling is just a hair more than two weeks away now and that means that we’re likely going to see the level of leaks and rumors related to the handset intensify between now and its announcement. Of course, we already seem to know a great deal about the device’s specs and even it’s possible Alpha-like metal frame, at least if the rumor mills got it right.

While the Galaxy S line has always done wonderfully among everyday consumers, the Note series is arguably the preferred Samsung line for the hardcore techie types (though that’s not true in all cases). This is in large part because of its big screen and stylus, and another because it tends to get all the end-of-the-year tech goodies that earlier flagships miss out on.

The Note 4 looks to be no exception, packing a Snapdragon 805 and a QHD display. But what if you had the power to choose what went into the Note 4 and what was left out? Just as we did when imagining the perfect Nexus, let’s take a step into the world of fantasy for a moment and consider what the “ultimate” Note experience would look like, if you had the power to design it.

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galaxy note 4 leak

Now that you’ve designed your ideal Note smartphone, let us know what kind of changes you’d like to see from the Note series: less focus on sensors like heart rate and fingerprint readers? A brand new design? For more details on what we expect from the Note 4, be sure to see our updated rumor roundup!

Andrew Grush
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  • xtriker360

    A 128GB version could be very nice to have, or at least a 64GB one.

    • Anonymousfella

      For a series aimed at power users,they should start with 64GB !

    • pops87

      Yeah but that would drive up the cost of the phone something ridiculous. I think a 64gb standard option is great. You could always put a 128gb card in for more space.

      • MasterMuffin

        It really doesn’t cost them that much more to make a 128GB version. They will ask $300 more for it though

        • Jayfeather787

          How about 128 GB of RAM? Huh? :)

          • MasterMuffin

            It doesn’t make sense without 64-bit. Once we have 64-bit, it’ll totally make sense!

  • JRE

    I am surprised by the rumor of only 3gigs of RAM. While I believe this to be sufficient memory, Samsung usually crams an extra gig in the Note for the spec lovers. That said, I am tired of the same old battery tech. It is way past time to improve the battery technology and not just the size of the battery. Maybe Samsung could be a leader in innovation again if they spent time on this instead of the gimmicky software.

  • Andrew Camilleri

    Man if they waited for the 810 it would have been I’m torn between holding out for next year or getting the note 4..
    The 64 bit processor with >3GB ram would be the best way to handle the new QHD phones..

  • Mat_306

    Note 4 with stereo speakers that beat htc m8, Big capacity Battery(that could last 2 days of heavy usage)/slim design, Upgrade the camera pixel to 21mp, waterproof. :D

    • Anonymousfella

      Throw in a toaster and you have the best phone in the market…

    • Lilith_Black

      You can build one yourself from scratch with all that demands.

    • JDMillest

      want a battery to last 2 days, and also a slim design? at least try to be more realistic

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the option to choose Nvidia’s new 64 bit Tegra K1, storage space or battery capacity, as well as the camera?? This looks like a really rushed post IMO.

    • Andrew Grush

      As far as storage, camera and battery — I kind of lumped them into the ‘area of focus’ section. I just wanted to keep the number of polls to a minimum so people didn’t feel overwhelmed like they were taking some kind of complicated survey, lol. That said, yes, I should have mentioned Tegra K1 and I apologize for leaving it out. Thanks for your input! :)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the answer, that cleared some things out :)

  • Silviu

    The only thing I’m expecting is different materials for design, better battery and the hardware buttons – gone(this never gonna happen :( )

  • Bex Foster

    A camera to rival the Xperia Z range. Dustproof/waterproofness. Although that would be slightly more difficult with the S-Pen. I’m not bothered about removable battery but, I do need a microSD card slot.

  • Anonymousfella

    Carbon fibre leading the way in the design segment. Hope Samsung sees this…

  • Eric Vandemark

    Would love to see less touchwiz elements. While the UI has gone through changes in the last year, I just hate the cartoony look, and the color scheme is so ugly. Looks like what you would see in military colors. Just make it look more stock and less bloated so performance won’t be sacrificed. :)

  • Lilith_Black

    Debloated Touchwiz(Refer G3 UI), better plastic build (Refer google, LG and matte blue HTC E8 plastic texture), Snapdragon 805 or better, 3GB RAM. QHD should be avoided if it causes performance issues (overheating and stutter that i.e. G3 experienced some overheating and crash on more intensive tasks occasionally due to screen)
    Full 1080p will do for 2 more yrs at least

    • The LG g3 sks

      The g3 is laggy as sht and the screen sks bad! Please! I don’t want anything from the g3. I’m sure Samsung will do better than that mediocre phone! I’d take a note any day before taking that crappie phone!

      • Lilith_Black

        Don’t troll me: =.=
        There is a lot of positive changes seen in LG (which is also a Korean manufacturer that more or less have a similar UI)
        Both manufacturers came out with great phones (though I personally dislike the G2 and Flex)

        Btw, most flagships are equally “mediocre” if you put it that way (including Samsung S5)


  • Blowntoaster

    how about:
    Alpha design with IP67 rating
    5.7″ QHD screen, same setup as S5 LTE-A but at 5.7 – 6.0 inches, but the body should be about the same size as the Note 3.
    Snapdragon 810/Exynos 5433 depending on Market. 4g/LTE for both.
    32gb storage minimum. micro sd expandability to 128gb
    bigger battery (~3600mAh)/optimizations to improve battery life.
    new S Pen Features. Add more slices to the S Pen popup. give user ability to customise look and feel of s pen popup.
    redesigned touchwiz, better redesigned than what is on the S5.
    Always on/listening voice commands/features (Google Now, not S Voice)
    16mpx camera with optical Stabilization, Virtual Tour feature.

    New Gallery App!!!!
    New Messaging App!!!
    New Dialer App!!!

    Redesign all of them!!!

    Some new System Live Wallpapers!!!!

    oh, better speakers, stereo if possible….


  • Ash

    A note without touchwiz :)

    • Hey

      Haha dumb dude…. Go to bed you’re drunk. Don’t want TouchWiz don’t buy it!

      • Android Developer

        A Note without TW is also a Note without S-Pen…

  • Vilasanchez

    I’d really like an almost alpha like, but with leather like back pannel. It would make the Note4 feel a LOT more premium.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Agree. Only not aluminium.

  • Dominick_7

    Screen – 5.9-6.3 inch QHD screen with super slim bezels

    SPen- Increased preformance for the sPen and digitizer where it will no longer get pixelated when zooming into a drawing or with exposing/ sharp super thin lines (also doesn’t go crazy near the edges of the screen). Customizable sPen pie slices + slices.

    Architecture – Whatever highest end 64bit archetype CPU/GPU that will make for blazing fast smooth performance with zero lag (even with tons of apps and photos loaded on the device) be it the Snapdragon 805, 801 or what not.

    TouchWiz UI- Do some work to optimize Touchwiz for the specs so it doesn’t lag.

    RAM- 4GB of ram

    Storage- Minimum of 32GB-64GB internal storage with Micro SD expansion up to 128GB.

    Battery – At least 3600 mAh. They can already make a life long lasting battery, so some way to get the battery to last a minimum of 3-5 days on a single charge of 1-2 hours would be great.

    Sounds – Stereo front facing speakers with some warmth and bass

    Camera – High quality 16mpx auto focus IOS camera with focus options, nice higher mp front facing camera

    Waterproof (though I’m not sure how it can be done with an sPen) include NSA proof and resigned messaging, contacts, gallery and dialer.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      “Sounds – Stereo front facing speakers with some warmth and bass”
      No bass possible on the front speakers of smartphones. Acoustic law. That’s why front speakers are BS and bulk.

      • Dominick_7

        I had a warmth and boomy quality to my Note 2 speakers before they lessened the volume in the update.

  • MSmith79

    Snapdragon 805, 3G ram, 3500mah battery, 5.7″ screen with QHD (only if battery life/performance not affected, else 1080p), less bloated touch wiz, removal of physical home button, and high quality physical build (don’t care of the materials, as long as it feels premium and solid).

  • Kristian

    The perfect phone doesn’t exist, but I’d wait for a newer CPU. 1440p on SD 805 is the same as 1080p on SD 801. And 1440p isn’t that much better than 1080p anyway. So I think it’d be best to wait for SD 810. Also Samsung needs to work a little more on the design. Make a little more LG G3 design. Completely new touchwiz, I think it needs to be started from the beginning, changing only this and that won’t cut it. And from all the recoding, it’s probably going to get even worse performance. Also, if they can add IOS in the camera, that’d be pretty great. But the design is their worst point I think. Both software AND hardware design. If Samsung wants to impress massively with a device, it has to hold it back a few months to make everything perfect. Given their budget, they can easily make the best phone on the market.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Note 3 is damn beautiful device.

  • Richard Riker

    lests see..Snapdragon 810mfor best graphics, at least 4GB RAM (to give 64 bit a sense), only useful (or at least w/o root uninstallable) Samsung-Apps, Carbon fibre back, completely redesigned (not like the last 2000 Samsung devices), NO KNOX WARANTY COUNTER! Thenrest of current Notes is quite good.

  • pops87

    A 64gb option available outside Asia would be nice.

  • Jivon Rodriguez

    A g flex with 1080p and ois

  • pseudo

    I just want a foldable phone, 4 inch phone 8 inch tablet, Note specs and stylus. Woohoo.

  • kaushik ray

    Its simple. The perfect Note is Note 2.. Problem solved.. :)

    • The-Sailor-Man

      What about Note 3??? Even looking much better.

      • kaushik ray

        It is not worth upgrading and paying this much high price. Note II was the best upgrade.

  • xasdf

    intel i7 2.7ghz, 8gb ram, gtx880m…

    • Jayfeather787

      Nah, we need over 8 GHz

  • Pedro Nieto

    While I love the nice specs and business look faux leather, I would love to see more S-Pen and more multi-tasking features. My Note is used highly as the best work phone I have used. I would like Samsung to incorporate more business like features as they have been doing. The LG G3 has a nice new multi-tasking feature.

  • DavidR

    I love my Note 3 – by far the best communication. / media
    device out.

    What I don’t understand is why Samsung don’t have two Note
    devices (the Neo doesn’t count lol) with different screen sizes say the 5.7
    inch and a new 5 inch device.

    Everyone I show my Note 3 to love the stylus and s pen
    features but just don’t want a device that big. The stylus is one of the only
    things that Apple can’t or won’t copy (plus Samsung have a share of Wacom).

    Samsung should fight Apple on their key differentiators not
    make their devices similar. They should make a 5 inch Note model with the
    physical characteristics of the Alpha. This would challenge the iPhone.

  • Jesus

    Front facing stereo speakers. IP water resistance certification

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Sorry that I have to post this again, but ignorant ppl never end:
      Speakers on smartphones are very small. Small speakers when are pointing front , work ONLY LIKE A TWEETERS. And NOTHING ELSE. And put more bulk.
      No bass there. To take some mid or bass , you need to put them in the box and even turn them back pointing inside the box.
      Well the point to have them on the back or on the side of the smartphones is TO MAKE ACOUSTIC BOX with your hands holding the phone.
      You can easily try this. Put some music on your HTC and listen it. Then turn your HTC back with the back facing your face. Holding the HTC like that you cover the speakers with your palms. Making “acoustic box”. You will here more bass and more quality music sound. (you can make same test with back-speakers phone, too)
      New flat TV use the walls behind them or furniture that stand on to make same “acoustic box” . NO FRONT SPEAKERS THERE. Right?

      • Lilith_Black

        Soundbar I’ve got is still better than my TV’s speakers and it is FRONT facing: you don’t use computer speakers facing the wall do you?
        Going back, compare the sound quality between the various phones: HTC boomsound is way better.
        Test out watching a clip/gaming holding your phone in landscape: you basically have LOUDER, LESS MUFFLED sound with front facing speakers

        The reason it is in the back is to reduce bezel sizes in front! (Not enough space in front to put it there!)

  • Jayfeather787

    KILL TOUCHWIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The-Sailor-Man

      So you dream Samsung to make suicide? Let me guess who are you. LOL

    • Android Developer

      So no S-Pen too?

  • AF1R .

    No Touchwiz. Done. All the best specs in the world is killed due to Touchwiz. Samsung needs to just get rid of it.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      No TouchWiz = No sale
      (check Google Play Edition)

      • Android Developer

        True, plus there won’t be an S-pen as the current framework (sadly) doesn’t have a lot to offer to support its features.

    • no Touchwiz? There are a lot in the market for you. Go for it babe.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Now , let Android Authority explain how can take out the votes of the iGuys here, from the poll results?

    Only brainwashed iGuys , pathetically fighting Samsung , could vote for WHOLE METAL Note. LOL( they wouldn’t buy it even if it is)
    They have spoiled the other votes, too. What AA want to do with such useless polls? I know.

  • CryOfHypocrisy

    Front firing speakers with a carbon fiber material. With Snapdragon 805 and 3gb ram and i’m sold…

  • thunder


  • rocky1

    Specs that I wish
    1080 super amoled plus display
    Size between 5.3 and 5.5
    3700 mah battery
    Software keys or pie controls
    Stereo front facing speakers
    64 gb internal storage
    Same camera as the s5 with ois
    Nvidia tegra k1 ( the 64 bit version) 4gb of ram
    Slim bezels (similar to the g2 or g3)
    Stock android ui with useful touchwiz features like the multiwindow and camera modes
    No fingerprint scanner or heartrate monitor cut the gimmicks
    Carbon fiber unibody or at least galaxy alpha like structure
    A more compact body than the note 3
    Ip68 certified
    Sapphire glass

  • Android Developer

    I want a full blown Galaxy Note on a smaller device. Something like the Galaxy S3/S4 sizes.
    Minimize the bezels and remove the hardware keys. This will help to get more screen size if needed.