Building the perfect Nexus: what would yours be like?

by: Andrew GrushJuly 29, 2014

Google Nexus 5 black aa 1

Earlier today we reported on a second claim that Motorola really is preparing a new Nexus phone that will feature a massive 5.9-inch display. In the article I mentioned that this Nexus 6 doesn’t necessarily mean the death of the Nexus 5, as Google could potentially decide to sell the handset alongside the Nexus 6.

There were several interesting responses in the comments section, with some folks liking the idea of a refreshed Nexus 5 with slightly better specs (better cam, battery, processor, etc). Others were sold on the idea of a 5.9-inch Nexus phablet.

The reality is that we all have different want and desires, and so the ‘perfect’ Nexus probably depends on what exactly you consider most important in a handset. Let’s step into the world of fantasy for a moment and imagine that you have the power to design the very next Nexus smartphone. What features or specs would you focus on? Build quality, battery life? What screen size would you choose?

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Now that you’ve “built” your ideal Nexus, there’s still questions remaining like what software changes would you like to see for it? What kind of new sensors or user-oriented hardware changes, and what exact specs? Does it have a stylus or maybe a fingerprint reader? Join us in the comments below and tell us what your perfect Nexus smartphone would be like. Be sure to upvote your favorite fantasy Nexus ideas.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Personally if they did the exact same thing as a nexus 5 but had a micro sd slot, a bigger battery, and a super amoled for active notifications; I’d be a happy camper. and possibly even just for aesthetics color match the screen bezel to the color you get

    • Zarura Zimbabgwe

      Plus 625, SD card.

    • Jesus

      For me:
      Add IP67 certification
      Add battery life comparable to a LG G2
      …and then I will bless then phone.

    • arcwindz

      Sd card ftw, and i’m surprised many people wants moto nexus. It’s hard to get moto outside us

      • Andreas

        Motorola always had a very good build quality and thanks to the moto X and (mostly) the moto G, they’re pretty popular everywhere. There biggest downside always was that they used TI processors (a downside that is fixed now)

        • arcwindz

          Popular yes, easy to get? no, My country just got its moto G… and that’s still pre-order

        • Michael Samsara

          Unfortunately, Motorola is now a a mainland Chinese company and part and parcel of and beholding to all the attendant political machinations of its government which takes such gleeful delight in inflicting human rights violations – think Tiananmen – and then pretends such things never happened – not to even mention all the rest of its commensurate dirty laundryits despicable, totalitarian government – no matter how hard they lie and try – can’t hide.

    • ineptone

      I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Though the microSD slot isn’t required and I’d be interested in a slightly larger 5.3″ screen.

    • thomas sim

      For me, sd card want necessary ( being using nexuses for too long and practically forgot sd card already ).
      Bigger battery is a must on next nexus upgrade.

    • Martin

      I was going to say the same thing, but add a better camera.

    • Xavier_NYC

      SD will never happen.. Google has made that clear.

    • Myamo

      My Nexus 5 is close to perfect as far as I’m concerned. I would have liked better buttons though, and better speakers – stereo speakers. Apart from that I’m fine.

  • Sanket Panda

    I mean what it really boils down to is a OnePlus One with QHD and a bigger battery. Oh, and it can actually be bought.

    • me

      I don’t feel the disappointment of the inability to buy a OPO, I bought mine a while ago….

  • Sam

    5.1 inch 2K display (minimal bezels), Nvidia K1, 3Gb ram, microsd, Removable battery, sony 20.7 megapixel cam, and a metal build. It will never happen but thats what would make me happy.

    • Bilal Mahmood

      Mine is quite similar except I want a 4k samoled screen instead

  • Jayfeather787

    AMD HTC Nexus FTW!!!

    • howardbamber

      FTW grow up

      • Jayfeather787


  • Amoo

    Give me a Nexus with LG3 specs in 5″ or 5.2″ and I will be happy.

  • zmr333

    I honestly don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect phone, or even close to it. After a while you’ll just hate it, anyway. People used to drool over, say, the HTC Rezound, but now people view the 1.5GHz and 720p screen as a thing of the past.

  • jae

    I’d like to see a better camera, something like 40 mp. A SD card slot, IR, better battery. Sd card slot and better camera would sell.

  • Enrico Conca

    Nexus 5 is not that bad, so I would wait the availability of 64 bits ARMv8 SoC, and then FOCUS ON THE BATTERY: that’s a thing that Google never quite got right in the Nexus smartphones.

  • joser116

    iPhone fingerprint sensor 2.0
    Improved iPhone 5s camera but this time it has isocell with much larger sensor, wider angle, dual tone flash, sapphire crystal cover, 16 MP, and laser autofocus. Using dual image signal processors. The camera unit is now centered and is better looking (the current camera unit on the Nexus 5 is like an ugly scar on an otherwise beautiful body) It also no longer protrudes from the back of the phone. Dedicated 2-step camera button.
    64-bit processor w/ dedicated voice recognition core for always on listening
    Seamless Unibody construction
    Keep the design of the Nexus 5 but refine it with zero gaps. Also, the top and bottom front bezels should be the same height for a truly balanced design.
    Fastest flash storage 32 GB minimum
    iPhone 5s-like charger
    Improved battery life, matching GS5 capacity
    The excellent display of the Galaxy S5 but 5 inches, reduced glare, and sapphire crystal glass. What the heck, give us an option for a 4 inch display. The experience will be awesome. I remember using a 3.5 inch phone and it was awesome. Heck, the 4inch version could be 720p. It’ll get smoother animations ;)
    Precision calibrated compass, accelerometer, temperature sensor, barometer, gyroscope (tested to maintain their accuracy through countless drops)
    Dual stereo microphones for awesome 3D audio recording
    Heart rate monitor
    Dual Boomsound speakers but well-balanced, not bass heavy.
    The best GPS, well calibrated and tested. Designed to keep its accuracy even through many drops.
    Wide angle 5mp front-facing camera with huge lens for improved facial recognition, including in dark places
    The vibration motor is well soldered and produces tight vibrations.
    Bluetooth 4.1
    The latest mobile network chip from Qualcomm. Truly global and employing the latest battery optimization breakthroughs that I have been reading about from them
    The latest WiFi technology from Qualcomm.
    Android L but with added flashlight toggle, stock camera app can automatically detect and scan QR/bar codes so I no longer have to download separate apps for both those functions.
    Of course NFC and wireless charging
    Including the GS5 display allows for active notifications

    • JD

      And, of course, a measly $899 price tag.

      • joser116

        I wouldn’t mind. The question was, what would your perfect Nexus be like. Honestly, I think this can be done at a lower price than that.

  • Hharshit Shah

    I think new Nexus 5 should focus more on improving 3 things
    1. Camera. The hardware is good enough but I think they should work more towards the software part to assist the great hardware that we have. I don’t think just increasing it to 10MP or 13MP or 16MP would do any good.

    2. Battery life. The battery life is decent on Nexus 5. But I guess there is always scope for improvement on this one ( on all the phones not just Nexus)

    3. Few more sensors like the active display on Moto X or gesture controls like the ones on Oppo or LG G3.

    Otherwise I think the processors or the RAM works just fine. Unnecessary getting into numbers game is just a waste of resources.

    Edit: More storage space would be great, though we have Dropbox

  • turdbogls

    if I could build a “perfect nexus”
    5.2″ 1080P AMOLED screen by Samsung
    have HTC machine the body out of a single piece of aluminum
    have LG throw in their latest and greatest camera sensor with laser auto focus (camera must have OIS)
    front speakers
    bottom headphone jack
    Qi charging
    5-8mp front camera
    multi-colored LED
    rear LED
    rear Buttons (a’la G2/3)
    3000+ mah battery.
    64 bit (not that its that important to me…but futureproof) SD810 processor
    MUST have double tap to wake feature…can’t live without it any more…lol
    and it would have to be not much larger than the G2.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Love double tap to wake. But I have a Samsung.

      • JoHnNy08PL

        change kernel with DT2W option

    • M3D1T8R

      You pretty much nailed it. But I don’t think you can have the aluminum body and Qi charging, so id take a carbon fiber or matte plastic body instead (to keep Qi). Definitely love the Samsung OLED though I’d keep it at 5″ or a hair under (could live with the S5’s 5.1″). And you didn’t mention: 64GB internal plus SD slot.

    • Kush

      It would be very expensive!

      • RJ

        And it would also be awesome

    • MasterMuffin

      Replace aluminium with carbon fiber, HTC with Sony and add an SD card slot and 110% agreed (not that there’s anything wrong with either HTC or aluminium)!

      • Petar Kočić

        Then just use plastic. It will be the same feel but more expensive

    • Shubham Singh

      i think on lg’s offering(g3) camera is from Sony, laser auto focus is theirs

    • Shark Bait

      I like this one! Would add waterproof and dual lenses camera to the list as well

  • 1966CAH

    There’s one thing I’d use every single day if my N5 had it: an IR blaster.

  • rik

    Just a OnePlus One that can be baught would be perfect.

  • b

    I realize we can’t have the best in all aspects so here are some ideas. And i would buy any of these if they ever existed in the next 6 months or so.

    $299 for Snapdragon 800, 2gb ram, 32gb storage, 5″ 1080p, 2800 mAh, plastic shell

    $399 for Sanpdragon 801, 3gb ram, 64gb storage, 5″ 1080p, 2800 mAh, plastic shell

    $499 for Sanpdragon 805, 3gb ram, 64gb storage, 5″ QHD, 3200 mAh, aluminum shell

    • Victoria

      That..! Actually makes sense..

    • M3D1T8R

      Other than the battery being .5Ah smaller, your first option is exactly the current N5.

      • b

        but the the 32gb N5 is still $350 if i remember correctly. $299 was for the 16gb N5 being slot-less is a deal breaker for many.

    • cyborg

      $299 for snapdragon 610, 2/3 GB RAM, 64 GB, <~5" 1080p, 3000 mAh battery, Kevlar shell

    • Xavier_NYC

      that $499 one just sounds perfect..

  • I want mine to have MicroSD card slot, 64GB internal storage space, fingerprint scanner, stylus, NVIDIA Tegra K1, 4GB of RAM, IP-certified, 4.7″ 1080p display, 20.7MP rear camera with OIS & Two-Tone flash (like the one on the the 5S), 5MP front camera, Active Display, gesture controls, multi-window, CyanogenMod theme engine, 3000mAh battery, camera button, made by Sony

  • Roberto Tomás

    its funny I am in one of the lowest groups for every question, except the last I am in the main result group.

    my perfect nexus:
    6″ plastic water-resistant
    YOUM/LG thin film OLED @ 1080p
    any cpu with 300gflops gpu, 3GB RAM
    VNAND storage ranging from 128GB to 512GB
    replaceable battery
    reasonable ~12mp camera, usb 3, wifi ac, etc
    $300-$400 depending on storage

    • HimTortons

      Well finally someone other than me who loves big screens.

      • Roberto Tomás

        :) Well, the funny thing is, I don’t see 6″ as big. My hand from fingertip to wrist is 8″. If they made 8″ bezelless 16:9 phones, I’d probably see that as a phablet.

  • Oliver Lienhard

    Metal body, bleeding edge specs… but no one wants to pay for it? Are you kidding me? This Poll is a jock, right?

  • wat

    6 inch 1080p 4GB RAM Snapdragon 810, 6mm thick, 16mp rear camera

  • Mike

    Basically everything that the Nexus 5 has now but full theme customization in both software and hardware much like Cyanogenmod 5.x to 6 in software and customizable parts like the back battery cover and the sim tray. I would love to have my back battery cover red and the sim tray red while keeping the black bezel and front glass black. Also include the option to use the HC Micro SD cards, I AM A MUSIC JUNKIE!!

  • JLM

    1. battery life
    2. 3gb of ram
    3. micro sd or large storage option

  • Tony Stark

    Should be something like this:

    -Battery Life should be a priority, 1.5 – 2 days preferably.
    -An important feature is that people should be able to buy it quickly and easily. (looking at you, OnePlus)
    -Minimalistic design, something done nicely with the current Nexus 5. Also try and get those bezels a bit smaller, G3 style.
    -It would be nice to have some solid specs in CPU, GPU and RAM department, but I guess it doesn’t have to be ground-breaking. Just keeping it up there with the flagships should be enough.
    -Let’s keep the screen at 1080p and don’t even think about going higher if it compromises battery life. Also shouldn’t get much bigger than 5 inches otherwise phone becomes weird and hard to hold and use.
    -A solid camera would be nice, considering it’s one of the most important features of a phone nowadays.
    -Make a cheap 64 GB version, like with the OnePlus One. If you want extra brownie points, add an SD Card slot, but not a must.

    • me

      Lol. I don’t feel your pain of inability to buy. I purchased my Oneplus One a while ago. Amazing phone. Pretty much everything people on here are asking for, minus the SD card slot and waterproofing.

  • M3D1T8R

    Give me an HTC or Sony or maybe Motorola (if they go with front speakers as is rumored) Nexus with 128GB internal storage (at least 64), or 32-64GB plus SD slot. Add a good camera for once (on par with LG G3 or Sony’s), keep the display res no larger than 1080 to help with great battery life (3+Ah), 3GB RAM, a nicely matt finish plastic or carbon fiber body, display no larger than 5″ (4.9″ would be perfect), OLED preferred, in a body style like the Moto x with great in hand contour, minimal side bezels (69mm width max), and I’ll gladly cough up $600.
    Only problem for me is I’m still stuck with Verizon where I live (with unl data), so I’ll likely never see such a device at least until VOLTE takes over.. So I continue to wait for the device closest to the above to appear on Verizon. HTC One M8 was really close but the camera disappointed and overall size is a couple mm too large. So I continue to hang strong with my rommed DNA.

  • howardbamber

    I’m happy with the nexus 5. If they added a few mm to the thickness for a far better tree and micro SD that would be it. Tec has plateaued with phones. QHD screens is plain silly.

    • M3D1T8R

      Well said. Though I’d prefer an OLED display to the LCD if I could really design my exact dream phone.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    13mp camera
    5.5 inch full HD screen
    Qualcomm processor
    3gb RAM
    Small bezels and can be plastic if it feels good and isn’t glossy.
    More sensors that are integrated with Google’s apps.
    Nice long lasting battery like LG g3 or Note

  • Anothermuse

    I’ll be alone in this, but if you go to that size, then rethink standard stylus support so that we have a useful note taking tool that can do handwriting to text well without the special stylus or software.

  • Sqube

    Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 330 (or whatever the latest and greatest is)
    3GB of RAM
    5.5″ 1080p screen
    At minimum, a 3,000 mAh battery
    8-13mpx shooter with a BIG LENS FOR LOTS OF LIGHT. I want something to make the Lumia series nervous.
    64(!) and 128(!!)GB storage options

    Front facing stereo speakers
    Hardware camera button (although I know this won’t happen)

    The build material can be plastic as long as it doesn’t feel like shit (find out what OnePlus used to make the Sandstone Black back cover if you don’t know how to do that). Carbon fiber would be a pipe dream, and metal causes heat and attenuation issues.

    There we go. My perfect Nexus 6.

  • Georgi

    A super zoom on the camera would be EPIC WIN!!!

  • Vai

    My perfect phone.

    Wide angle 5mp front facing camera

    Motorola active notifications

    Dual front firing speakers

    5″ 1080p lcd display

    Miniscule bezel

    Skyline notification led

    Hardware camera shutter key

    Power button right

    Volume rocker left.

    Headphone jack bottom

    Usb 3 charger bottom

    Wireless charging


    Bluetooth 4.0

    Constant immersion mode navigation buttons

    Shatter proof display

    Metal chassis

    Lazer auto focus

    20mp ois+ camera


    True tone flash.

    3 way noise cancelling microphone

    Nokia camera app

    Android L

    3gb ram

    Snapdragon 810

    3500mah battery

    Strong GPS and cellular performance.

    • joser116

      Can’t have Motorola active notifications with that LCD display.

      • Vai

        I knew someone was going to say that.. If I was being realistic this whole phone wouldn’t be possible would it. It’s a dream phone, I’d want an active display with LCD as I prefer LCD..

        • joser116

          And I knew you were gonna say that too!

          Actually your phone WOULD be possible, except for the 2 things you said. Those would be the only things that would be unrealistic.

          Yes, it can be your dream phone, but I can tell you that dream phone won’t have good battery, unless you put a huge battery in it. And I doubt manufacturers will put LCD and active notifications together. They would think it’s not a very smart move and would rather put a big battery for the purpose of more battery life instead of for making that feature a reality. They would instead choose amoled if they wanted active notifications.

          But in your dreams, yes, it can happen.

          • Vai

            I’ve been waiting too long for “the perfect smartphone” and “the perfect tablet” they’ll never exist.. How are they going to improve the next year. Planned obsolescence springs to mind.

          • joser116

            I can tell you that if someone comes up with a smartphone with week long battery life, that phone will sell millions.

  • ShawVicDaas

    A premium look n feel. 24 hour long battery life while keeping the dimensions compact. Android L is awesome. So I expectNexus 6 doesnt screw up the experience.

  • makapav

    3000mAh battery. A 5 MP camera that takes pictures higher quality pictures, lightning fast in speed and with ultra-low light capability. Anything elses is a blind spec-race war.

    Nexus 5 should be the max screen size (for single handed use)
    Dual speakers or at least one that is 3 times louder and does not sound tinny.

    To all the people asking for SD card slot – it’s not happening. Ever. So why do you people keep harping about it? SD card is out of the reference design for good. It’s like asking for a trackball. I’d love to have an optical TB but it’s not happening ever either.

  • Brenden Keene

    To be honest I’m really happy with my current Nexus 5. It is my dream Nexus. I mean battery could always be better and I’d like a better speaker and camera software, but those aren’t deal-breakers for me. I don’t need metal (though it’s pretty) or QHD (which is dumb).

    But if I could Frankenstein it I’d probably…
    – Use the vibrant screen from the Galaxy S5.
    – Steal those speakers off the One M8.
    – Slim those bezels like the LG G3.
    – Snag those voice controls and battery optimization from the Moto X.
    – Swipe the fingerprint scanner and camera off the iPhone 5s.
    – And somehow aim to keep the design asthetics of the Nexus 5.

  • Aar0nC

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned making the phone water resistant! and even though google is trying hard to kill the SD card in their google lineup I’d like access to use one. An IR blaster would be awesome. I’m only going to replace my N4 for an android phone with a 64 bit processor (for future proofing it) and at lease 3gb of ram!

  • rickneworleansla

    My OnePlus One is almost the perfect phone. A Oneplus One Nexus with a few minor tweaks would be perfect. A Motorola Nexus would also be great.

    I would add to my 1+..
    Water and dust proofing
    Fast charging
    Removable battery
    Removable SD card
    Larger screen with the same overall size
    IR Blaster
    FM Radio

    Software tweaks that will probably be fixed soon- Voice Wake, + Call Volume, Better night camera shots

  • MassiveScreenHate

    Micro sd card slot.
    Removable battery (that lasts!!!).
    Good camera.
    And last but most importantly…
    I currently still own a sgs2 because I don’t like having a massive slab of plastic and glass taking up my entire trouser leg.. phones are just getting bigger and bigger and looking more and more stupid when being used as actual phones.
    If they made a nexus the size of the s2 or even a fraction bigger (but not “Jesus, is that a phone or a monitor!” size) I would throw my money at them so hard they would be impaled by £50 notes all over their entire bodies.

  • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

    I would a Sony Nexus.

    Plastic would be realistic, we need to keep the price low. For unrealism, a metallic body would be great, Sony’s traditional Glass panels with aluminum frames is also great.

    5.5″ 1080p OLED screen.

    32GB with Micro SD Card (very unlikely)

    8MP camera (gotta make sacrifices for a lower price point)


    The latest bleeding edge specs. Nexus devices have good specs but the Nexus 4 and 5 have terrible thermal throttling that underperforms when compared to devices with the same chip.

    Battery life is important. This thing should be a monster that will last no matter what you throw at it like the Xperia Z2. At least a 3000mAh battery.

    • Bianca Bezuidenhout

      I doubt that Sony would use just an 8 mp sensor on their device even if it’s a Nexus but i agree with the rest :D

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Yeah, Sony does their best with cameras. I thought that a better camera would raise the overall price and that’s not what we want and the Xperia Z Ultra has a 8MP camera :)

  • Zp15

    My perfect phone:

    *5.0″ 1080p AMOLED shatterproof display by Samsung
    *Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or higher with 3GB
    *20MP camera with fast AF and dual tone led flash, fantastic low light quality, ois, made by Sony or samsung
    *5-8MP wide angle front facing camera with led flash and iPhone quality selfies
    *HTC BoomSound with less bezel
    *Carbon fiber body with aluminum or Magnesium frame and removable back. Curved back and between 7 and 9.9 mm thin. Between 130 and 170g.
    *nano sim and dual MicroSD Card slots
    *google now launcher with features like multi window, ultra power saving mode, active display, etc.
    *reversible micro USB
    *touch id built into screen
    *dual boot android L and windows phone 8.1
    *Last at least a whole 24 hours of heavy usage
    *at least 64gb internal storage
    *ip67/68 rating and shock resistance
    *s pen and features
    *knock on and knock code
    *include programmable key and camera key
    *sleek looking design
    *built in qi wireless charging
    *unintrusive logos
    *limited to no lag
    *built in kickstand on the side so it keeps sleek look
    *slim bezels and compact enough to use with one hand
    *ultrafast charging
    *limited bloat
    *customizable colors even after purchasepurchase
    *under $500.

    As for a nexus, basically all of this except toned down and use more affordable parts. Under $400.

    Edit: 4000mah or higher silicon anode batterybattery as well

  • wezi427

    My personal perfect Nexus would be the greatest specs available for longevity (64-bit processor). Water proof, best available battery which would be user replaceable, minimum of 32GB on board storage with higher storage available SD Card slot (pipe dream), screen size 5.5, front facing speakers, and best camera that they could squeeze in to it. Like I said this is my preference.

  • rdeleonp

    My dream phone, from 2 years ago ( )

    Google Nexus Omega (Ω):
    – Google’s latest Android.
    – 6 inch, 16:9, 4K (3840×2160, 734 PPI), Super PLS screen with ZeroGap and billions of colors.
    – Nano Frame (~1mm bezel, all sides) + Kevlar Body.
    – 16-core ARMv8 CPU @ 3.0 GHz with async-core.
    – PowerVR’s latest GPU.
    – 32 GB RAM.
    – 512 GB storage.
    – NO SD CARD SLOT (Use The Cloud, Luke).
    – 50 megapixel rear camera + Tri-LED Flash + 4K videos @ 120 fps.
    – 10 megapixel front camera.
    – WiFi, Worldwide 3G and 4G, NFC + All other freakin’ sensors available.
    – 9000 mAh battery.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Lol, that will cost you $12,000.

  • Typongtv

    Motorola seems to be doing a good job with battery life … If the Nexus 6 comes with an interchangeable battery that would be great.

  • Jdrew

    for me… a perfect nexus should be a…
    5 – 5.2″, 1080p flat LCD – curved POLED display
    plastic body (i’ll use a case anyway), frontal stereo speakers (HTC), slim bezels, rear buttons (as G3), bottom headphone jack, USB 3.0
    13 – 20MP camera, OIS, laser autofocus, aperture f2.0 – f2.2, sensor 1.2″ – 1/2.3″, xenon+LED – dual LED (two tones) flash
    QSnap 805 processor, 2 – 3 GB RAM, 16 – 32GB storage + expansion card slot… or “just” 64GB storage
    3000 – 3200 mAh removable battery
    … and LG UI’s features like knock on and code

  • Kevin C.

    What is everyone’s obsession with 5+ inch displays? I like having the real estate, but pulling down the notification bar is always a pain. I have a nexus 5, but 4.7″ is where it’s at!

  • globalissues

    We have so much technology and benefits, poor kids in africa have no technology .

  • Furkan Sanane

    I think removable battery is very important !

    I think a PERFECT smarrphone is the oppo find 7. you cant do smth better. when yes write your reasons.

  • Josh

    Honestly, my Nexus 5 is perfect except this:
    I don’t want a removable battery (could interfere with design), but I want a bigger one. I like the current design, and the feel of its material and shape.
    Next, I would opt for a 13MP camera by LG (laser autofocus too ^.^).
    Lastly, I would find a way to get a microSD slot in there.

  • newton

    Mine would have 5’5 inches fullhd amoled screen, 3 gigs of ram, stereo speakers, 64bit snapdragon, microsd, 64gigs internal memory, capacitive buttons that can be turned on/off, dark gray or gray-blue color and replaceable battery

  • Patrick

    Snapdragon 805 quad-core powered by Krait 400
    2.7 Ghz
    3 GB RAM
    Adreno 420
    16 GB – 32 GB (+micro SD slot)
    5.3” IPS
    3200 mAh
    Infrared;Proximity senzor;Light senzor…(typical , not fingerprint or something like this)
    13 MP rear camera
    5 MP front camera
    wireless charging
    body made of aluminium or carbon fiber
    multi colored notification LED
    IP67 or IP58 certified dust and water resistant

    This Nexus phone made by HTC or LG

  • dave

    LG G3 specs
    HTC front facing speakers
    Oneplus one software
    Nokia Lumia camera
    THL 5000 mah battery
    Samsung removable battery
    Nexus 5 design

  • GgGgG

    This Is My Perfect Nexus.
    5″ 1080p IPS Display, LG G3’s Frameless Design, Carbon fiber with Aluminium Material. LG’s Camera Laser Technology, 13Mp Rear Camera + OIS + dual tone Flash, 5/8 Mp Front camera wide Angle + AF + flash, Multi colored LED Notification like Oppo Find 7 Style, 3200 mAh Battery with Oppo VOOC fast Charging like, Powerfull CPU that can record and playback 4K, 2 GB of RAM ( 3GB is better) , 32/64 GB of storage with MicroSD slot. and cost as Cheaper as Nexus 4 (i mean hope it cheaper than Mi4)
    and that’s my Perfect Dreaming Impossible Nexus :D

  • Trueislander

    5.1″ 720p, metal body, Water resistant, IR blaster, super battery saver (S5) , active display (motoX), front-facing speakers (seriously, this isn’t standard yet?), knock-on (G2/G3)

  • Andrew T Roach

    Haha Bleeding Edge Specs and Battery Life are 1 and 2.

    Can’t have them both people. Unproven technology is usually the least efficient. Unless you are happy with devices continuing to grow of course, which gives them the extra room to hide the inefficiencies with a huge battery, and thermal headroom; like OEM’s have been doing for years now.

    And you all still want Qualcomm’s 3 year old SoC design? Krait is ANCIENT. Their next chipset will perform in line with Mediatek because they are using Stock ARM cores instead of custom designs: a knee jerk reaction to the transition to 64bit and ARMv8 instructions in the A7.

    The A15 based Nvidia K1 is already on the market. The SHIELD Tablet abuses the 805 in both CPU and GPU benchmarks already. These will be the last 32bit designs for both companies and its really no contest. x86 also is quickly shrinking, and is already 64bit and ready to use ARMv8.

  • Will S.

    Good battery & storage are the most important things for me. These are also the things that current Nexus’s lack.

  • M3D1T8R

    Forgot to mention… Sapphire display!

  • GgGgG

    maybe it should have and stress Sensor, so, when someone in trouble and have big stress, Google Now Can Showing some Of Comedic videos based on History, :D

  • TheCrusader

    My perfect Nexus:

    OEM: LG or Motorola
    Design: similar flat design like Nexus 5 (love the storm trooper look)
    Materials: I don’t mind plastic, LG and others, like OnePlus, have shown that plastic can look and feel good as well!
    Display: 4.8 – 5.0″ 1080p super AMOLED
    CPU: actually don’t care that much, most of the top notch CPUs are great.
    RAM: 2-3 GB
    Storage: at least 16gb internal but with SD card slot
    Camera: 13-16MP back, 5MP front (“front” is the display side, isn’t it?) If manufactured by LG with laser sensor!
    Battery: as big as possible!
    Additional features:
    + water proof
    + front facing stereo speakers
    + finger print scanner (could be useful for Google Wallet but not necessary)

    Well, that’s it. If that phone costs less than 450€ I’m sold :-D

  • Ixous

    What I want is a 5.2-5.5″ 1080p IPS Display, Same design as the OPO with removable back cover (and cool ones like denim, sandstone black and so on), Sony camera ( with laser focus like the LG G3 and dual flash and other cool stuff, correct front facing camera, last snapdragon :D (808 or 810 ?) with Adreno 430 and 3Go of RAM, 32Go (or higher) of internal storage with micro sd slot, maybe a 4000mAh battery (I try to take into account the technological progress). And I think I would pay up to 400$

  • Andrew T Roach

    -4.3-4.5 720P inch screen to limit resolution tax while still being sharp.

    -Under 65mm wide for easy use in all situations.

    -Next Gen Intel part at 22 or 14nm. Preferably dual core for maximum battery life.

    -A great camera at or over 8MP. No need for resolution overkill here either: just good pictures in all situations, like the iPhone. A no compromises point-and-shoot.

    Basically I want a small device with no compromises, running stock and 2 or more years of software support. Until then, people like me are forced in different directions if you get my drift.

  • Richard Riker

    A motorola (with LG’s ultra thin bezels)
    at least a carbon fibre back (like the droid Razr)
    4.7″ – 5,2″ FHD … not sure if IPS-LCD or AMOLED, because I don’t know how long I can live with this quite extreme colours
    Gorilla Glas 3
    dual front speakers or at least bottom firing
    bottom mounted headphone jack
    rear keys (I love them)
    8-13 MP OIS Camera with good flash (maybe dual..not duo-tone, dual), not more than 2 MP on front
    SD card slot or at least 64 GB internal storage
    RGB LED as notification LED
    “knock-on/knock of”
    At least a Snapdragon 805, maybe 810 or NVIDIA Tegra K1 64 bit (have to see wich would be better for me)
    3500+ mAh battery
    Google Now on screen of (Snapdragon should do this from 800 up, don’t know why nobody enables it, except of a beta/alpha mod)
    at least 3 GB RAM (I know it’s much but I’m running hundrets of XPosed Modules)
    USB 3.1 (when it’s finalised) with SlimPort
    BT 4.1
    IR Blaster

    And because the question says “Nexus” and not “Nexus Phone”, here something for a Nexus tablet:
    about 11″ or more WQXGA (2560×1600) IPS LCD
    Wacomm Digitizer and some features from Samsungs S-Pen included
    front-facing dual speakers
    docking keyboard
    Full-size USB port, HDMI and maybe DisplayPort (full-size or mini)
    10000 mAh battery
    at least 64 GB storage (maybe (Micro-)SD if Google fixes the Problem from KK)
    Multi-Window with almost every App
    Maybe some features from Qualcomms developer Tablet of the Snapdragon 805
    rest same like the Smartphone…except the rear keys
    – Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780 would be great, but they need massive cooling and to much power

  • Dehaha1

    For me, the perfect Nexus would be like this.

    Screen – 4.7″ 1080p Amoled Screen by Samsung (Whatever screen they used in the S5, just shrink that to 4.7″)
    Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
    Storage – 32/64/128 GB
    RAM – 4GB
    Battery – 2800+
    Speakers – Dual Front-Facing
    Headphone Jack – On the Bottom

    It would be made by Motorola, shape and everything off the Moto X, while being slightly larger to accommodate the speakers, would have something very similar to Active Display from the Moto X, always listening Google Now, and would also have a way to answer texts without leaving or pausing the currently open app.

    • Shaggy723

      This ^^^

      • Dehaha1

        Someone understands!!! XD This would please so many people, and I hope that eventually we can actually see phones like this! I know tons of people like having a phone big enough to also work as their tablet, but for me personally (and please remember those who are reading this that I REALLY do mean personally) I would like to be able to easily and readily be able to use my phone without the need to really stretch my fingers or needing to use hand gymnastics.

  • Jesus


    Snapdragon 802
    4.7” – 5” 1080P AMOLED screen.
    3gig ram
    dual front facing speakers, but with the bezels of a LG G3.
    Battery life more impressive than a LG G3.
    Dual Window (software)
    Glass back and front (like the Nexus fo’)
    32gigs storage minimum.

    … < $300!

    Only then will it have my blessing. Otherwise I will be happy using my Nexus fo.

  • John Sullivan

    Micro SD slot and *user replaceable* battery. I hate, hate, hate the trend towars non-replaceable batteries.

  • cyborg

    4.8 inch 1080p amoled screen
    Compact plastic or Kevlar body
    Specs’ that runs Android perfectly for users
    More storage, i.e, 32/64 GB
    Price under $300

  • Sergio Garcia

    5 to 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD screen
    Plastic or Carbon (like Motorola did a while ago)
    Don’t care much about processor or RAM, anything above Snapdragon 600/2GB RAM is enough for me.
    Camera matters, I need something I can rely from time to time, not to use instead of a real camera but can take decent pictures and videos at any environment when I need to.
    Any amount of internal storage WITH SD support. Without SD, at least 32 GB.
    Battery enough to use for 1 1/2 day of moderate work. Removable would be cool, but no necessary.
    $300 to 500$
    BONUS: Galaxy Note-like functions with a stylus. Of any kind or brand, or pencils and pens like the Sony phones.

  • TDN

    Just going to say to all those who want a removable battery and/or an sd card slot, prepare to be disappointed yet again. The Nexus will not add this feature back on. Plus the removable battery will make the device bulkier.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Battery Life -nuf said

  • Duncan_J

    For me:

    Table stakes
    o Wireless Qi charging
    o Wifi …., Bluthooth, LTE, you know phone stuff

    The good stuff
    o 5 -5.2″ 1080p AMOLED with sapphire crystal front panel(for power and night time glow reduction)(I don’t think the processors are up to QHD, but if theK1 could push it sure QHD)
    o At present Tegra K1 (this is a biggie for me I swore off Tera after my transformer prime with Tegra 3 FAIL, but the T1 reviews are good)
    o I’m ok with 2GB or RAM unless you can prove it needs more.
    o 16 and 64 GB options. I believe that people who want more then 16GB would opt for 64, chuck in a SD to keep others happy (although I don’t thing Id use it in a phone, all of my videos are on my table now)
    o A fast, quick to focus reliable camera with a hardware shuter button, it doesn’t need to be 20 MP but it must be minimum of 8mp have great auto focus and instant image capture. This is a long running fail of all Nexus phones (I’ve had them all)
    o Stereo speakers, doesn’t have to be front facing but true stereo.
    o Battery life, more please I would accept more weight and a little more bulk for more battery, life phones are very thin these days.
    I would accept with the Nexus 5 finish or the Moto x finish, both plasticy but lightweight and reliable.

    I thinks that is it for me

  • Nate Fredricksen

    Can we get some Sony love? I see their phones more as works of art; button placement is awesome, feels right in the hand…and I want ip68 certification. I don’t know why more people aren’t begging for that…I mean, these things do everything. If our phone doesn’t work, some of our lives fall apart (especially if your phone is your wallet, or your car keys). Water should not kill a phone…what year is this? Sony does that better than anyone.

    Second: Optical zoom. Mewants. But I don’t want to sacrifice specs for it like I do with the Galaxy K. “Do you want powerful specs?” doesn’t sound like a serious question to me. Of course we are overwhelmingly going to advocate for this to be a flagship quality phone, and of course we will overwhelmingly want it at a pricepoint closer to the one we know is possible.

    I see the Qualcomm love…and, I like ’em too…but I’d love to see what’s possible out of Intel or NVidia. Especially (and here I’ll show my LACK of expertise) if it’s possible for Nvidia to adapt their designs to be fabricated with Intel’s 14nm process. And of course start including onboard modems and whatnot).

  • Bilal Mahmood

    I want a 5.5 inch metal Samsung nexus with a 4k samoled screen, A Tegra K1 4GB ram and a massive battery+ 128GB internal storage plus SD slot = dream come true

  • benz_85

    Just give me the same Nexus 5 with metal housing and sapphire glass, that would be my phone forever with no need for an upgrade.

  • Vineeth S

    Expandable memory, 5.2inch 2K Display, Front Facing Stereo Speakers, !6MegaPixel Rear Camera with OIS, Metalbody with glass back, Atleast 2GB RAM, All the usual sensors such as proximity, accelerometer, g-sensor, magnetic sensor etc, notification LED within the earpiece, Dedicated Camera hardware button, 3200mAh Battery, Snapdragon 805 chipset, Double tap to wake features.

  • T.J.

    The Moto X with double the battery life. Maybe an 801.

  • Alex Tortolano

    I gotst to have an SD card and removable battery. USB OTG is quite a handy feature as well.

  • Elfsiren

    I think the design of the current Nexus 5 is sexy. I’d just add a higher capacity battery and up the mega pixel count on both cameras (I think video chats would be so much better with a 5MP camera). Maybe an SD card slot or just increase internal storage.

  • Juan Solis

    I would like a nexus that had a 5 inch1080p amoled screen a quad core processor 2.oghz+, a 13+mp camera with the laser focus the lg3 has packed and 5mp front facing camera , a design similar to the nexus 4 with the glass back, microsd for sure since it’s a personal preference, LTE support of course, NFC, battery 2700mah+,and the normal sensors every phone has,led notification, and internal storage options of 16,32,64gb

  • Mr T

    Didn’t think so many people preoccumied with stupid hardware specs and e-penis enlargement

    • Mr T

      *preoccupied lol.

  • Henry

    So my Nexus 6 would be based off the LG G3. It would have a metal body instead of plastic. It would have a SD 805, Adreno 420, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB of ROM with 128 GB built in memory. 20.7mpix rear OIS camera, 8mpix FFC, 2K display, stock Android L OR CyanogenMod w/ OTA updates, LTE support for ALL bands, unlocked bootloader, rooted out of the box, and a 4500mAh battery.

    • Henry

      Oh, and throw in 64-bit software architecture, wireless charging, front facing speakers, a fingerprint scanner for in-app purchases, USB 3.0 fast charging, and water resistance.

  • m1l3s27

    -Freshened up xperia type design
    -Lots of storage and /or SD card (cloud still unreliable for HQ music storage/streaming)
    -Nvidia K1/Qualcomm 810 with 4 gigs RAM (future proof)
    -450 to 500 PPI is fine with pretty much any screen size or variety
    Plus a nice Sony camera sensor (they make most it seems anyhow)

  • JimiGr

    I would like a very good battery life and 4-5 years system updates from Google.

  • well,i would want
    better battery,
    sony design the new one,
    sony camera(20.7 mp but better processing software from google),
    32 gb internal memory,
    an above average but not bleeding edge specs,
    a 1080 p screen not quad hd 5.3-3.5 inch,
    somehow make it priced just like the current nexus,or a litle above

  • Racistpanda

    The best nexus device would be a combination from all the manufactuers. Samsung display, HTC design (and UI in my opinion) LG screen to body ratio and button placement and sony camera.

  • Blowntoaster

    Current Nexus 5 design, with Galaxy S5SuperAmoled screen, Xperia Z2 size battery, Samsung 16mp ISOCELL camera with LG LaserFocus, Moto X voiceless control…
    edit, 3gb ram, Snapdragon 805 and latest Adreno GPU

  • mesh4
  • Adrian Ioanci

    The perfect Nexus… Project Ara :)

  • y

    micro SD card slot – and bring back MSC protocol (usb mass storage device class)!!!

  • THatch

    My perfect nexus would focus on design, as I know the specs will reflect googles vision for android. I chose samsung as the maker (unless they decide to keep making bezels bigger for protection, in that case it would be LG) , they have thin designs with slim bezels and super amoled screens. If the screen is 5.5 to 5.9 I would be happy, this also leaves room for a large battery. In my perfect world they have all capacitive buttons. I chose carbon fiber, light and sturdy with a great hand feel, while murdering all fingerprints in sight.

    As for what I would like to see in android, the main thing I have is that you should be able to customize your notification drop down. The stock one looks good (great on android L) but on my note 3 it looks like crap. I’m going to root when android l comes to cyanogenmod (or if you can put straight AOSP on your phone.

  • TechLover

    I want a 5.5 inch screen, microsd slot ( quite impossible given Google stance on this), WiFi 802.11ac, sensors like the integrated IR blaster (offered by all current flagship phones), a large battery( preferably removabl), latest processor package, 1080p display, a great build (I like the black nexus 5 design and materials, and the lg G3 looks great too and would certainly be more easy to hold for a phablet)
    On the software side, a notification menu that offers something more like that of Touchwiz is certainly more preferable. (I also liked the Samsung stock email app way of grouping the emails)

  • FitchVA

    As a Verizon customer, I want a Nexus that I can use on Verizon’s network. …and a Nexus that is NOT MODIFIED a-la the Galaxy Nexus.

  • shadow

    4.7 inch Screen
    8mp Camera f/s 1.8
    Snapdragon 600
    3000 mh battery.
    Expandable storage up to 64 gigs.
    I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m not a spec fiend.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’d be more than happy with just a nexus 5 refresh with bumped up specs, bigger battery and possibly a 5.2 inch screen.. Call it the nexus 5x (can’t say 5s because apple will sue)?

  • Csheri

    In addition to what I voted for, expandable memory, a super-amoled display, a battery saver mode that can change the clock speed of the cpu & the display’s color (like on the S5) and a system app remover would be just about the only things I’d add.

  • Colts5609

    Perfect Nexus 5 refresh.
    – Snapdragon 805
    – 3GB of RAM
    – Wireless charging
    – Better battery, 3000 mAh at least
    – 13MP camera with OIS
    – 5-5.2 inch screen
    – $350
    – Ability to have active notifications and screen off gesture controls, like tap to wake
    – Minimum of 32 GB memory, 64GB model for $400

  • SBDutchie

    A Nexus device build by HTC, build out of metal, a screen size of 5.5 to 6 inches, with a camera by Sony, a battery life of at least 2 days, maybe 3, and a price from 400 to 500 dollars. That should do the trick for me!

    • SBDutchie

      Edit: with a micro SD card slot*

  • pseudo

    My nexus would be

    basically nexus mini

    high frequency dual core, or slightly lower frequency quad core processor

    4-4.3 inch screen

    3264GB storage options
    12gb ram
    2mp front facing camera
    8mp rear camera
    an 1800-1980mah battery
    960×540(4 inch)-720p display(4.3 inch)

    obviously wi-fi, bluetooth 4.1, 3G is fine, don’t care about 4G. GPS, compass, etc.
    it would be nice if sony made it, and implemented their waterproofing, although I don’t care whether it is just made of plastic.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Battery Life.Nuff Said

  • harmsi

    Nexus 6 compact:
    ~4.5″ AMOLED 720p screen
    Nearly no bezels on the sides!
    2 GB RAM
    Newest Snapdragon
    64 GB internal memory (because Google dislikes SD-cards)

    Cameras that can take photos and stuff (with flash for torch)
    Awesome battery life (if it’s really good, no switchable battery is needed)
    NFC, WiFi ac, LTE, .. and everything else

  • Jérémy Castellano

    Top notch Nexus 6:

    6″ 2160p or QuadHD screen
    NVIDIA Tegra K1 (Quad @ 2.3GHz)
    4GB RAM
    64GB Internal Memory
    13 or 16MP Camera
    4000mAh battery

  • Grant Gregory

    Definitely need for ideal Nexus 6:
    5.2-5.5″ QuadHD Display
    Large Battery, at least 3,500 mAh
    3+ GB RAM
    Gorilla Glass 3+
    32-64 Internal Memory (a possible SD card slot would be great)
    13 MP Camera, with the focus on the software to utilize the camera’s potential
    5 MP Front facing camera
    Great Speaker quality
    NVIDIA Tegra K1 or Newest Snapdragon Processor
    Features pushed out on the previous Moto X, Droid MAXX, Ultra and Mini (Active Display, Always listening, flick wrist to turn on camera, Assist, etc…)
    Stunning design: thin bezels, camera looks naturally placed, great feel in hand (like Moto X), and volume + power controls fit nicely into design
    Available for all major carriers in the US, with no modifications for carriers like Verizon
    Somewhere in the $300-400 price range, and I’m sold.

  • Scott Wood

    The nexus 5 was a “clone” of the g2. G3 “clone” for 300-400 unlocked, all the updates, definitely worth the money.

  • Ahmed Hankar

    1: Rear Camera 10MP or more with advance OIS and FF camera 3MP or more.

    2: IR sensor.

    3: battery at-least 3000mAh.

    4: Fitness support Apps.

    5: private Mode.

    6: expandable storage (SD-CARD) and removable battery.

    7: IP-67.

    8: 5-2″ display of Supper Amoled like SGS5.

    9: design wise it should look like LG G3 with metal building.

    10: boom speaker,s facing front ward or at-least at the bottom.

    11: power saving mod.

    finally. i want a NEXUS which’s very aye appealing upon looking at it, and at same-time which’s durable from accidental drops and scratch resistance, i guess in this regard only sapphire glass can handle that,

  • Alain Lafond

    The next frontier is unbreakable screen!

  • hakim

    Snapdragon 805
    3GB RAM
    Full Hd Display
    Fast Charging
    Carbon Fiber
    Android L
    Gorilla Glass 3
    32GB storage

    Sure i buy this Nexus 6!

  • Craig Trunzo

    MY dream Nexus device has an SD Card, which is why it is a dream device and will never be real.

  • Bonjour

    Better Battery at around 3000 mAh, better camera, microsd and that’d be great. I dont think we need a bigger screen or a better processor.Maybe to keep up, a 3gb RAM.

  • Haekal Zidni Barkan

    Personally i want something with similar spec to Nexus 5, with just full HD display (i’m not into 2K or such) and metal back cover, and a microSD card slot! Oh yeah, bigger battery is a must and 3GB RAM is more than enough for me.

  • Coops67

    For me, a tougher screen. I dropped mine about 40cm onto carpet and the screen cracked. Not good.

  • Michael Samsara

    So far – and I realize this is not exactly the newest observation – the Nexus line has managed to offer a really good value to cost ration. Only thing that stopped me from buying one was the non-removable battery, which is a sine qua non for me. I have a friend who had the Nexus 4 since it came out whenever that was and has had no problems. If they would make it with a removable battery and a micro SD card I would consider it.

  • Stephan Hall

    A Nexus version of an updated G2 with 805 cpu! Same finish on the back as the current N5. Would be doable and keep price down.

  • Lilith_Black

    I wish to get a Nexus available in Singapore, have micro sd card slot (not likely frm Google’s stance on this….), 3GB RAM, 1080p screen, great battery and latest high-end Snapdragon processing package, 5.5 inch display, better camera, same high quality plastic build (I really don’t favour heavier metal build or carbon fibre)