AT&T to announce DirecTV takeover tomorrow

May 17, 2014

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    Reuters is reporting that AT&T is set to announce the acquisition of DirecTV tomorrow, according to a report by online news website

    Rumors have been circulating for some time now that AT&T has been in discussions to buy DirecTV for nearly $50 billion.

    Citing a source close to DirecTV, said that DirecTV chief executive Mike White has told senior executives a deal had been reached and would be announced Sunday. – Reuters


    • Andrew T Roach

      Lock in your Direct TV contracts now.

    • KUSH

      Cancelling my direct tv as soon as this is announced. ATT is a HORRIBLE company and directv fudged up big time. Regretfully I will be handing my money over to the ONLY OTHER PROVIDER IN MY AREA Time Warner Cable….. The lesser of two evils.

      • smokebomb

        TWC will become Comcast since the FCC chairman is in their back pocket. The U.S. consumer is going to drown in even more overpriced, underperforming internet bills soon.

    • avantra

      Dish is better anyway. Much better hardware.

    • droidtomtom

      Don’t switch to Dish Network too quickly as they may offer a deal to attract customers who now want to switch.

    • Jayfeather787

      This should be interesting…

    • Tom Z


      I don’t look forward to AT&T messing up the great picture quality I get from DirecTV. I’ve seen U-Verse and it is horrible compared to DirecTV… Not happy.

    • Juan A C

      Just give the no-TV a go. I haven’t had TV in 4 years. I got used to it right away and it was the perfect excuse to get the fastest internet connection available. Just a suggestion :D

    • John Davis

      sorry to say this kush…but if comcast takes over time warner you will be 10 times worse off than with At&t

      • Afterburner87

        Not sure if you have had both Comcast and TW but I have.. I will take Comcast everytime very reliable service.

        • jdeebad

          Haven’t had twc but I do have AT&T as a phone provider and I do have comcast
          For my internet and there is a Very good reason why comcast is the
          Most hated company in the U.S.
          Look it up

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Oh great! First Comcast wanting TWC now this! The wold is ending faster then we knew it was! DX I wanted Direct TV before now I’m not so sure…