Boost Mobile to begin data throttling in January

by: Robert TriggsDecember 20, 2012

boost mobile

There’s bad news if you’re a heavy 4G data consumer with a contact on Boost Mobile. The company is to begin throttling your connection on January 20 if you breach the limits. Even if you purchased an “unlimited” data plan, Boost Mobile plan on slowing your speeds down to a 3G connection of just 256kbps if you consume more than 2.5GB worth of data in a month.

So that’s definitely going to slow down any media streaming or file downloads, and could very well even bog down standard webpage loading times. Don’t worry too much though, as full speeds will be restored at the start of your next month.

Boost isn’t the first company to start throttling heavy data users though. Back in March, Virgin Mobile starting slowing down users who passed the 2.5GB download mark as well.

This is definitely an annoying trend considering the launch of faster 4G networking. What’s the point of having super fast speeds if we are limited to downloading only so much?

On the other hand, 2.5GB is quite a lot of data to get through in a month – over 90 continuous hours of streaming music or 20 hours worth of video  – and network providers want to ensure that there’s sufficient bandwidth available for all their customers. Does anyone get close to reaching 2.5GB on their current data plan?

  • I havent used more than 2 gigs in a month even when I was on an unlimited plan.

  • juanromero

    I use 6g a month nd im on boost but I dont get 4g coverage.

  • maxrep1

    I love Boost mobile “Bait & Switch” shrinkage plan I just hit 18+
    plus months an this is twice they cut away from what they promised. Boost
    throttle Folks is NOT 256k speed limited, 256k is the Maximum you can get
    in Dallas from morning to midnight if you’re lucky. When they throttle
    you in Dallas you drops to 15k-56k . I don’t use 5gb but 3gb time to
    time. I leaving boost to Tmobile. I plan to warn every one via comments
    on every Boost news stories online so people know what they do.
    *1st it was truly unlimited unthrottled *
    +Then Revised to pretend – unlimited 2.5Gb (3g Throttled) but 4G Not Throttle+
    $Then Revised Again pretend unlimited 2.5Gb (3g/4g both Throttled)+

    • goonie

      I wouldn’t use boost with your phone. Sprint is GARBAGE! That includes Virgin, Credo and their version of pre-paid straight talk phones.

      I only use the Straight Talk Sim only plan at 45 a month where even if I only get 2gb its reliable everywhere I go. Even though its technically 3g 10MBPS beats the pants of what ever Sprint is peddling for 4g these days. Give me 3g with 4g speeds over 4g with 3g speeds anyday.

      Sprint is truly unlimited data through a straw.

  • Jimmyjohnpete

    i use over 2gb on a light month of not doing too much music and video, if i skype every other day for like 15 minutes i go way past that. sprint is the only company that doesn’t slow down ur data ever. n i used to use my sprint phone for everything, id hook it to my tv n watch netflix just about every day cuz i didn’t have cable. id play pandora almost every night or anytime i’m in the car id hit fuckin 10gb lol no problem, now with boost n well every other company u have to watch what u do n try n make it last. it does suck.