It’s always nice to see companies with seemingly nothing in common come together – German automotive manufacturer BMW has joined forces with Korean electronics giant Samsung to bring a joint marketing campaign to Korea. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny the marketing clout of two of the world’s greatest companies in their respective markets and what could come out of their colliding. In this case, models of the BMW 1 Series have been painted with graffiti done by Shin Dong-jin, a famous designer and artist. The artwork showcased on the BMW cars is seen on the Galaxy Note 2, seemingly demonstrating that it was originally created using the phone’s S-Pen and advanced stylus capabilities.

If you happen to be in Seoul at any point through December 12, you can see the colorful cars in Coex Central Plaza. Otherwise, see the second source link for five shots of the artist, the artwork and the painted BMW 1 Series.

Joshua Vergara
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