Lenovo’s Idea laptops will ship with Bluestacks, run Android apps

by: Tanay SoodJanuary 9, 2013

bluestacks lenovo

Bluestacks, the company behind the Bluestacks App Player and Cloud Connect has recently announced a partnership with Lenovo at CES 2013. Essentially, all Lenovo Idea (consumer-focused) laptops will ship with the Bluestacks App Player, giving consumers the ability the run over 750,000 Android apps on their laptops.

The Bluestacks App Player (in beta form) has been available as a free download for Windows since March 2012, and has garnered its fair share of popularity since then. They even launched the App Player (also in beta) for a Mac a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to their ‘Layercake’ technology, you can run any third-party Android app using the Player. This software offers an extremely viable way for people who do not have Android devices and want access to the great variety of available apps. Of course, nothing can truly emulate the experience of using a app with a touchscreen interface. But it seems that Bluestacks has already thought of this issue, since they are currently developing an App Player that is designed specifically for Windows 8 laptops, ultrabooks and tablets.

One thing to keep in mind — Lenovo’s premium line of Think-branded notebooks will not come preloaded with this software. To give the App Player a shot, head to the source link below.

  • frustrated ios developer

    wow – now all we need is a version for ios and all my problems would be solved