BlueStacks beta arrives for Mac OS X users, brings the power of Android to Apple users

by: Andrew GrushDecember 27, 2012


Own a Mac but craving for the ability to use Android apps? The Android app player Bluestacks has been out in alpha stages for a while now, but has now reached beta. This means more apps and overall better stability.

The latest version of the software says it can run more than 750,000 Android apps, instead of the few random apps found in the alpha version. Best of all, there should be a lot less issues with crashing and other problems.

For those not familiar with Bluestacks, it basically works as a virtual Android component inside of OS X. The program has been around for Windows users for a quite a while now and has even seen vendor-specific versions such as “AMD AppZone” and “Asus @Vibe”.

This isn’t a perfect software solution, but it is a good way to play around with some of your favorite Android apps from your PC or Mac computer.

Running on a Mac might seem sort of ironic considering Android’s biggest competitor is Apple’s iOS, but there are many consumers out there that have mixed Apple/Android/Windows ecosystems that would find this sort of thing useful.

Have you tested out BlueStacks for OS X or even another platform like Windows? If so, what do you think of it?

  • RarestName

    It’ll be awesome for people who prefers Mac OS X but also prefers Android over iOS. It’s hard to believe that some people think this way, but these people do exist.

    • Haha. Im one of those people. I have a Macbook but i hate iOS and prefer android over it. lol. But i also have windows 7 installed on my mac so i can have the best of both world. Its a win-win-win situation for me. :)

    • David Méndez

      We are quite a lot, actually LOL. I feel like iOS is too restricted, whereas OS X is a full desktop OS. No limitations on app installation, folders, apps integration or whatsoever. I like OS X because it’s simple and personalizable, just the same reason I like Android.

      • RarestName

        I still don’t get why iOS is so restricted. True, it can be currently be considered the most secure mobile operating system, but it OS X doesn’t have these problems so why restrict iOS?


  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t know why, but bluestacks has never worked for me. It always crashes even with simple apps like all angry birds games…

  • Tets

    Bluestacks works great on Windows 8, I have a new hp 14″ laptop. My olders PC’s and laptops at home that run Vista and XP do not work at all with Bluestacks, however a newer PC with windows 7 at my house does work with Bluestacks. I hope when I get a touchscreen windows 8 device that touch works within Bluestacks.

  • freeiam
  • It seems like the OS X beta isn’t playing well with Mountain Lion. Everyone I talk to is getting network connection errors even though they have an internet connection. I get the same issue. None of the apps that require internet work, and I can’t download anything because of the network connection errors.