Bloomberg: iPad share in China “plunges” in favor of local Android tablets

by: Chris SmithAugust 21, 2013

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An analyst looking at the Chinese tablet market for the second quarter of the year told a publication that Apple’s iPad share has dropped significantly compared to the same period last year.

Dickie Chang from IDC told Bloomberg that Apple accounted for 28% of tablet shipments in Q2 2013, compared to 49% in Q2 2012. Despite the drop in market share, the iPad was still the best sold tablet in the region.

In second place came Samsung with 11% of the market, followed by Lenovo with 8%. The real winners though – but only when combined – were local tablet makers that have been producing Android-based affordable devices.

In total, Apple sold 1.48 million iPads in the region during the period (a 28% percent increase compared to Q2 2012), with Samsung and Lenovo selling 571,000 and 413,000 units, respectively (or four and two times more than last year, respectively).

Unknown companies – at least to us: Ramos, Teclast, Onda, Algo and others – each account for around 1% or even less of the Chinese tablet maker, which doesn’t sound very encouraging. But combined, these companies apparently shipped 50% of the tablets sold in Q2 2013. Comparatively, in Q2 2012, the combined share was at 36%.

We’ll note that in that plethora of companies that make these affordable devices, some well-known brands are also included, like Acer, Asus, Huawei and ZTE, with market shares around 1%. Microsoft is also said to be part of the top 10 tablet makers in China with a similar 1% share.

Chang did not mention anything about tablet-related profits, which would most likely see Apple as the winner considering its iPad pricing scheme.

The analyst identified two reasons for the sharp market share “plunge” for Apple, including lower prices for local Android tablets and Apple’s lack of new products this year. The current iPad models have been announced in late 2012, with 2013 models yet to be unveiled.

This isn’t the first report from analysts that says Apple is losing market share to Android in the tablet business, with a similar trend observed overall, not only China. However, it looks like the drop is more sever in the world’s largest mobile market for the iPad maker – of course, assuming that analyst get their numbers right.

  • Ryan Castle

    That’s also because the iPad has practically not been updated for almost 18 months (the A6X and Lightning port don’t count.)

    • Perv Bear

      I would say the A6X does count. Port does not though. But would still never switch from Android. I am in love with my new nexus 7 and my mom and brother are in love with my old lol.

    • lesportif

      Ever heard about iPad Mini ?

  • ryq24

    This is not only happening in china but in all third world countries! Soon, western countries will also embrace these cheap android tablet and smartphone coz iPad and iPhone and samsung and other name brand are just too expensive.

  • APai

    I’d reckon it would fall according to the demography. 70-80% of the world would be simply happy with cheaper tablets than something more expensive. apple is doomed to a small market share by their own pricing. lets see if they have an ace with a cheaper iphone/ tablet. that would REALLY shake up the market.

  • Bryan Z

    Doesn’t surprise me considering the fact that a lot of companies make android tablets in China it’d be ridiculous if they didn’t take over the tablet market

    • dustinwent

      Two impressive new Android tablets with some of the best features to date from China-based manufacturers launched this week — and both offer excellent build-quality and design — the 8.9 inch Pipo M7 Pro($255) and the 7″ Novo 7 EOS – 3G($189) with features that compare to the new Nexus tablets… and one source to offer these new Android models in the U.S. is — T a b l e t S p r i n t–

      Worth reviewing…