Bloomberg: Galaxy S4 Qualcomm and Exynos 5 Octa versions confirmed, no eye scrolling feature though

by: Chris SmithMarch 13, 2013

samsung times square galaxy s4 invite 1

The Galaxy S4 unveiling in New York is this week’s most important Android event, and for good reason considering that Samsung will announce on Thursday its most important handset of the year. With just over a day to go until the device become official, Bloomberg seems to have details on the device.

According to two unnamed people familiar with the handset, the Galaxy S4 will sport a 5-inch display, “slightly larger than the one on last year’s S3.”

But the most interesting thing is that Bloomberg seems ready to confirm that we’re looking at two Galaxy S4 versions when it comes to processor choice, just as some of the previous rumors have suggested:

The U.S. version will use Qualcomm Inc.’s quad-core chip, giving the phone more processing power to handle multiple tasks at the same time, they said. In other markets, it will rely on Samsung’s “octacore” eight-core chip, the people said.

The publication also says that the handset will feature a 13-megapixel camera but that it won’t offer uses that eye scrolling feature we’ve seen it at least a couple of reports this year.

Apparently the eye tracking feature exists and will let users pause videos when moving their eyes away from the screen – this sounds like the Eye Pause feature we’ve seen in other reports – but they won’t be able to scroll through pages by simply moving their eyes.

However, eye scrolling may be available in future versions of the phone, not the Galaxy S4:

People familiar with the device disputed that idea [eye scrolling] this week, saying that eye scrolling won’t be in the Galaxy S4, though it may appear in future versions of the phone. There will be more simplified uses of eye-tracking technology, such as the ability to pause videos when the user’s eyes move away from the screen, the people said.

Obviously, we’ll still hold on to our grain of salt until tomorrow, since nothing is really official until the product is properly announced.

  • Topcat488

    Well even though i’m a Galaxy Note user, waiting on the Note III. I’m also waiting too see what the S4 will look like… But from the last couple of articles it seems like we’re getting ready for the “Next Big Disappointment”. Same design as S3, no eye scroll, no Octa 5, etc…

    • epic_fail

      yeah first it was the powervr sgx544mp3 which is old tech and cannot be matched up with newer gpu’s, than it was all that stuff about the screen, the soc’s overall, the design, and now the features… if samsung doesn’t make this as great as their own hype than it will just be embarrass.

      • hot_spare

        Tell me which phone currently has a better GPU than a 544 @ 533MHz?

        • I did some little searching yesterday and Snapdragon 600’s Adreno 320 is on par with that gpu in compute performance (Something like 51.2 compared to 51.1 gflops. It’s all about the fillrates which i expect to be much better than on current Adreno 320, but once again you never know by how much for example the Adreno 330 will surpass the sgx544

        • I guess we just expect more from a flagship phone. Especially considering how great the s2 and too a lesser extent the s3 were when they launched.

        • kurolife

          sure but it’s not Open GL ES3 compatible

  • Benedict Chong

    Samsung is good at giving out false information to create the hype, definitely a lousy specs with different processors in different market. Love to see how is your performance on a 8 Cores Processor on 2600mah battery. Ha Ha!

    • kurolife

      the 8 cores doesn’t work together, the Cortex M7 core are slow! the A15 Core are comparable in terms of performance to the S600 (hence the choice of using that SoC as well)

      • kascollet

        The 4 A15 cores will certainly perform much better the 4 Krait of the S600, just like Exynos 4 Quad did last year compared to the dual Qualcomm S4.
        The question resides more in the power efficiency of the two architectures.

    • Benedict Chong

      You are just a troll every time, the people that highranked you don’t know your history of trolling Samsung articles demeaning also Korean the people with your appalling use of words, pot calling kettle much? You just troll, troll and troll more. Learn to speak properly too, idiot.

  • M.Beg

    Another plastic android phone coming… great.

    • terminator

      And we still love them the same :-P

  • K.

    Why two different versions?
    According to the article the Qualcomm cpu is more powerful that the Samsung octa core. I thought it was supposed to be the opposite. I am missing something???

  • swesko

    one thing is certain..the galasy S3 4.2.1 leaked rom have the eye scrolling options it’s there i’m using the ROM.The features are not activated yet though..SO yes the GS IV will have the eye scrolling stuff

  • Lara

    Repeat of s3 launch, seriously! All tech nerds and geeks out there will be disappointed just like the s3. Remember how super hyped that was? Also remember the disappointment spec AND design wise? I own 2 s3’s so I’m not bashing the s3, just stating the truth.