BlackBerry phones least likely to be bought, Raymond James survey says

by: Bogdan BeleApril 11, 2013

Raymond James survey

A recent Raymond James survey has asked customers, among other things, what device they would never use, the options being BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android devices.

BlackBerry gathered quite a few of the respondents’ votes in the Raymond James survey, quoted by AllThingsD. A whopping 71.4 percent of the 250 people who took the survey said that there is nothing that would get them to buy a BlackBerry device.

Android devices came in second, at 31.3 percent, and iPhone came in last (or first, whichever way you want to put it), at 19.7 percent. Of course, the 250 people pool the Raymond James surveyed is not that much, but looking at operating systems’ market shares, there might be something into it.

On the other hand, BlackBerry seems to do everything it can to repair its image and make its new devices, running the BlackBerry 10 OS, a success. To jump start the platform’s development, BlackBerry even allowed Android apps to be ported and released in its app store (around 20% of the 100.000 apps currently available).

Do you think BlackBerry will ever manage to make a comeback? What device you would never purchase?

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  • districtjack

    The iPhone would be at the bottom of the list for me. I know two people who have them and experienced their frustrations and complaints. I have my first Android device and I love it. Optimus LTE and I don’t even have LTE in my area.
    If Android didn’t exist I would buy a blackberry over an iPhone.


      The iPhone is the best phone ever created

      • districtjack

        Not from my point of view. A couple of my friends have them and my phone kicks theirs. And I’m still on gingerbread because I haven’t had the time to update to ICS. As a matter of fact, I haven’t turned on my laptop since I got my Optimus LTE in July. Before getting this awesome android I was still using my UTStarcom ppc6700 with windows mobile 4.0
        Now THAT was getting outdated.

  • paxmos

    A survey of 250 people (wow)….and god knows who they are, made the front page of this website…How pathetic!!!!

    • bell

      umm, it’s called sampling in statistics..

      • paxmos


  • Jack Smack

    The Windows Phone did not even make the list, what does that tell you?

    • symbian

      I have the exact same question.
      perhaps it never exist in the first place ? :D

      perhaps windows phone isn’t considered a smartphone osl… :)

    • In all seriousness, WP would be last in my list (yes, I’ve used it more than the proverbial five minutes, not impressed). I’m actually a bit excited to see the new BBs, hopefully and if it ever becomes widespread…

      • lil bit

        Absolutely, WP as OS is just terrible. The apps seem so cheap and simple and incomplete, like old Symbian apps, that’s why ios can score some easy wins to make up for its shortcomings and restrictions

        • My thoughts exactly. I thought they used topography as an excuse for only using… typography. All else is plain… too plain.

  • Bills863

    Yeah I probably would never buy a windows phone blackberry looks good I want to try it I have the iPhone 5 and an I ice cream sandwich android I probably would never get another gingerbread device either

  • Akshar Patel

    Blackberry Z10 is priced around 44k in India… even HTC one, Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 are priced lesser than that. Now why would I want Blackberry?????

  • Lil bit

    250 people asked, is this a joke?

    I will still use my own experience when buying phones. Already owned a HTC and never again a quietly defective for me, had a galaxy note 2 and can’t find any reasons to like their ui and amoled and plastic bodies. Had some looks at WP and no thanx WP you are so slow with your syrup-dipped animations, have friends with iPhone’s and the battery times and restrictions are really pathetic. Xperia phones been the most reliable for me and less bugs and clean ui. Willing too look at BB10 but I doubt I like it after reading about the gestures, and I don’t need business centered stuff.

  • Greg Duggins

    250 man survey, were the results even worth posting really?

  • The EAE (Evil Apple Empire) will never get a dime (or a penny for that matter) of my money!

  • mggOptimusG

    Obviously this is not even representative of the actual buying patterns. Android sells more than iPhone and the rest are 3rd with BB as the strongest of them. How can people judge on Blackberry if the comparative products are just recently made available. I am sure that some people did not even know that BB put out a new handset.
    I have an Android and I would buy a BB in a heartbeat. Just think about security and the point is made. I say that since I just installed a Firewall to find out a bunch of useless communications out from my Android phone.
    Ask people which platform would be more secure iOS, Android or BlackBerry ? … I bet all the dumb people would choose iOs, all the rooted devices would go Android and the masses would pick BlackBerry.

    • districtjack

      You’re right about blackberry ‘s security. They burst onto the scene by offering secure email. That’s why the government jumped on BB ‘s wagon and they became a huge company. Then everybody wanted one as a status symbol. Back then if you had a blackberry you were a corporate executive or a yuppy.