The second coming of BBM for Android is “within days”

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 15, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 review

BlackBerry will take another stab at rolling out the Android and iOS version of the BlackBerry Messenger chatting app in the following days.

After it sent out an “open letter” assuring customers and partners it’s “here to stay”, troubled BlackBerry sought to change the focus of the discussion from financial problems and rumors of dissolution to its plans for the future. CMO Frank Boulben told Reuters that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will roll out on Android and iOS “within days” and that the issues that caused the last minute cancellation of the September 22 release have been solved.

BlackBerry initially promised that BBM would launch on the top two mobile platforms by the end of the summer. Then, the September 22 release was cancelled, supposedly due to issues caused by the early leak of the BBM for Android app. Now the Canadian company is confident that BBM for Android is finally ready for primetime. Six million Android and iPhone users have signed up for updates on the release of the service, according to BlackBerry.

Here’s to hoping that BlackBerry will be able to keep its promise this time and stage a flawless debut of its messaging service into the Android ecosystem. Are you still waiting for BBM or did you replace it with another app?

  • Andrea Malchiodi

    Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger… too many options for BBM to be noticed… at least for my kind of usage!!!

    • Failbot

      A dying messenger service being revamped by a dying company. Shocker.

      • Mike

        The Walking Dead?

        • Failbot


  • BBMquest

    Could someone give us one reason to use BBM instead of the above-mentioned apps ? (Honest question)

    • Ingemar Smith

      Unless you are a current Blackberry user thinking about moving to Android and need to stay connected with your co-workers, this is pointless.

  • Reezo

    I’ve owned a BlackBerry before. Needless to say it was a horrible smartphone. However, BBM will always be that one redeeming feature for BB.

  • Stan Lee

    Who cares

  • Mayoo

    I have the Meomix song in my head. Let’s sing along :

    Meh meh meh meh
    Meh meh meh meh
    Meh meh
    Meh meh
    Meh meh meh meh

    • woodystrikesagain


  • Tester


    • Mayoo

      It works

  • Groud Frank

    Fool me once….. shame on…… shame on you. Fooled me can’t get fooled again.

    • JV

      hahahahahahahaaha love the Bush quote. That was funny. lol I can hear the Texas accent from here. lol

  • Brendon Brown

    the messaging world is so saturated … there is no need for BBM !

  • woodystrikesagain

    Let’s wait and see

  • w

    bbm, rocks

  • carlosfrancoz

    “within days”, yeah… right…

    • Luis

      Yeah, right. Before the end of summer [Releases on the 21st of September and totally fails it’s rollout]
      And now “within days” “come on guys, it’s been a year, but it’s still 365 days isn’t it? We didn’t lie to you ;)”
      Oh blackberry.

  • Michae

    So this means you could message from android to android using the BBM app? Or is it made to message from android to a blackberry?

    • Ads

      To anyone that has BBM installed,

  • eibel

    I will wait forever,blackberry is my style…pleaaaaaaaaaaase…….

  • dayo

    Let wait nd see

  • Schaub

    I currently own both a Z10 and GS4. Frankly, I don’t like whatsapp at all. So I would prefer to use BBM on my android. What I don’t understand why there are so many people reacting negative on the pending BBM release. If I saw an article about whatsapp, I wouldn’t even look at it, least of all take time to comment. One reader commented that there are already many messaging apps around, like whatsapp and facebook messenger etc. Whatsapp you have to give a total stranger your phone number or add someone as “friend” on facebook. With BBM, you only have to give out a pin.

  • buttmonkeytroll

    all hail nokia all hail nokia

  • Jonathan

    After the disappointment of the failed launch, I discovered Google Hangouts which allows me to message my friends from phone or desktop. Don’t know if I will even try BBM if it rolls out for Android.

  • P. Sherman

    I’ll wait however long it takes for blackberry to roll out BBM… Its by far the best messnger app I’ve used, I personally cant stand WhatsApp or anything else. One of the reasons why I still use my blackberry ONLY for BBM

  • Waiting for BBM to arrive, playing around with that Kik app in the meantime.

  • C-Ram

    For those who have never owned a blackberry or used BBM, I can understand the “I don’t care” comments and probably would be wasting time trying to explain to them why BBM is hands down the best messaging app around. I for one will wait and keep waiting if necessary!

  • Manie Visagie

    I got a BlackBerry Q5 in the meantime! Lol!