New ‘Blackberry Messenger BBM’ app hits Google Play, appears to be yet another fake

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 9, 2013
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For a while now we’ve known that Blackberry Messenger would be coming to Android by the end of the summer. What we didn’t know is that Blackberry would wait until the last possible minute to release it.

Taking advantage of the long wait, we’ve already heard about multiple attempts by scammers to lure folks into downloading fake BBM apps, often asking for a fee or serving ads through these apps. Now a new app has arrived to Google Play claiming to be the real deal. Is this finally it? At first glance, you’d almost think so.

The app goes by the name “Blackberry Messenger BBM”, and is published by “Blackberry Social”. It also attempts to look more legit by pointing its developer page at Blackberry’s website, and even lists their support email as

Unfortunately, there are currently 450+ ratings for the app on Google Play, with pretty much all of them reporting that it doesn’t work. The obvious conclusion is that this app is yet another fake.

Bottom-line, you would be wise to ignore this app.  If you really want the official Blackberry Messenger app, you are best served by heading over to Blackberry’s site and signing up for a notification when it arrives.

  • RaptorOO7

    Perhaps BB should actually release products someone wants like their BBM app for Android. They might even be able to charge $1 and actually turn a profit for once this quarter.

  • Nexus_FAN

    The developer email address is actually

    • Andrew Grush

      Fixed, thanks.

  • Abel Stella
    • MasterMuffin

      Are you serious? O_O

      • Ivan Myring

        Why what is it?

        • MasterMuffin

          Read the first few lines of his post!

  • Balraj

    Or we Just wait for AA to post a legit link & review the app
    It’s not easy to get ppl of messenger..I tried getting my friends to line from what’s app but failed…
    They say I can’t install another app, this is fine..
    I hope BlackBerry has a unique solution to BlackBerry messenger

    • JosephHindy

      best bet when BBM drops I’ll be reviewing that one :) and there will be a review & legit link outta me!

  • Kim

    I don’t know why BlackBerry is waiting for apple to approve the bbm app? Everyone knows apple is finished as they keep releasing the same phone for the last four years. I understand apple users are some of the dumbest people in the world but even they are waking up. In a few years apple will be history. Come on BlackBerry release bbm for Android and watch apple go under as people switch to android from ioSame

    • brian

      Kim, you are so Bang on !

  • Tom_Slaapstad

    Why can’t the google fing disallow these apps. I’m sure thats not the only fake pretending to be another app. Surely they should have a policy against this?