RIM to toss Blackberry Live conference at the same time as Google I/O

by: Joe HindyJanuary 22, 2013

RIM is hoping that Blackberry 10 will bring the aging smartphone brand back into relevance. What was once the most prominent smartphone OS in the world has dwindled down into being grouped with “others” in smartphone market share charts. Blackberry 10 is sure to bring fun, new features and it could help revitalize the brand.

It’s going to be a long road, and Blackberry apparently doesn’t want to get off to a good start. They’ve scheduled their Blackberry Live conference during the same week as Google I/O. That’s a real bonehead move for the once reigning king of smartphones.

According to their official blog, the Blackberry Live conference is May 14-16 while Google I/O will start on May 15. What’s gripping is that both events promise to be quite exciting. Rumor has it that Google will announce some wonderful things at Google I/O this year. Meanwhile, RIM is trying to revive the Blackberry name which should be interesting.

Is Blackberry Live during Google I/O going to cause problems?

It shouldn’t cause any real problems. The only possible issue is that everyone is so into what Google is doing that it might eclipse the Blackberry Live event. However, that all depends on what happens at each event so it’s impossible to determine right now.

So the question is, will everyone be paying attention to just Google I/O, Blackberry Live, or will both get equal attention? We’d love to know what you’ll be paying the most attention to.

  • As an individual who welcomes new ideas and technology, if RIM are really bringing something new and innovative to the table, then it could be a very smart move indeed. I’m a huge fan of Google, however its been so long since Blackberry has done anything with any significance, I’m going to be keeping a very close eye on their event also. Who knows, this may be a very shrewd move by RIM to overshadow one, if not arguably their biggest competitor. Only time will tell though.

  • Google I/O

  • RIM’s treading on thin ice. They’re gonna need to bring BBOS 10 out with a bang and steal marketshare from Apple and Google by any means necessary.

  • Georgy

    Is RIM purposely trying to fail?

  • matt

    Its signifying RIM’s existence going from on to off. Google I/O.