BlackBerry 10 taken for 10-minute early ride, is it a threat to Android? (video)

by: AdrianNovember 19, 2012

Despite what everyone thought and what some hoped, Research in Motion (RIM) is not yet ready to abandon the smartphone game that brought the company so many reasons of joy in the (not so distant) past.

Furthermore, RIM is ready to go all in with a new mobile OS, BlackBerry 10, and two handhelds, which will get a gala presentation on January 30, 2013. There’s still a long way to go until we can know for sure if BB can get back on top, but for now we’ll enjoy the hints we can gather from “sources”.

The latest such source is about as official as it gets – RIM’s Regional Senior Product Manager Claudio Roselli. The official has been so kind as to show off many of the features of the BlackBerry 10 OS on camera, for the lucky guys over at Muy Computer.

The result is a pretty enjoyable 10-minute video clip that got pulled off soon after its uploading. Oops, it seems that señor Roselli wasn’t exactly allowed to perform the demonstration. Fortunately, the video got reposted and, for the time being at least, it’s again available in all its splendor.

Among the most interesting features demoed in the clip, there’s the predictive keyboard we’ve already heard so much about, but also an “adaptive” lockscreen, the BB Hub and a screen dedicated to “efficient multitasking”. You’ll also get a tour of the BlackBerry App World, but unfortunately you’ll need to know a bit of Spanish to understand more than just what transpires directly via the images.

Though the demo is performed on a Dev Alpha B device with unfinished software, there aren’t many glitches and bugs and the OS’s fluency is actually impressive. I’m not going to spoil the pleasure of watching the video anymore, so check it out and then come back to us with the answer to the question of all questions – is BB10 a threat to Android?

  • Bradley Larcher

    I respect RIM for not throwing in the towel like Nokia. RIM is fighting til the end, and I like that. Will BB10 be a success? We’ll find out next year

    • Stephen Elop

      And that is why you are not business man.

    • Stephen Elop

      Bradley Larcher really where are we jail this is business respect does not pay. Invest in RIM and you’ll see by next year you’ll have nada left.

  • Hussein

    Big Respect to RIM. I hope to go back to BlackBerry very soon.

  • padlock1

    impressive. a new alternative would be welcome even fora die hard android fan

  • Ghulam Murtaza Panhwar


  • Alu Zeros

    There finished, they can’t compete with the innovation of google and apple. Govt contract will bail them out for completely going under

    • impulse101

      Apple doesnt innovate. Haven’t innovated since 2008

    • Cyber6

      BB still owns the patents for secure email communication and whole bunch others that they got Nortel. I heard of some government dept moving to IOs, not a wiser move. Wait till a Chinese hack or are they already in but haven’t been detected.

  • Fifth313ment

    Wow, I have to say that was pretty amazing! I really think the software was running top notch. I really liked the smoothness and all the gestures.

  • looks very complicated all the pussh up down left right… should be more intuitive… and the cameraman shouldnt do drugs

  • IncCo

    looks fine, but they are way too late.

    • Johnny Doe

      Why too late? Is there a new law coming that won’t allow for new phones to be sold?

      • IncCo

        Of course not, but just look at WP8 eg, has like 5% market percentage or so. Lets jut be realistic about this, there is no way in hell that BB will be able to sell enough of their phones to actually be a threat to anything other than possibly WP8.

        • Nobleone

          Weird because i remember when RIM had over 20% market share and IOS and Android had 0%. If RIM releases a product in 3 years from now it wouldn’t matter if it was top of the market device that people want.

          • IncCo

            Yes, possibly if they release something that is a game changer, this is not it. Add the lack of apps in their appstore and it looks even worse. Maybe some companies will like it tho, or business men, they seem to like BB for some reason, if they havent moved on to another platform by now.

          • Nobleone

            Hmmm. You know QNX is a proven OS that runs in the NASA space station and many traffic grids. its the most powerful mobile OS available and the only one to multitask i might add. WP8 IOS and Android all launched with under 10,000 apps and took years to reach 100,000. Blackberry 10 will be launching with over 100,000 QUALITY APPS, more that any other OS in history. Get your facts straight. PS i found 1400 solitaire apps on my buddys IOS

          • IncCo

            I guess time will just have to prove me right on this one.

    • No buddy, they aren’t late at all. In fact, if it’s today when they come out, they are a bit ahead of an very plataform. I’m on the android team and one thing is for sure. I that b10 looks pretty sweet

  • ken

    WTF…..Wow I never knew BB10 was that amazing ? The media makes it seem that BB10 will be ok but looking at that it seems really good and good enough for me to maybe sell my SG3 and go to blackberry.

  • Well, being a current BB user, and future BB10 user, I am happy to see that they are getting some positive comments on competing device forums. Thanks to those of you who don’t close your minds to anything not Android. Many, including BB fans, do and it’s not right…… anyway, I thought I’d put up one other link to a video, in english, so that some more may be understood.

  • arneldmz

    Blackberry is definitely a threat not only to Android but to IOS and WP8 as well. Everyone will know how true this really soon.

    • impulse101

      LOL ok

  • j j Brennan

    As an ex blackberry owner, I hope they succeed with their new phone, but they have a lot of competition out there, android is amazing and they will have to produce something special to get back to the top flight, I for one hope they succeed, but it will be tough.

  • Really cool but im still on android team.

  • iOS and Android are past their prime and only getting older, no significant improvements for 2 years. Looking forward to a next generation smartphone OS and a viable 3rd option. Sorry Google and Apple, it was a good 5 year ride but now you have become the dinosaurs in the race.

  • whatsbeefy

    If it succeeds or not, im pretty sure Blackberry is still going to be very useful for Business or Government use.

  • motherFucker

    BlackBerry 10.. Kiss my hairy bubble ass!!

  • emocrazy

    Nah, not that interesting overall..

  • Ansar

    Just want to say that this is Dev alpha device. People who follow BB know that this is kina 40% of what the BB10 is expected to do. Just tune into BB10 launch on Jan 30th. These leaks are to get people to be more familiar with the basic gestures..

  • Rod

    Wow, they really went out of their way to make sure there were absolutely no rounded corners on that phone… :)

  • Will

    I hope whoever was running the camera on that demo got fired.