August 15, 2012
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It didn’t take long for the black Samsung Galaxy S3 to go from rumors to reality – or at least pretty close to it. After the black variant of the flagship phone was spotted in its internal inventory, Carphone Warehouse became the first phone retailer to have the phone up for pre-order, though it won’t ship the device for another 4-6 weeks. Now it looks like T-Mobile has jumped on the black Galaxy S3 bandwagon.

The black Samsung Galaxy S3 version is featured on T-Mobile’s website that promotes the carrier’s 4G network. If you have the patience to watch the video till the very end, you will see the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its black finishing gleaming in the spotlight.

Does this mean T-Mobile will be the first mobile operator in the U.S. to carry the black Galaxy S3? Or will the new color be an exclusive for T-Mo? We believe the former is the more realistic scenario. Unlike a polarizing color like the Garnet Red Galaxy S3, which is now available only on AT&T, the black is more of a traditional and classic color scheme for the series.  We don’t see why Samsung would want to keep it exclusive only for the nation’s fourth biggest carrier.

Of course, we might be ahead of ourselves, since Samsung has yet to make the black Galaxy S3 official. We won’t blame the company since it’s rather occupied with the ongoing patent warfare. So, any thoughts on the rotating black Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mo’s website?

Bams Sadewo
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