Black Samsung Galaxy S3 caught sashaying on T-Mobile’s website

by: Bams SadewoAugust 15, 2012

It didn’t take long for the black Samsung Galaxy S3 to go from rumors to reality – or at least pretty close to it. After the black variant of the flagship phone was spotted in its internal inventory, Carphone Warehouse became the first phone retailer to have the phone up for pre-order, though it won’t ship the device for another 4-6 weeks. Now it looks like T-Mobile has jumped on the black Galaxy S3 bandwagon.

The black Samsung Galaxy S3 version is featured on T-Mobile’s website that promotes the carrier’s 4G network. If you have the patience to watch the video till the very end, you will see the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its black finishing gleaming in the spotlight.

Does this mean T-Mobile will be the first mobile operator in the U.S. to carry the black Galaxy S3? Or will the new color be an exclusive for T-Mo? We believe the former is the more realistic scenario. Unlike a polarizing color like the Garnet Red Galaxy S3, which is now available only on AT&T, the black is more of a traditional and classic color scheme for the series.  We don’t see why Samsung would want to keep it exclusive only for the nation’s fourth biggest carrier.

Of course, we might be ahead of ourselves, since Samsung has yet to make the black Galaxy S3 official. We won’t blame the company since it’s rather occupied with the ongoing patent warfare. So, any thoughts on the rotating black Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mo’s website?

  • jaysann22

    AAAAANNND now I’m officially upset….. :(

    • intrimazz

      i love my pebble blue – black phones are a dime a dozen and with a decent (Otterbox Defender) case the only color one actually sees is the bottom front….is this so important? lol

      • DarthStrawberry

        64gb Black version vs 32gb Blue version, enough said. Unless you are not a power user, of course. It’s the difference between the hardcore techie and the casual average user.

        • Ahhh…..with a MicroSd card slot I don’t see how you can rationalize that statement. That sounds more like a statement an Apple fan would make. Or at bare minimum for a person buying an HTC One X.

          • DarthStrawberry

            What’s this? Now, I am supposedly an “Apple fan”, for stating an opinion? Obviously, there is a microSD slot on the S3, this is common knowledge. However, who do you think you are to be acting condescending towards me? If I want a 64gb model in Black instead of a 32gb model in Blue, then I’ll make the purchase without regret.

            Not that this is any of your business, but my plan is to get a 64gb model and upgrade it with a 64gb SD card. As far as I am concerned, paying a $100 premium for extra space is the difference between casuals and the hardcore. 

            If there was any purpose in turning this into a debate, I would do so gladly. But to me, it seems as if you are one of those mobile users who believes that he can win an argument by labelling people. Oh I must be an ifan, eh? Or someone who wants an HTC? How can you “rationalize” that statement? HTC devices have only 32gb storage and the iPhone is a smaller device. 

            Heck, why am I rationalizing myself to you? You have no substantive evidence of my predisposition, nor should you have made one up for me to suit your purposes.

             Good day, please learn how to state your opinion without insinuating  nonsense in place of factual evidence/personal testimony/statistical data (aka proof).

  • tropicalmachinez

    black may look good but for me its the pebble blue :)

  • DarthStrawberry

    The black S3 is rumored to be the only S3 to be released in 64gb this year! To bad its supposed to come out in October though, I cannot reason buying a phone when it’s successor will be just 7 months away. I suppose my only major tech purchase this fall will be either the Kindle Fire 2 or more likely the IPad Mini.

  • Megan

    They need to sell more then 2 colors for T-Mobile and I really want the black one so my fingers are crossed!