Black Samsung Galaxy S3 appears on leaked Carphone Warehouse inventory listing

by: Bams SadewoAugust 11, 2012

When we reported about the possible sighting of a black Samsung Galaxy S3 on some promotional pictures for the Olympics, the general consensus seems to be that they’re just badly taken or edited photos of the Pebble Blue model. However, some mentioned that they don’t mind purchasing the black version of the phone. It looks like they may just get what they wish for.

Android Police has received some newly-leaked information from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, which suggests that the black variant of the Galaxy S3 will be available for purchase in the near future. The leaked screenshot shows the black Samsung Galaxy S3 on the retailer’s internal product listing, alongside the white and blue version of the flagship phone.

If you’re wondering about its accuracy, Carphone Warehouse does have a pretty good track record. Back when all sorts of rumors were circulating about the then-unannounced Samsung Galaxy S3, a similar listing helped confirm the two original color schemes of the phone: Ceramic White and Pebble Blue. But of course, until we hear it straight from Samsung, we’ll file this one under the rumor folder.

Feel free to scrutinize the blue/black Galaxy S3 picture once more, and please leave your thoughts and comments below.

  • Black is so much hotter and looks genuine than the previous colors.

    • Faiz

      Well that’s because we’re used to it. But it’s still nice.

  • If true, The black version should been released as an option at the beginning considering its a Galaxy Series “legacy colour”.and an industry standard

    Being in the UK abit of a shame Garnet Red (US AT&T) not available. Personally Metallic Blue also better than Pebble Blue!

  • pat

    that sucks. I love my white one but I’d love the black. I’m wondering why they didn’t produce them from the beginning. probably just some marketing strategy.

  • Anton

    woohoo! black finally! held off buying one because of the ridiculous colours

  • It will be 64GB package as announced.