Black Samsung Galaxy Note 2 press photo leaked online

by: Bams SadewoDecember 28, 2012


Black is often thought to be the standard color option for smartphones, but Samsung seems keen on replacing the timeless color with Pebble Blue and Titanium Grey when launching its new devices – as seen on the flagship Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

Sammy has hinted before that it’s going to release the Note 2 in more colors next year, but black wasn’t one of the mentioned new coat of paints. Like an answered prayer, a new picture of the Galaxy Note 2 cladded in black has emerged, bringing joy to those who don’t particularly care for colors like Amber Brown, Ruby Wine, and Topaz Wine.


Before you get too excited, there’s still no official word on when the black Galaxy Note 2 will hit the market, but we may just see the special variant making its tech event debut at Mobile World Congress 2013. You will want to mark 25-28 February down on your calendar.

Liking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in black? Can’t wait to get your hands on one? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Jorge

    Thats a Fake image!
    The image has been darkened.

  • Phil McCrevis

    Disappointed with the GN2 AT&T until now no split screen AKA multi window, samsung sucks!

    • Don’t blame Samsung, blame your carrier AT&T. I’ve had it for a while now on my Sprint Note 2 and every other Note 2 on the other carriers have it. AT&T is the one that pushes the update out even though multiview has been out on all the other carriers.

    • Topcat488

      If you want the multi window before jellybean update… Check out a app called “Overskreen”… Trust me on this one, you’ll love this app. @a2f041ddd1c05e56d77663b565bf261c:disqus

    • Luigi-mon

      AT&T released the new update two days ago (12/27). Only one week after Verizon and t mobile. The split screen multi-tasking works great. You need to be in a wi-if area to get it OTA.

  • Lara

    I agree, the pic looks darkened. That ain’t completely black. Samsung said there’d be a 64gb version of the s3 – hasn’t happened yet! Even if there were to be a black note 2 I don’t think it’d get released til march/April.