Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android – Everything you need to know

by: Joe HindyNovember 2, 2013

Android has amazing security. In most cases, you don’t need anti-virus or anti-malware app because Android rocks. For those of you that like to remain protected and enjoy peace of mind, we have for you a review of Bitdefender Antivirus Free. The app is provided by a security company called Bitdefender Antivirus who are well known for their anti-virus software.

Bitdefender Antivirus screenshot 1


So what does this app do? In terms of functionality, this app does a bunch without requiring you to do much of anything. On the user’s end, you simply press the on button, close out of the app, and forget about it. Meanwhile, the app will keep an eye on your apps and storage to make sure nothing bad gets in. That’s really it folks.

How can I use this?

Like any other anti-malware app, you can use this app to protect your phone from outside threats. You just fire it and forget it. It does the work behind the scenes and leaves you alone until it finds something that you need to see. There is a scanning function to make sure everything is okay, but you really only need to run it once.

Bitdefender Antivirus screenshot 2

What we liked

So here’s what we liked:

  • The app is dead simple. You open it, run a scan, then close it and forget it. It does the rest.
  • It requires little resources and battery so it’s good for older devices.
  • Lastly, it’s free and you can’t beat free.

What we didn’t like

Here is what we didn’t like:

  • It’s best feature is also somewhat of a weakness. If you need a full featured app with things like anti-theft and a privacy checker, you have to go download Bitdefender’s full anti-malware app. This is just a simple little app for people who want something running in the background which means all non-essential features have been stripped out.

Bitdefender Antivirus screen shot 3

Final thoughts

All in all, we thought this was a pretty good little app. It doesn’t get in the way like full featured apps do and there’s no reason why it can’t work well on older devices or devices with lower
specs. Even though Android has great built in protection, some people want that little something extra. That’s what this app will give you.

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  • N

    Yeah, no one really cares about antivirus gimmicks on Android.

    • APai

      although apple/ microsoft/ anti virus industry is trying their best :P

    • not for now but antivirus might come in handy when you least expect it ;)

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    Cool application….

  • Had it installed, prior, so how does this qualify one for the NeXus 5 draw?

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    please pick me it will be my second smartphone….

  • David Kinder

    This is perfect for me. I was using Avast before but I don’t need all the “extra features” they offer as I prefer Cerberus or device manager for most of that. I just want something light weight that runs and I never see it unless I need to. Exactly this. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Albin

      It’s real low footprint, only see it pop up when an app is installed. AndroidLost provides the tracker, between the two it’s little and light.

  • Balraj

    Click on scan n it says no internet connection…………..

    • zeus

      Because it’s cloud based , which means it doesn’t have offline signatures. Plus look at the traffic , it’s really low so basically it doesn’t impact your phone at all. The plus side of having server side signatures is that their are always up to date with the last threats.

      • Balraj

        Oh okay
        Ty :-)
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